Thursday, December 27, 2007

Iraq War Is Over Surge Works Perfect

Republicans start the sound machine and the media yells .
Dems start sound machine and and media forget how to make sounds.

The Surge is successful in getting the news and public to not care about the multiple American deaths every day.

Not a single news org has touched the body count issue for the last 3 months, let alone daily updates on it.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yellow Journalism - Its every where

Guy loses law suit to apple

ComputerWorld HeadLine
Lawyer: Apple's the loser in ThinkSecret deal
Rumor site shuts down, but Apple was the one who blinked, says lawyer

Only talk to guys lawyer not the judge or Apple - One sided story
Yellow Journalism

Rich guy is sick but does not trust Missouri Doctors for treatment

Giuliani released after overnight hospital stay

No talk about why he ignored the fact that there are plenty of fine doctors in Missouri, or why he waited until airborne to call his doctor or why the doc had the plane turn around for a cold.
Yellow Journalism

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LOL Bush the peace president


No talks or agreements about occupation or border definition but bush forces Palestine and Israel to shake hands, creating
A major break through in middle east relations.

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
- All show and no Go

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Writers and stagehands Strikes a Joke

So not only is the world not ending , the public is bored with it.

Its not real. Oh sure it seems very real to the writers and stage hands but are these UNIONs.

Its like the poor and lower middle class are not allowed the privilege of unions anymore, thanks to Gov labor exemptions to the walmarts of the world. But entertain the rich and famous and you can have a union.


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Privacy means only bushs government can look

no more freedom for anyone

US intelligence honcho channels Orwell, redefines privacy

Privacy no longer can mean anonymity, says Donald Kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence. Instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguard people's private communications and financial information.

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Democrats Suck too

Established politicians do NOT have to be republican to be in the pockets of big business.

Democrats: Colleges must police copyright, or else

The U.S. House of Representatives bill (PDF), which was introduced late Friday by top Democratic politicians, could give the movie and music industries a new revenue stream by pressuring schools into signing up for monthly subscription services such as Ruckus and Napster.


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yellow Journalism - DOH

radiohead web promotion

news says they have over 1 million fans with Internet access

Now how is that bad for cd sales.


There were local elections in ct ny and nj the news is that jersey voters dont want stem sell research just like bush.

The truth is they do not want ANY tax dollars added to the already large burden of higher pricing of consumables.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Expansion packs, added content, enhanced cds

With most of the public exposed to free or low cost music and entertainment, the answer is new new streams not over burdening or extending perfected pricing structure.

NBC and other corporations should just use the current concept of

Oh and players should be less branded or allow clients modification of brand

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yellow Journalism - More HuLu VooDoo

HEADLINE - I Eat My Words - HULU Will Shake Up Video Market

Ok so How do you eat your words ?


Iwill, of course, reserve judgment until I get to test-drive it for a while, but in concept and tone and aims–that is, more open than I ever expected the service to be–it is off to a good start.

The headline is Eating her words - but says that judgment will be reserved, then goes on to write up almost word for word the NBC-Universal Press Release


HEADLINE -Zucker says Apple deal rotten
NBC U says iTunes revenues meager

Zucker saying - As A Rich SOB I can Get more money from MY content if I Bully you with big corporations.

NBC U wanted to explore higher pricing for hit shows such as "Heroes" by raising the price from Apple's standard $1.99 to $2.99 on an experimental basis.

What was and Is free - Apple gave use an added money making channel for our sole owned content so now we want to soak the consumer for all they are worth.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Yellow Journalism From InformationWeek

HEADLINE- NBC, News Corp. Threaten Apple With Hulu

If anything the threat would be to Apples itunes store component NOT APPLE ipods or computers.


NBC and News Corp. on Monday launched in beta an video service that offers ad-supported video and feature films, a model that undercuts the buying of TV shows and movies through services like Apple iTunes.

The article clearly AVOIDS the fact that DRM - Not copyable or kill code - is to be added to all these shows or that a good deal of Apple content is freely available without ads. We are talking about a crippled player and crippled plug-in.

Yet the story cheers this NEW HuLu service thats going to UNDERCUT Apple. How is a second rate - late to the ball park - content distribution software system going to undercut Apple. What business expert decided that for this article?

This story is just NBC - Fox Hype.
Fox and Universal are proving to be very bull headed in their iron grip over content.
Thats not the way things seem to be heading.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I do live in Jersey

Blue Jersey interviews Governor Jon Corzine
by: Jay Lassiter
For those of you who missed the teaser vid, we had a nice chat with Governor Corzine yesterday and covered a lot of ground: stem cells (and keeping NJ cutting edge); the NJ National Guard in Iraq (and what it meant for us stateside); and kids healthcare (S-CHIP, charity care).

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pinky-Bush and the Brain Cheney

Pinky - What are we doing Brain
Brain - What we do every night Pinky
Pinky- Wha - eat bar be que
Brain- NO PINKY ..Not dinner - remember Try and take over the world!
Pinky Oh Narf - hehe

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Yellow Journal-What? -Katie Couric or Matlin McCarthy

Ventriloquist dummy Couric-Bush Spouts GOP crap and questions Plame not the government or its motives.

Crooks And Liars

But the second segment is where Couric goes off the rails and shows her flair for White House talking points. It’s almost as if she implies that Plame Wilson should have expected the White House to out her because the work she did touched on the question that sent her husband, Amb. Joseph Wilson, to Niger.

COURIC: You never for a moment thought this could potentially jeopardize my career?


FDLs Christy
Of course, for the crazed wingnuts among us, the CIA’s totting up of her NOC credentials won’t mean a thing. For the 80 percent of the country that isn’t loony, it is yet more proof that the Bush Administration has a host of problems, one of which is a treasonous act against our national security. You choose.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Universal Get out the Lies

Via the great news org PC Magazine
TITLE-Universal Takes Aim at iTunes; Can "Free" Music Work?

It looks like the music industry may beat European regulators to the punch in loosening Apple's grip on the digital music market.

In an agressive twist on Apple's model of making their bucks off iPods rather than 99-cent iTunes tracks, Universal Music will launch a new music subscription service, dubbed Total Music, which could be "free".

The Reality
Via Daring fireball
TITLE-Total Music, Uh-Huh

BusinessWeek has a story — “Universal Music Takes on iTunes”1 — regarding a supposed proposal from Universal Music chief Doug Morris to create a music-industry-owned subscription service called Total Music. BusinessWeek twists the story into pretzel-like contortions to present this scheme as clever and reasonable

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 Page 2 Page

page views are so old school. If you can keep all the content in one page view , why not do that.

Web stats will show what exact Files were downloaded from a server. With DHTML,Perl, Ajax or flash i can keep an interface fully loaded in the browser and backload only the content the reader wants.

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Only extreme discomfort - Not Torture

R. Kessler From

"In fact, while the memos said head-slapping, simulated drowning, and frigid temperatures could be legally justified, they never condoned outright torture, which the CIA believes can produce bogus information."

Those, Kessler explains, are more accurately described as "coercive interrogation techniques [that] involve extreme discomfort as opposed to torture."

Oh Please drown me and slap me in the head - I will surely tell you the truth.

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NSA - We own the hub

Via Wired
NSA's Lucky Break: How the U.S. Became Switchboard to the World

-A lucky coincidence of economics is responsible for routing much of the world's internet and telephone traffic through switching points in the United States, where, under legislation introduced this week, the U.S. National Security Agency will be free to continue tapping it.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GOP and the ManCrush - they belong together 1.2

Great take-off on the GOP presidential convention logo

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hyper local or Publisher Producer - News

Loose wire Blog

First, there are no consumers of news anymore. In fact, you've probably heard this said a lot, here and elsewhere that, in the era of MySpace, Wikipedia, OhmyNews and citizen journalism, everyone is a journalist, and therefore a producer, of news. No one is just a consumer.

Second, there is no news. Or at least there is no longer a traditional, established and establishment definition of what is news. Instead we have information. Some of it moving very fast, so it looks like news. But still information.

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Click on the images go to the site and learn.
You know the drill!!

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

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NBC CEO Zucker - Copyright Abuse a Health Danger

For someone who JUST runs an entertainment company as NBC has had little real news for years....Jeff Zucker WANTS a lot of things

He wants alleged intellectual property violations to take center stage at all levels of government, from the White House

He wants advertisers and credit card companies to stop providing "financial support" to Web sites

And he wants Internet service providers, university network operators, user-generated content sites, search engines, auction Web sites and even consumer electronics and home networking device manufacturers to install filtering technologies designed to detect and block unauthorized copyright content.

He wants to be god of all content just with his angry words.

Copyright holders are "losing the battle" against piracy, at the expense of economic security and public health, and will never prevail unless a wide swath of governments and industries gets proactive, NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said Wednesday.

The economic security of his own poor business model not working more like it.

When has public health mattered too NBC and Universal???

Not when our soldiers have problems readjusting to life with out killing and the news is about recently unearthed video of a year dead former princess of england.

Not when 1,000s of people became homeless from Katrina yet the news was about Bushs quick action and Brownies good job.

Not when his shows on tv are free now but should cost twice what every one else is charging to review them yourself.

Again like any good Cnet or -NEWS Story- any real information is in the last 2 paragraphs , and giving a copy of Zuckers press release as if its an interview.


Stor-E-Tella: DOH WMV Not For Me

Stor-E-Tella: NBC helps Greenspan with False Statement

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Rush Not against the Troops

What Rush said was meant for X-troops that were not really troops to begin with cause luv of country and luv of Bush are the same thing to Rush. So your not a real soldier if you went to Iraq even though you might be against the reason for war.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh That MSM

What is this???

Dems say lets have a tax to pay for the war
and the rich republicans who cheer the deaths of human beings every day refuse to pay for the destruction their chosen King Bush called for.

Dems say give lower and middle income family's CHILDREN health care coverage
and Bush veto's the bill cause the middle class dont need or deserve any help.

The news is democrats fail again
Nothing about republicans being greedy and not paying for their own war.
Nothing about Bush not leaving children behind but just ignoring them!

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W3lKum 2 teh SOCIAL wha??

Sick Headline via mac haters
Microsoft gives NO rebate - NO Big Price Cut - BUT updates the original zunes firmware.
ONE THIRD of what apple did for their iphone buyers yet ACCORDING TO GIZMODO Microsoft treats you right and its implied apple treats you wrong.

Microsoft has HoHUM Zune update. .....Where is that Headline????
LOL, New next generation social site for Microsoft ZUNE users.
( the same next generation site from almost a year ago )

My grandma told me about folks dressing up and
Going to the Social

I read about a group of rich people
Going to a social

Nothing - GO Microsoft

Stor-E-Tella: I know NOTHING... by bill Gates

Stor-E-Tella: Cnet luvs microsoft

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Details You Give Vs Details You Know

From Schneier on Security -
Then, I received this anonymous e-mail:

I was one of the industry technical folks the DHS consulted in developing the "immediate and required" mitigation strategies for this problem......

By the way, the vulnerability they hypothesize is completely bogus but I won't say more about the details. Gitmo is still too hot for me this time of year.

Even someone ( I assume an American citizen )that let BushCo use there name for propaganda - fears his own governments reprisals for truth revealing.

I dont care to believe what they say.
Its what they know but will not say that matters.

Today Condi Rice met with A congressman in a school to PLUG and SELL the presidents
- No Child Left Behind - plan

NO News about Rices refusal to see a congressman to answer questions about the state department.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bush All About Trust

Do they listen to what the administration says, or hear what they say but do not listen.

You listen
You stop and think about what is said.


-plain and brutal truth is that if Iran is to be prevented from developing a nuclear arsenal, there is no alternative to the actual use of military force.-

Says wing nut Podhoretz

When you think about it , Iraq had no WMDs and could never even have had a chance to actually occupy the United States and take over our government.

if what the UN says is true IRAN is not building NukUler weapons and they dont have a ICBM missile program. They have less chance of taking over the good old USA then Switzerland.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Id Rather NOT

I don't care any more. it is just expected.

Throw up a link or a post about a GOP scheme or scandal and spell someones name wrong or phrase the question wrong and PONCE!!

The wingnuts catch an honest mistake and you become the target of such a shrieking that the scandal you were real talking about gets washed away.

It will be grand if some one of the stature and means of Dan Rather can some how expose the lies to the public that seem so plain to me.

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Iphones Bricked by Update

LOL - With all the drm laden Zunes being sold this season and secret updates from Microsoft the national technology news is about hackers having handcuffed Iphones after an Apple Update.

Why is this News.

Cellphones ARE NOT UBIQUITOUS , smart phones even less so.

Only a small percentage of people will hack there device, most knowing full well that the device may become damaged even with out the COMPANY saying so.
Its crying wolf when its just a shadow or tumble weed.

Technology updates are a fact of the life cycle of software as well as hardware.
Apple is in no trouble or -in an Un-Winnable War- this is just hype there is no substance to it.

CNet and Ziff Davis will tweek this as will all the anti-apple crowd. Its just sour grapes cause they did not do it first.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Timmy says - Chaney-Bush... I Mean I Pick what to investigate

New government shill - mister GOP talking points - Matt Lauer discussing the democratic debates with old government shill - Doctor GOP talking points - Timmy Russet ( Plame whos plame ).

Lauer comments about the questioning of detail in the Clinton health plan. Timmy says - we have to follow up on what these candidates say, and investigate the truth Matt.

So a major media head does NOT care about the truth in Iraq or , the tainted justice department or what a filibuster is , but will go out of his way to question a NON-Republican piece of news.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Pussy Perino-Bush Tour

Oh , What a surprise Bush gets interviewed by his requested talking head.

A money quote from the Froomkin WP story -

"Perino said she called Williams with the offer Saturday. . . . 'The president has talked with Juan before and we know him well. He's active in trying to keep good relations with us. . . . We could have done a print interview, but I felt I wanted people to hear the president's voice.'

Notice , she did not say - We contacted NPR to set up an interview, Its we called - JUAN - with an offer.

Its like a Bush-GOP coupon - Feed bush the questions we give you to ask and we will say bad things about the other networks and let you print and spew our propaganda first.

Rupert Murdoch, you put Hurst's days of yellow journalism to shame.

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OH the Mouth Pieces- Katie Cut down again

Even Bloomberg says we will report on accountability when the public requests (Demands) it. How shrewed , only do your job if there is a -REPORTED- public outcry.

A poll or protest does not count in the eyes of the NEWS MEDIA as a request for accountability?

Government over site hearings do not count as a demand for answers?

The fact is that the news today is not a - story written by a reporter, but has become , a talking head reading a amalgamation of political correctness and press release regurgitation.

Snapshot: The Death of American News
by Kagro X

Wed Sep 26, 2007 at 09:05:35 AM PDT

After a long and painful illness, American news has finally succumbed to disease.

Things have been going downhill for years, and there's plenty of blame to go around, to be sure. But here's a snapshot.

1. Katie Couric goes to Baghdad. Asks "typical family" what it's like "to live in fear." (Answer: frightening).

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apple Iphone no sim for you

Sure this IS the Grey area - you have a right to unlock your phone - but replacing a part on any wireless phone could short the sim or the firmware bytes voiding the warranty.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bush Claims every word his critics say Harm the troops.

The troops are just so busy listening to the news and CSPAN , hanging around Iraq lookin for stuff to do. RIGHT

Most read letters from home and play cards in their off time i would bet.

I would think a non supportive GOP Congressman ( You dont need to stinking rest ) or VETO Handed President ( Too much support for returning vets will make them angry - let them stay sick ) and a general that would lie about body counts makes much worse troop moral.

Please donate to

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gop Maven Hawk Warner-Bush changes mind

Surprised much


Me last month
Stor-E-Tella: OMG Warner-Bush pulls classic Spector-Bush Tactic

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DOH WMV Not For Me

Sorry Fox News people , media giants and other Backwards thinking dolts, i have used mov, mp3 for 15 years or now mp4 , quicktime player comes on my macintosh's...Why would i go out of my way to install a plug-in for a Microsoft proprietary format i have hated from its early days.

But i still love to go to there pages with out the plug ins to see how ugly they are or how much they break for NON-windoz users.

The fox video player is funny - just a sideway scroll bar that does not work shows up.
Ohh - make me come back

Ohhh take more control of my choice and pc
Free Microsoft Crippled NBC Episode Downloads

For up to 7 days and it kills its self?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Terrah Luva Bush FInds Paranoid AG candidate

So it seems a judge gets personally terrorized as many of us did if we were in downtown Manhattan on 9-11. But being a judge in NYC -judging terrorist cases -he decides he knows best and US Citizens should be happy to give all our rights up to the king Bush.

This is partisan as to a one party one branch approach to US government policies. So Bush nominates a old man who will back him up in the War on Terrah, to hell with the war of life the average American faces every day.

Stor-E-Tella: TSP - did not know to call it that then

Stor-E-Tella: TSP,FISA and NSA

Stor-E-Tella: ABC 123 NSA TSP V2.0

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Yes I can Support the Troops

or THE Mercenaries ( I mean USA Contractors )

When a team is losing you never blame the team members , its the coach or manager
That would be Chaney - I mean Bush or his current general puppet Patreaus-Bush

If the coach says no boys i meant 60 laps not 30, 120 laps not 60 ...even the best runners fall to the way side from exhaustion. That is not the runners doing a poor job its the LEADER DOING A POOR JOB!!!!!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

NBC helps Greenspan with False Statement

Lauer , low IQ morning show talking head , helps A. Greenspan get his story out with GOP corrections in tact. The reason for war was middle east stability and Sadams grand plans to take over Saudi Arabia and the straights of hurmoz.

The Big news was about an X football player - OJ SIMPSON 0- arrested in las vagas for robbery , just a minute of news about other x football player - George Martin - walking across country to help the still sick workers from the 9-11 world trade center site.

All stations put more minutes in about the cloths worn at the Emmys then the censorship of a anti war statement.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush Story 2005

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Bush Holds Troops Hostage

Dan Froomkin - It Came From Planet Bush -

Said Bush: "One year ago, much of Baghdad was under siege. . . . Today, . . . ordinary life is beginning to return."

To call anything in today's Baghdad even vaguely normal is flatly outrageous

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » More Than Ever, Impeachment Is the Cure
What should Congress do with a President that defiantly tells the nation that he will hold over 100,000 soldiers hostage unless they achieve a “success” that is essentially undefined and likely unachievable?

TPMmuckraker September 14, 2007 10:30 AM

Last night, the president thanked "the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq." To which the Washington Post sighs:

But the State Department's most recent weekly report on Iraq said there are 25 countries supplying 11,685 troops -- about 7 percent of the size of the U.S. forces

TPMmuckraker September 14, 2007 9:30 AM
And that's exactly why it's good enough for President Bush. The report expects the American people to believe that yet another in an endless litany of promises is a sign of the inevitable march of sectarian healing

Talking Points Memo | Whatever ...
But as we saw in President Bush's speech last night things have gotten to a point where the White House spinmeisters hardly seem even to have their heart in it anymore. And the president just seems to be living in some sort of alternative universe populated by the failed gods of his narcissism and vainglory.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scatter Shot Media Rant 1.1

Watching bits of the Fox interview its sickening that a Solider of any kind general or Private would allow themselves to be so partisan.

Petraus more believed then congress and bush, not so. Thee poll asked Who would you want to make decisions on the war, with Bush as the loser -
The SURGE and previous plans are not the military s idea - Bush has fired the generals that did not agree with him.

But somehow the media and GOP say the public believed the bush story as told by patraeus.

Were is the goal there are lots of different versions of partial plans but no goals. Victory needs an objective and there is none.


Cspans Bogus use of the Independent call in line has become a joke. There is no independent party in america , this is just a way to let more GOP supporters call in to the show.

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Malkin and Crew Sucks Again 9-11 Rant

SHORTER Malkin - Cindy Sheehan Sucks and I wanna use my blog to sponsor a victim of terror to celebrate this glorious day..

Where is Osama bin laden today?

Were any of the 9-11 attackers iraqi?

Never forget WHAT???? My Pet Goat

The goal in Iraq is WHAT?

Malkin FTW

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Monday, September 10, 2007

No Plan Means No Victory EVER


Via WhshingtonPost -

For instance, they mention a discussion in the White House Situation Room a week ago: "For two hours, President Bush listened to contrasting visions of the U.S. future in Iraq. Gen. David H. Petraeus dominated the conversation by video link from Baghdad, making the case to keep as many troops as long as possible to cement any security progress. Adm. William J. Fallon, his superior, argued instead for accepting more risks in Iraq, officials said, in order to have enough forces available to confront other potential threats in the region."

Status Quo or KILL everybody and ask questions later. Thats Bushs Military leaders only options. Either A or B they have no REAL plan to end this.
Flowers and Candy - thats the Bush Victory Goal

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Like Katie Is Not Just a Parrot

UPDATE 09-12-07 Katie has tantrums too
SO does her assistant

Crooks & Liars - Couric is Bushs Stenographer

Last Week -
the Actor makes it official
70 year old Lady Found Alive in woods
Woman gets kicked off plane for wearing short shorts
OH - AND KATIE NOBRAIN in interviewing president of Syria
Uses GOP talking points about Bushs Meeting in Iraq as proof of Iraqi Governments progress

Stor-E-Tella: Octobers Yellow Journalism1

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Friday, September 07, 2007

King Bush Wins

I am just to tired to try to write about this -

Just Read Froomkin today

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7 Deaths a Day is NOT OK

BAGHDAD, Sept 7 (Reuters) -

Seven U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq, including four in the western province of Anbar, the U.S. military said on Friday.

The Big News this Morning is
the Actor makes it official
70 year old Lady Found Alive in woods
Woman gets kicked off plane for wearing short shorts
OH - AND KATIE NOBRAIN in interviewing president of Syria
Uses GOP talking points about Bushs Meeting in Iraq as proof of Iraqi Governments progress

Not anything on troops deaths - They Deserve to be Recognized

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Apple iphone what if 2

Woz bets Steve a dollar that the fanboys will pay anyting for the iphone after I say I would pay anything for it at macworld

Woz: 3 stamps are in the mail its more then the bet amount
Steve:People are complaning
Woz: the fan boys
Steve: No they came through with flying colors, they would have paid MORE
Woz: Wow, who then
Steve: PEOPLE bought the thing
Woz: Ahh, just give um a rebate your Apple

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Bush is Killing our troops on purpose

The surge is working at getting more of our soldiers killed, giving weapons to our former enemies that will use them - to shoot us in the back as we leave and has made Baghdad so safe Bush had to fly to the middle of the dessert to visit Iraq. -

There is No Acceptable violence

FireDogLake - WAKE UP

From the page: "Any leader who sends the nations troops in to wage war, to lose their lives and limbs, to see their comrades shattered to survive only to relive those battles in their waking nightmares had better be damn sure that the cause is just and that every effort is made to prevent a war from happening at all costs. As we all know, that wasnt the case with Iraq, not even close. Our nations soldiers deserve far better than this. Far better. And so do their families."
Bush Quote from a book about him
"'So now I'm an October--November man,' Bush had said that February, a picture of rustic calm as his boots rested atop the fine historic desk. 'I'm playing for October--November.' . . .

"His playing field was now the future. That, of course, assumed that October--November would at last bring stability to Iraq and thereby surge his depleted mandate. Bush did in fact operate with that belief -- always. . . . What had to be believed, he believed.

Bush Lied about 6 months of surge all along-
He never once said
an 8 month surge -
never once said Please I might need more time-
HE had already decided more troops would die for his pleasure

The Sydney Morning Herald - 09-06-07
This was obviously apparent to Bush, who arrived in Australia in a chipper mood.

"We're kicking ass," he told Mark Vaile on the tarmac after the Deputy Prime Minister inquired politely of the President's stopover in Iraq en route to Sydney.

We are letting more troops die and killing more civilians- there is equal or more insurgent violence all thanks to the SURGE - Whos ass are we kicking except our own.

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IPhone Price what if

LOL, The idea to give the Iphone its own category was all Apple and Jobs doing and has nothing to do with the backward way ATT and the other carriers look at phones.

Maybe even Jobs could not convince them that Ipod AV was the missing piece in the mobile market. The carriers wanted there own - product - and to get on that part of the spectrum Jobs gave it to them.

Lets go this route - the price point of an iphone was less then the high end fashion phones and mini pcs

If the product line is being expanded each product in the line equates to a base and a price point, The current apple home page shows what the ipod media player family looks like.

Why didnt apple wait until September and release the Iphone with the rest of the line at its current price?
ATT and the other carriers that must have snubbed apple before Cinguilar are all about controlling the airwaves, they want ownership of wireless spectrum so they can charge you to use it. To get a phone carrier deal Apple needed to give a carrier THE CARRIERS idea of what a smart phone was, which is not what apples idea of a mobile media device is.

ATT - Cell Phone communications are the future of the universe
Apple - Wireless is Wireless

Seems the exact oppisite of each other so, The Iphone and to some extent the non-abilities of the Ipod Touch are a compromise between what Apple wanted and what A phone carrier wanted.

The Original price was what apple thought the market would hold for a world wide premiere of a great technology - and if sales went well increased long term profits. The introduction Big dollar price of the Iphone and its new price have NOTHING to do with poor expected sales or bad judgment on Apples part, Its just the cost of a IPOD TOUCH with a phone added.

A Voice Of Reason

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple Haters or Poor Reporting and Editing

Money and CNN misread Apple and miss quote analysts

The headline is
UPDATE: Apple IPhone Price Cut Shows Rare Misstep

SO 5 Graphs down they have jobs say- "We're going to get even more aggressive," Jobs said during a company event on Wednesday in San Francisco. "We're going to get even more aggressive. The customer satisfaction is off the charts."

8 Graphs down - "You have to speculate that even though Steve said it would sell 1 million units at the end of the month, it's not as fast as he would like," said Van Baker, an analyst at research firm Gartner Inc. "I'm not surprised by the price cut, but I'm surprised by the magnitude."

11 graphs down is the money quote burried near the end - "Investors think something is wrong with demand, but we felt even before the price cut that Apple was going to make or even exceed its targets," said Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray. "In the short term, it will cost them some profits, but there's an even better tradeoff."

But the graph ends there not explaining the better trade off - I say both apple haters AND Poor reporting-editing.

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Bush says screw you pacifists and Christians

OMG - I feel so ignorant an stupid - how dare I believe that People killing people for any reason is wrong

BUSH - "As I told John, we're in the midst of an ideological struggle against people who use murder as a weapon to achieve their vision. Some people see that, some people don't see it. Some people view these folks as just kind of isolated killers who may show up or may not show up.

Ummm- murder as a weapon - how futuristic - Libruls are stupid

BUSH- "By the way, people who don't believe we should be in Iraq in the first place, there's no political reconciliation that can take place to justify your opinion. If you don't think Iraq is important, if you don't think it matters what the society looks like there, then there's not enough amount of reconciliation that will cause people to say, great, it's working."

Hey...You folks that did not believe in the war - Up yours i always get my way

And this Bi-Partisan crap makes me sick, its like no one remembers the rubber stamp congress, is still around theres just less of it.

Bush and Republicans in congress are the same, the GOP presidential debates proved that. They back stab and lie just as well as Bush , for all intent they are Bush and the Democrats just join in.

Where is the back bone? where are the ideals?

Will there be any freedoms at all left for our troops to defend by the time Bush lets them out.

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Cspan and MSM GOP shills

They are all GOP Partisan orginizations what ever their claims of - truth repoirting -.

Congressnows home page has 1 link to a democratic story in 13 links to today congress related news.

Roll call.coms Top 1/3 of thier home page features 2 stories about GOP - One which implies that the senate majority had nothing to say about senates future. is a joint venture of the above 2 shills.

Roll Call and are the main goto news orgs for CSPAN.
2 Republican skewd rags still the -only real news outlets- used even after the change over of congress.

Stor-E-Tella: Yellow Journalism Again

Stor-E-Tella: Bowling for Information C-SPAN

Stor-E-Tella: Sick Media view of the Bush Administration

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why would they Hide

If these are such pure thoughtful web sites, why are the owners and backers hidden from WHOIS and registed via Australia

Current websites in question

Who is
Nicola Palmisciano
is he still in the navy?

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According to the same nonpartisan military group that wrote up the -Evil Congressman- Bios for American troops in Iraq, the GAO used flawed data and their own Bushified data says we are winning

Stor-E-Tella: Bushs lying mouth pieces Again
Stor-E-Tella: Congress and American people fooled again
Stor-E-Tella: Bushs War Backhanded Progress Reports

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Bushs lying mouth pieces Again

Oh you beautiful surge
You great big beautiful surge

The Good Neoconman From FDL
The fact that the national press corps is now referring to the “yes people” — who sit at the President’s feet and vociferously debate and disagree in private (HA!) only to parrot talking points in public – as “the war cabinet” makes me nauseous. They are laughing at the entire nation, and daring someone to call them on it.

Video: President Bush’s Surprise Photo Op In Iraq
Boyce is on the money, calling this what it was — a staged photo op. Watkins tries to spin this as a positive move by the president, and that he wants to get in touch with the troops to find out what’s going on on the ground, but Boyce fires back, reminding him that if Bush really wanted to get things done in Iraq he’d stay for more than six hours, he’d visit more than three times in four years and he wouldn’t have ignored the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations.

TheDaily Muck - Bushs Only the ones i like benchmarks

So how does the administration get past the two reports and seed the bed for Petraeus and Crocker's testimony? Introduce the concept of "mini-benchmarks" -- statistics that support the administration.

TPM - The Full Bamboozle
Are military deaths up or down? Are Iraqi civilian deaths up or down?

'Success' and 'failure' are quite subjective and they may be judged on various criteria. But these numbers, even if they don't tell the whole story, are concrete and readily ascertainable -- at least in the case of military deaths.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

oh the spew - Roves History lesson

Damn Karl - still dippin in the Bushco trough.

K ROVE says -

If the outcome there is like what happened in Vietnam after America abandoned our allies and the region descended into chaos, violence, and danger, history’s judgment will be harsh. History will see President Bush as right, and the opponents of his policy as mistaken — as George McGovern was in his time.-.....

-The outcome in Iraq and Afghanistan will color how history views the president.

History’s concern is with final outcomes, not the missteps or advances of the moment. History will render a favorable verdict if the outcome in the Middle East is similar to what America saw after World War II.-....

It is so sad (hehehe) that the surge is not working, If we ever get out of Iraq/the middle east - it will be under a president that is not George Bush, he just does not really have the balls or the base anymore to get anything done before he leaves. That is a damn big IF Mr Rove-Bush.

From most accounts of current historians Bush will be known as TLTGP the little tin god president - that cheated to win his election, ignored Katrina, lied about WMDs, removed most of our constitutional rights and spent more time on vacation then any other president.

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Congress and American people fooled again

-In the soldier's hand was a thumbnail biography, distributed before each of the congressmen's meetings in Baghdad, which let meeting participants such as that soldier know where each of the lawmakers stands on the war. "Moran on Iraq policy," read one section, going on to cite some the congressman's most incendiary statements, such as, "This has been the worst foreign policy fiasco in American history."-

This Does Bother me- our government (BUSHco and the main in the pentagon ) is using parsed and out of context quotes to define a congressman's stance to military personal.
This is outrageous, with insurgents and Al Queda to worry about 24/7
Bush thinks our troops need to know and study personal facts about a senator?
In a time of war? In a war zone?

From the WashingtonPost via BalloonJuice

-Brief, choreographed and carefully controlled, the codels (short for congressional delegations) often have showed only what the Pentagon and the Bush administration have wanted the lawmakers to see. At one point, as Moran, Tauscher and Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.) were heading to lunch in the fortified Green Zone, an American urgently tried to get their attention, apparently to voice concerns about the war effort, the participants said. Security whisked the man away before he could make his point.

Tauscher called it "the Green Zone fog."

"Spin City," Moran grumbled. "The Iraqis and the Americans were all singing from the same song sheet, and it was deliberately manipulated."-

Iraq is Playtime to Bush and company

UPDATE_ Defense Department admits to creating Bushified Bios
ThinkProgress - U.S. Troops Given Misleading, Inaccurate Bios Of Democratic Lawmakers Visiting Iraq
ThinkProgress has confirmed that the bios are prepared by the Strategic Effects (STRATEFF) office of MNF-I.

mean while-

Today NBC recognized 2 of the over 3500 young men and women we have lost. No mention of any other deaths of US or Iraqis or that there is any debate about the war.

Sad to say but if this family did not have 3 children in the war of which 2 died and the 3rd was removed to non active duty as last survivor,there would be no NBC story. The 2nd son that died lost his life in the helicopter crash where 13 others died too. Any chats with the other 13 family's?
Any mourning of the 13 others ?

Any Mourning for a English lady who died 10 years ago

Entertainment first - YAY NBC

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Scatter Shot Media Rant 1.0

Oh Dear, NBC dumped Itunes , while Viacom smartens up with a profit sharing deal with SouthPark creators.

The big fear of FCC spectrum re-distribution that media giants have avoided for 30 years is now coming to pass. This makes wireless broadcasting viable for anyone

  • Why give NBC only one channel in NYC, why not give them as many channels as they can fill.
  • SO NBC had another venue to get there content viewed, which they got paid for over and above there general distribution costs with free advertising from apple.
  • People where only a phone line can reach could still enjoy these high resolution value added content pieces , NBC makes money and gains exposure. Win Win
  • Thick headed Accounting executives seem to forget the bottom line is to bring a customer back, folks dont come back means investors are unhappy.
  • 2 dollars vs 3 dollars seems like a small amount to a movie or TV executive, to most folks i know thats 1 more dollar extra for food for the kids. Just because some can pay more does that mean all the rest be damned.

Better written version by J.h at ilounge
Even today, I think it’s on the fine edge of foolish, and all it would take is one really dumb move by your company and I’d stop paying to watch your shows.
Another write up
NBC Now Offers TV Shows on Amazon's Unbox
With TV shows essentially a "free" commodity that flows into viewers homes via a subscription fee they are already paying to cable providers, it's ludicrous to ask people to then shell out $5 bucks an episode - especially when people can find them for nothing at all on P2P and file-sharing networks.

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Newsbusters - Damn the LibRUL Media

OMG - We bust the news ( Any actual Truth ) with squeals and half hearted opinion :p

  • A news site thats main feature is a uncomprehend able comic strip. Link via SadlyNo
  • Poor layout - For profit website ( They could at least better integrate the ads they look like they were slapped in)
  • Run by Mister GOP Double Standard Bozell-Bush a good friend of Murdoch-Bush

Link goes to SadlyNo NOT NEWSBUSTERS - They do not even deserve my 3 readers

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bushs War Backhanded Progress Reports

By ignoring large swaths of the country, concentrating the -SURGE- on cities and giving weapons to the insurgents that will turn them right back on us if Al Queda Iraq is ever defeated, Bush co could and will make a pained cry for what they will call progress.

Progress that can no way be sustained for a year with current troop counts.

50 Billion more for a few more Friedman units and 100s more Troop losses.

The whining has all ready begun with the pentagon and Pussy Perino leading a media charge.

-The memo argues that the GAO will not present a "true picture" of the situation in Iraq because the standards were "designed to lock in failure," according to portions of the document read to the AP by an official who has seen it.-

A true picture like
My Pet Goat
Mission Accomplished
I did not out a CIA Agent
Has the Bush Administration ever given a True Picture of any situation of national importance.

-"A bar was set so high, that it was almost not to be able to be met," White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said. -
they will greet us as liberators
just getting the Iraqi government to talk to itself is setting the bar way to high.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No More Fear Mongering Mr. Bush

Shorter Bush

- If no one listens to me the world will come at night and kill all the Americans as they sleep.
- Please let me try to win at least one war - Come on now Please

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Sick Media view of the Bush Administration

The Los Angeles Times called it a "blessing" and an "opportunity" for President Bush, and "a chance to salvage his relationship with Capitol Hill and the legacy of his second term.

- Like the Great work Bush did when these blessing came his way
  • 9-11 Saudi Attacks
  • Faked Weapon reports
  • Katrina
  • The Mission Accomplished banner
  • 6 months war
  • 6 more months war
  • Surge
  • US Attorny Firings

Roger Simon at The Politico says Bush is putting his legacy above loyalty: "Once famous for his loyalty to subordinates, Bush is now showing himself very capable of jettisoning the ones who create too much controversy."

-And when did Bush fire or jettison anyone in his cabinet - these guys and gals are all resigning for family and money reasons. Shows more convenience then capability.

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Idaho bathroom etiquette

According to Senator Craig there was nothing wrong with his behavior. I guess its a Idaho traditional form of greeting strangers.

Where are all the headlines and ledes like this



FDL its the hypocrisy not the gay

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Craig List

While I will never entirely understand the existence of gay Republicans, it’s certainly not surprising that every single one of them in elected office would be in the closet. If Republicans don’t believe gays are entitled to get married or serve in the military, they sure as hell won’t knowingly vote for one to represent them in Congress.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » How Our Media Operates

What would you think would be bigger news — and hit the press quicker?

– A congressman (Bob Filner) lipping off to and pushing around airport security personnel, OR:

– A male Senator (Larry Craig) caught trying to solicit sex from a male undercover cop in an airport bathroom known as a meeting-place for sex trysts?

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Late Nite FDL: Hidden in Plain Sight
If the Republicans get any more sick, venal, and corrupt, their constituents may as well just start electing hyenas and poisonous snakes to Congress. Who could tell the difference?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pundits for Bush - WingNuts are Us

WingNuts We were for it before we were against it

We were for gays in the closet before they became gays in the bathroom.

We were for Presidential oversight before our boy became president.

We were Against adultery -CLINTON- after we were for Adultery-VITTER- before it became gay adultery- CLARK.

We were for the Presidents war before it became the democrats quagmire.

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Will any NYC or DC paper ever Blame Bush

TPMmuckraker August 27, 2007 4:42 PM
Why did Alberto Gonzales resign this weekend? He just did and that's all there is to it, says the White House.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » NYT Whitewashes Gonzales and the White House

Just shoot me. Twice.

As part of its extensive, multi-story coverage of the Alberto Gonzales resignation, the New York Times devotes two of its three front page articles to essentially excusing Gonzales’ abysmal tenure as Attorney General or claiming that his departure now absolves the White House of wrong doing. And in the process, the Times editors send the subtle message that it’s okay to sanction felonies and war crimes if it is done to promote war or protect the President

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MSM Where are you

Who got a favor to ignore the news in june of a senators guilty plee?

Matt Lauer - talking to -experts- Fleisher and Carvel about the latest republican found guilty of gay solicitation.
looks like we got a problem, we should try to find a way to fix it?
Yes and the problem is We - As in the news media - have forgotten how to explain/report the problem ourselves.

The Next Hurrah: The Political Rehabilitation of Ari Fleischer
But Ari is also, all of a sudden, a seemingly acceptable source of the party line for the beltway media. He's on Fox News accusing Congress of politicizing DOJ. And he's dealing that line to the NYT, too.

Talking Points Memo | Seems Like Old Times

Back in 1982, then-Rep. Craig (R-ID) came forward early in the congressional page sex scandal to deny any role in the scandal.
Oh and local Papers and TV news forgot about that.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Late Late Nite FDL: Pansies, Perverts, and Pedophiles
Can we please as a culture agree stop pretending that Republicans aren’t a bunch of effete pussies? Bill Frist? Hello? He makes Ru Paul look like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Late Nite FDL: Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Get the F*&k Out, Already
So much going on today, it’s really hard to pick something to write about. We’ve got another Republican legislator busted trying to solicit sex from strange men in a public bathroom. Tsk. Tsk.

Balloon Juice
Why is everyone soliciting sex in bathrooms, for chrissakes? Is there some underground bathroom/gay sex culture out there?

Crooks and Liars » Fleischer blames Dems for Gonzales’ mistakes
I’d almost forgotten how breathtakingly dishonest former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer can be. Yesterday, on Fox News, he blamed congressional Dems for “politicizing the Justice Department, unfairly so and dangerously so.”

Republican Senator Larry Craig In Bathroom Arrest [Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid]

The question is was Craig scared into gay sex by looming black men like the Republican down in Florida.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

TPM take GOP to task again

Talking Points Memo | Militarism and Anti-Democracy, Now in a Country Near You

Like for instance, all those war critics who think that if only US troops would leave Iraq, all the killing would stop.Have you met these people? You can find people who think the Earth is flat.Heck, you can even find people who don't believe in evolution. Most of them seem to be running for president as Republicans.

Oh how the Semi-great have fallen

TPMmuckraker August 24, 2007 11:53 AM
How does Allawi pay for his lucrative contract with GOP lobbying powerhouse Barbour Griffith & Rogers? The obvious guess is that his old buddies at the CIA pay for him. But he may not need the agency's cash. One member of his coterie is suspected of participating in what an Iraqi public-corruption judge calls "possibly the largest robbery in the world" -- the theft of approximately $1
billion from the Iraqi treasury.
Look at the new puppet worse then the old puppet

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Bush guarantees troop deaths to 4000

Bushs never ending lies and the war that spawned from it are doing fine.

Crooks and Liars » Sen. Warner calls for Withdrawal in Iraq starting on Sept. 15th
When push comes to shove, Warner will side with the White House if they pressure him as Republicans in Congress often do after registering their dissaproval of BushCo. And the Iraqis

Think Progress » Kristol: Let’s ‘Stretch Our Army And Marines’ For ‘Another Year Or So’ In Iraq
On Fox News this morning, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol said that the escalation in Iraq should be extended at least “another six months” or even “another year or so.” “Is the cost of losing in Iraq great enough that we need to stretch our Army and Marines for another year or so,”

See? All it took was a very, very, very successful surge, signs from the US congress that they were fed up with Maliki (and the hiring of the top GOP lobbying firm in DC) and we are suddenly seeing .... political progress!

Reuters AlertNet - Secularists pull ministers out of Iraq government
"Levels of insurgent and sectarian violence will remain high and the Iraqi government will continue to struggle to achieve national-level political reconciliation and improved governance,"

Stor-E-Tella: As Bush all but guarantees troop deaths to 4000

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OMG Warner-Bush pulls classic Spector-Bush Tactic

Media drools again over pointless gop misdirection

Fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me
fool me 3 times and i am a fool!!

The media has proven again what fools they are and the Bush Dog democrats are proving to be just as foolish.

MSM fawns over GOP token
Warner Calls For Withdrawal!...Of Only 5,000 Troops | TPMCafe
5,000 troops? This is speaking out in favor of withdrawal? Warner said the surge has produced momentum in our favor

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Happy Trials To You…

And worse, we now know that the CIA more than five years ago sent a memorandum to the WH stating that the majority of the detainees in Guantanamo ”didn’t belong there.” I hope
to get more on the particulars of the brief filings on this case once they are docketed, but the Suspension Clause arguments alone with regard to habeas corpus ought to be instructive — not just for the Court

This of course is of little interest to the media cause they would not be treated as such.

More Iraqis Are Said to Flee Since Troop Increase - New York

BAGHDAD, Aug. 23 — The number of Iraqis fleeing their homes has soared since the American troop increase began in February,

Some surge- The tiny spots we are holding we can hold. Our armed
forces are not meant to stalemate a win.

Crooks and Liars » Daily Show: How Closely Does Iraq Resemble

Daily Show correspondent (and Marine reservist) Rob Riggle reports from Baghdad and asks American soldiers what they think about Rep. Mike Pence’s bone-headed comparison of Baghdad to “any open-air market in Indiana in the summertime.”

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Could this be true - NSA FBI DOJ

Where have all the good programmers gone ?

BitTorrent Admin Monitored by US Government, Forced to Dump Linux

sk0t was informed by his Probation Officer that he has to have special software installed on his PC so that the government can monitor his online activities. However, what is a more bitter pill to swallow for him is that the monitoring software is Windows only and as sk0t is an Ubuntu user, the Justice Department is forcing him to switch operating systems.
Could it be that all the REAL coders quit or were fired to be replaced by MS certified loyal bushies?


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MSM Sucks Again and Again and Again

Froomkin -

Bush's most controversial assertion -- that U.S. troops could have prevailed in Vietnam had they stayed longer -- is a neoconservative fantasy that almost all historians ridicule.

MSM Sucks 08-23

Democratic Caucus's Senate Journal - Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader
Today, President Bush used yet another historical comparison to try to boost sagging support for his Iraq War strategy. But no matter what comparison he uses, it does not change the fact that Iraq is going through its bloodiest summer yet,

President compares Vietnam, Iraq wars - The Boston Globe
"I couldn't believe it," said Allan Lichtman, an American University historian, adding that far more Vietnamese died during the war than in the aftermath of the US withdrawal.
This is the 5th graph down the page - there is no way -if you read the first 4 graphs only -to see there is any opposition to the ideas at all.
Forget war pullout, Bush tells Vietnam veterans

A Republican source said White House strategists, believing anti-war Democrats will liken Iraq to the Vietnam War "quagmire," launched a preemptive strike "to inoculate Bush."

Bush gambles with Vietnam reference over Iraq | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
Mr Bush's speech came on the day that the US suffered one of its highest daily death tolls since the 2003 invasion, with 14 troops killed when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.

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ABC 123 NSA TSP V2.0

Spyland Security v2.0

White House Seeks to Withhold Records | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
The Justice Department detailed the argument in a lawsuit seeking to force the White House Office of Administration to say what it knows about the disappearance of an undisclosed amount of messages

Crooks and Liars » McConnell says FISA discussion will kill Americans
To hear McConnell tell it, the very discussion of the administration’s surveillance powers will kill an untold number of Americans — but sunshine’s a good thing.

Interview: NSA's McConnell claims warrantless surveillance datamining is "surgical" without mentioni


Honestly, reading the McConnell interview in the El Paso Times, of all places, is like having your head pushed through mush.

The Next Hurrah: DNI McConnell: Not Fighting Them Over There, So We Can Wiretap You Here
Now, first of all, Al Qaeda didn't just "now" "discover" the tribal lands, though we may have when we let Bin Laden escape to them. Al Qaeda and the Taliban knew and used it, well before they retreated to it as their primary safe haven ... over five years ago.

Stor-E-Tella: ABC 123 NSA TSP

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Barbara Bushs extended family 2.0

Trust is something to be earned - Who do i trust -actual military personal or some one from the -Bush dog and pony show.

Trust Airborne or Brookings Institute?

The claim that we are increasingly in control of the battlefields in Iraq is an assessment arrived at through a flawed, American-centered framework. Yes, we are militarily superior, but our successes are offset by failures elsewhere. What soldiers call the “battle space” remains the same, with changes only at the margins.
Trex says more
Late Nite FDL: That Other Op-Ed
Digby and Greg Sargent have been wondering aloud if the dirty Em Ess Em were going to hoist last Sunday’s Op Ed by real soldiers returning from Iraq on to their shoulders and parade it around town in the same way that they greeted that meretricious Think Tank Puff Piece by O’Hanlon and Pollack. The answer?

Of course not. The soldiers who wrote it are just enlisted men. They didn’t go to Cornell or even Columbia. They’re not members of the Serious Foreign Policy Elite. They’re probably not even from Good Families. What the hell do they know?

More from me
Stor-E-Tella: Barbara Bushs extended family

Stor-E-Tella: I will never believe Mr Petraeus-Bush or any of the other -Bushs

Stor-E-Tella: Pollack is war critic - he told Bush war is Critical

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14 dead a day is not ok

14 U.S. Soldiers Dead in Copter Crash in Iraq

Worst US air losses in Iraq

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WingNuts ID Certification

What to do if a link goes back to a Neocons site warn the reader with
The Wingnuts Logo

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Spyland security

Bush Administration Has Been Using Illegal Wiretapping and Spying Activity for Political Purposes.

In an under covered trial in a California courtroom, a Constitutional drama of major significance is unfolding.

It is a federal lawsuit filed by Americans who claim that the Bush Administration, with the cooperation of AT&T, illegally spied on them. The Bush Administration has taken the Orwellian position that the trial must not be allowed to proceed because it would require the White House to reveal if they indeed have illegally monitored the plaintiffs – and that, the Bush Politburo argues, would violate "state secrets."

NSA - Nothing new about it.

SO the US Government have spied on people for political or social purposes, not a surprise.

The network we use for the web was developed by DARPA, i am sure the defense department would never leave a back door to their system.

If it were then why would a organization like the EEF be needed at all.

DARPA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military. DARPA was responsible for funding development of many technologies which have had a major impact on the world

EFF: About
When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense. EFF broke new ground when it was founded in 1990 — well before the Internet was on most people's radar

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Cheney branch

Cheney as the Spier not Bush,no surprise there.

The Next Hurrah: Details on Cheney's FISA Documents
It appears that Dan Eggen has gotten a copy of the letter from Dick's office, detailing which documents he has that respond to FISA subpoenas.

The Next Hurrah: Documents from Dick, not Bush?!?!?
But the thing I'm most interested in is the reasoning behind the dual treatment of the White House and OVP. As Leahy said, the Administration claimed that it is not part of the Executive Office of the President - White House lets Leahy’s deadline pass
Vice President Dick Cheney’s office on Monday responded separately from the White House to a Senate subpoena for documents on warrantless wiretapping and resurrected the controversial contention that Cheney is not part of the executive branch.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Kill the Saudis V3.0 the facts Osama WHO?

UPDATE 09-20-07
Via Empty Wheel
And Now the Saudis
Even Bushs BFFs are having second thoughts

Via McClatchy
Studies: Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners

Hafez, whose new book is "Suicide Bombers in Iraq," has identified the nationalities of 124 bombers who attacked in Iraq. Of those, the largest number — 53 — were Saudis.

Stor-E-Tella: Kill the Saudis V2.0: "Why my Kill the Saudis meme is a joke.
This is Bush and his BBF Bandar of Saudi Arabia Waaasup wit the Manlove Dude!!"

Stor-E-Tella: Kill the Saudis: "Well ...even though al-Qaeda is not in Iran and more then 20 percent of the Anti-US attacks are from Saudi Arabian terrorists, the senate votes to get angry and cry if Bush decides to attack Iran."

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Soldiers and Technology Secure - White House Not

Army Audits: Official Sites, Not Blogs, Breach Security
From the page

- For years, members of the military brass have been warning that soldiers' blogs could pose a security threat by leaking sensitive wartime information. But a series of online audits, conducted by the Army, suggests that official Defense Department websites post far more potentially-harmful than blogs do. -

LOL interactive White House site

By internetjoe - Posted on: Thu, Aug 9 2007 3:52 PM
So person or persons from Washington DC, why are you all of a sudden reading my blog?

Just coincidence that no one from DC ever came to - or noticed my little web production for a year and a half - yet soon after my leaving a not so kind information request - series of questions I would like answered about the White House site on there submit form... the city of Washington shows up on my stats page.

My questions were simple along the line below

With the new Fisa law how long do you hold my IP address after i submit a question?

Why do you call it White House Interactive, when No One has called a Submit Form interactivity for 8 years?

Why does this site not work well on my macintosh?

Doh - Maybe im just paranoid

Maybe im not Update 8-23
The Next Hurrah -Time to Fire the White House Webmaster by emptywheel
I thought it worth mentioning that the Administration has twice made claims in the last week that their website refuted. First came Senator Leahy, who noted that Cheney's claims not to be part of the Executive Office of the President were disproved by the White House website.

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Blogging with Google Notes

TPMmuckraker August 17, 2007 12:22 PM
"perhaps only as a receiver of leads from the NSA -- perhaps as a partner in the government's alleged data-mining of U.S. citizens phone and internet usage records."

TPMmuckraker August 17, 2007 2:16 PM
Don't get your hopes up yet. But the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has told the government that it needs to submit an argument for why the court shouldn't disclose rulings from earlier this year on the warrantless surveillance program

Talking Points Memo | The FISA 'Fix'
When Congress "revised" FISA a few weeks ago, lawmakers gave the White House the unchecked surveillance power Bush wanted -- and then some.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » More Duplicity in the FISA Stampede
Broad new surveillance powers approved by Congress this month could allow the Bush administration to conduct spy operations that go well beyond wiretapping to include — without court approval

Defense Agency Proposes Outsourcing More Spying -
"Mind-blowing," was the reaction of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, when she learned of the DIA proposal. In a telephone interview, she described it as "definitely something to be concerned about."

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5 dead a day is not ok nor is two hundred and 6

Tuesday Aug 13-2007
The death count in the Iraq bomb blast is up to 200 and we lost 6 of our honorable troops.

This seems fine with Bush and the media,

It cant be fine for the families of those soldiers and Iraqi citizens.

The IRAQ War DeadBabies

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Roves GOP Defenders

Bushs Brain

Via Froomkin

"Rove's defenders argue that Republicans' current troubles -- sagging presidential approval ratings, loss of the House and Senate, a clamorous fight over who the party will nominate to run for president in 2008 -- all stem from a single cause: the deeply unpopular war in Iraq; not from Rove or his methods."

Is that the Iraq war started with lies and leaks by Cheney-Powell-Rice-Bush and Rove?

The war that allowed privatization of the military had nothing to do with roves hiring of career government fund distributors?

A war on terror that Gonzales-Bush would not need Rove to help pick loyal Bushies to run.

Gee, looks like Rove had his hands in the war pretty deep.

More Rove from around the web
"'I think a number of Democrats never accepted (Bush) as legitimate and instead adopted a strategy of blind obstructionism,' he answered.

"Moreover, some Democrats 'hated' Bush, and they were joined by a group of Democrats who 'for tactical reasons, said that we can never give (Bush) a political victory, and anything that passes any part of his agenda is a political victory for him and we can't tolerate that.' . . .

"Did the Bush administration try hard enough to reach across the aisle?

"'You know, you'd be shocked and surprised to learn how much the president reached out to Democrats,' Rove said.
-Many times Bush reached out to Democrats on Issues that he would later ignore with a signing statement.

Many people inside and outside the White House feared Rove, a number of them truly admired him (professionally and personally), but of very few can it be said that they ever trusted him.
-No one but the Boy King Bush trusted Rove.

"'We live in a poisonous atmosphere in which Democrats . . . are engaged in a wave of investigations and requests for documents that ill-serve the country and serve as an excuse for them to investigate rather than legislate,' Rove said."
-A quest fror documents Rove himself destroyed - Opps

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

TSP - did not know to call it that then January 2006 - then they called me traitor and paranoid. I said a year and a half ago that bush wanted to be free of FISA.
No Fear - Here To Stay

I do not care how many times George Bush and company bring up Osama or Terrorists, I will not be afraid.

I did not believe in our invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan as right or necessary. To say these things I thought was my right as an American. What is heard though is that I am an ENEMY of America.

This crap about aiding the Enemy by open debate is just plain stupid. Debate -MEANS- to have 2 sides or opinions compared. How can you have a debate Georgie if you only have one point of view That-s a lecture with a scolding thrown in for good measure.

For Bush and his buddies to get what they want ,they need all the sheep scared into a corner so they can keep an eye on them (FISA free). But to be a sheep you need to have no will of your own and blind devotion, and I-m thick headed and thick skinned.

I also know the -Actual- definition of a terrorist and fear is what they NEED for there terror to work..

It-s the PerzNit who in pushing fear and terror on the American people so it follows that he is helping the terrorists, while my not caring is and would be frustrating to a terrorist. {i.e. NO HELP AT ALL}

Let Bush and anyone else call me what ever they like , cause im an American too and have the RIGHT to not be Afraid and say what I think.

Hide In Plain Site

Ever wonder why Bush and Rummy love these acronyms, well it has to do with the current problem they are having with -digital file tapping-.

I feel pretty safe knowing when I write and email or text message they will not be flagged.

The closest I have come will be in this sentence of this post where my busines sadvisaery Alllle Keaddda could come up in a search if it had the right number of wildcards and spellings.

With the Bushes acronyms filtering and pulling data streams and files on eye rack well even a dummy can google G W O T

Bush's Fault

You can talk to me till your blue in the face but there is no way you can convince me that George Bush went to war for any other reason then Sadam said - bad things - declared war - put a price - on his daddys ass.

Still after several years he still has not gotten me to understand.
-what Osama, A Saudi - currently in Afganastan has to do with Iraq.

Answer Me That

No Fear 3

What is the secret, that the digital taps are unknown by our enemies.

This technology has been around for a long time and requires that an ISP open its trunk to the government. Why the secrecy?

A war on TERROR - Bush has been quoted as not caring day to day where Osama is - that will never end due to victory.

A war on TERROR - where you and your friends are now daily labeled terrorists your selves.

We don-t know where they are or who they are but we can be at war with them and attack OTHER countries in a hit or miss hope we get them -- kind of way.

As an American, based on MY constitutional rights - I am not a terrorist and free to say what I wish WHERE AND WHEN I wish!

What is the secret ? that You and I have no liberty

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