Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just copy a fax dont check the facts

PR - public relation / press release , thats what is used as NEWS in the media.

A dead horse has more air time then the Iraq conflict, a buggy new version of a new os gets more air play then the recent increase in Iraq troops daily death rate.

Though the president has no real goal in Iraq , the news is unconfirmed and non- researched terrorist aid in Iran.

Oh and the big story of Miss USA out of rehab.

They are not reporters , they are parrots

Reporters do research and then report.
Parrots just mimic what they hear.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista Away your freedom

I guess Bush and Gates do have a lot in common!

Mr. Gates , thanks for shoving this down our throats
Vista's Fine Print Raises Red Flags

Please also read the comments at Slashdot

UPDATE here is the lead and sub for a MSNBC Article
A Mac user switches to Vista
Reporter trades in his PowerBook for a notebook with Microsoft's new OS

Remember the MS stand for Microsoft and this Title IS A LIE
Below is what the writer says in the last 3 paragraphs at the end of page 4

But I really miss that peaceful, Zen-like quiet I felt with my Mac when I’d wake it up or put it instantly to sleep. For me, it just works right, without really having to think about it.

So I decided to switch again. From Vista, back to the Mac — to the brand new, white MacBook on which I told this story.

As for your own story, you’re free to think for yourself. Just no hate mail either way, please, because whichever way you go is really none of my business.
Ha! Microsoft can hide the truth but if you look you can find it.

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The Plan

From Wikipedia

A plan is a proposed or intended method of getting from one set of circumstances to another. They are often used to move from the present situation, towards the achievement of one or more objectives or goals.

2.Plan (disambiguation)
A plan is a typically any procedure used to achieve an objective.

From dictionary.reference.com

1. a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance

The - surge - is not a plan. If as i have read this weekend the President might add non-timetable benchmarks to his current plan to appease some republicans, that means he has no NEW benchmarks at this time.

Bush's only benchmark or goal for this conflict is leave the problem to the next president, the same goal he has had for over 2 years. And the Surge is just more of the same.

The Bush Plan is to hide under his desk until the next presidential election, while our soldiers die for a LIE.

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michelle malkin is yellow

No not the cowardly yellow - though many have made the point on this count too. - but the tainted yellow of single sided opinion and lies she passes off as news.

Still Standing - Via SadlyNo

Bring it - Via SadlyNo

So far not a single version of the AP story has mentioned the word destroyed yet she harps on this as fact. She shows a picture of a Mosque with part of the dome missing as proof of the no destruction.

Hey Michelle , a firebomb IS a bomb that blows up and burns just what the AP story says. Jamil Hussein does indeed exist, which even you have had to admit.

Great fact checking, I can see why the Post would print you variety of crap.

Update :
More from my favorite snarkmiester Trex at FDL

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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Fake Truth - again


Based on what I have read the Bushites have been systematically Rewriting history, removing large sections of the federal web sites that do not follow the Bush-Gods point of view, and firing anyone that has a different view of the...

Stay the course -to stand down when they stand up - for the surge Plan thingy.

Why did Chaney go on a CNN interview show to NOT answer Wolf's questions?
arrrr no comment....arrr cant answer that,. arrr how dare you arrrr grandfather arrrr...

Is he that stupid to not know what an interview is? arrrrrrr

The UN-Decider
So Bush what does success mean to you. Sadam is dead and Iraq has had elections
the only reasons to stay are
1. Bush wants the Middle East to be the new US official annex - as opposed to the CIA/replace with our dictator of choice un-official annex.
2. Bush likes to send under protected soldiers to there deaths.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yellow Journalism Again

Sick of Media -
When did the media turn useless.

If there are sane republicans in this country - you would never know if you watched CSPAN or the news. When half the republican calls are give the president A chance an the other half are crying Clinton-Kerry-Dems are bad, dumb and evil.

What else would the world think? As I see it the other nations will see the label for republicans to mean delusional zealots.

When the government gave companies the ability to own multiple media outlets in a metro area , dollars set our point of view not information.

Rupert Murdoch and the corporate mouse ears hang heavy in the wingnut view of reality.

Our Vice President still thinks its 1980, Fox news thinks the president did a Great job with the STOU and lets hope its over in 2 years.

History will see GW Bush remembered for getting America into the 7Years war and sending thousands to their deaths or as the guy who let a great American city be destroyed and forgotten.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1 Death a day is never OK II

25 just over the weekend

The Human Cost

Obleek - flash required



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The Drain Nazi

You ask wrong question.... no drain for you.

EBay can be a good thing but as many have found out not all buyers and sellers are good people.

What happens when you order a product - in this case a faucet, sink and parts - and you find it is damaged upon opening the package? Any good retailer would give you an RMA and quickly replace the product. Period!

Oh but on EBay its way different.

EBay Store owner

Receiving the package
From their own policy
-Freight Claims:

Reviewing and Inspecting Your Delivery
We take every effort to ensure that your order is picked and processed correctly. We also use extra packaging to ensure that it arrives to you safely.

Please inspect your order carefully at the time of receipt, you should confirm the accuracy of the order and verify that all products have arrived in satisfactory condition. Any claims for damages and/or errors must be made immediately. Any damaged product will be replaced and any errors will be corrected immediately.

HousewareForLess.com cannot accept responsibility for any damages that are concealed. Please make sure your freight is acceptable when you sign for it. Once you have signed for your goods in good shape any later recourse would have to be taken up directly with the freight company that delivered your goods._

I received the package and the box was in perfect condition. The next day when the shipping department checked the package in they found a single part had been bent.

Ok - note that this company takes no responsibility for any mistakes or damages done by there own people / HousewareForLess.com cannot accept responsibility for any damages that are concealed / and try to put all the returns back at the shipper - fed ex in this case.

Not knowing they had this website or this policy we went about the task of contacting them - THRU EBAY methods- for return merchandise information.

After several days the buyer here left a neutral rating for the sale saying to the effect - the thing came here fast but we need all usable parts to install it. This is not bad nor is it a lie.

OH NO, seems this seller sees neutral ratings as bad for his business so what’s he do?? He says they will send us a new part after they receive the broken part back and we remove the neutral rating.

So after 2 weeks we get the return information and sent the part back. But even after they received the part back they refused to replace it or refund the money unless we removed the bad rating. At one point I myself answered the phone when the owner/guy called us back and to me over the phone / imp just a consultant helping with the phones at lunch time / he said - You no want to make me trouble, you not get your part or money until you change feedback - !

Now we have finally gotten a refund but only on the broken part, the seller is still adding negative information into the feedback comments.

Just a note - Buyer beware

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Biden and Fienstein hate us

Lets force me to put DRM on my video and podcasts because some big coompanies in hollywood think copyright forever beats my freedom of speech.

:Sign the the on-line petition:

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Commander Cod Piece at it again

As always - he lies -

Yup thats our president.. tell a tale as if its fact and not hear a peep from the talking head media

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Or Victory

When did the rethugs start this all due respect crap , they never mean it OR used it when in power?

How is leaving Iraq now a defeat?
Our Bush goals were to remove WMD's and to get the Evil Saddam
Those are both met, it time to say its over.

Out Rage -
Lieberliar - Brought up 9/11,twice and winning means democracy in Iran , Arabs following us home to kill me.

Its all lies and fear mongering. My feeling of disgust is close to vomit. I like many others found means of travel to the city on the 12th and continued with the tech support needed to keep 3 business's running. Dont tell me when to be afraid and what terror is.
I did not know of terror when hiding under a desk in an air raid drill?
I did not know of terror when shown the films of concentration camps?
I did not know of terror when the hostages were taken in the Olympics?
I did not know of terror when doing consulting in a building that had its basement attacked a few years before?

I am not a defeatist , not afraid , just aware.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

1 Death a day is never OK

3000+ US Deaths In Middle East

Just as a reminder, I put these all in one image

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Bush puts bandage on missing limb

One hand picked medal on one hand picked hero is like giving school lunch to only one student while the other watch and starve.

He cant show more heroes cause half hate his guts and the other became heroes in such a violent way , Bush,s rules on no bad press shelve their stories.

As for Mr. Bushez - This is different - Maybe it will work - just don't cut it and he apologized ( with little emotion save constipation ) for what mistake?
A slight missjudgement in troop levels???
Thats all he could muster ......... Sad but not a surprise

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Monday, January 08, 2007

1 US Death a day is OK

is 2 or 3 or 4 dead troops a day = not OK

So as the deaths of Us troops mount and the BUSH government hides any images of the death and destruction... the public seems quite ok with 1+ deaths a day.

The news media is ok with 1 plus deaths a day too, for there is no call to action or cry of misdeeds on any TV nor newspaper.

The point is - No deaths a day would be OK
but Bush says only the next President could do that, George Bush can only kill troops with his plans/strategy not save them.

Heck of a job , heck of a legacy your majesty .

Update - Damn!!! Death is OK for even the Non-Partisan types

Even those opposed to the surge, he said, “ought to at least let us try it.”The worst that could happen,” he continued, is that this policy could become another partisan flashpoint in Washington- Jolten Joe Liarman

Sure it is - what you smoken Lieberman

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