Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Octobers Yellow Journalism1

Please Believe My Story Katie

Katie AM

Fake people and lies are the current stories on TV and even in the so-called news.

Katie Couric is a perfect example of what is wrong with American culture and media. Katie has 3 fake personalities she uses.

One is the simple southern gal also used by Diane Sawyer for her warm and cuddly interviews like Elmo or the spelling bee champion. NEVER GLASSES

Second the most used or Ponder interview has a good deal of the southern slang gone. Glasses in hand below eye level of guest. GLASSES NEVER ON FACE some prop Gestures.

Third is the information or political interview where she now seems to have to wear the glasses the whole time, slang is down to a few slips of youall . GLASSES ON FACE MOST OF THE TIME, fully used as prop against the guest.

-Now it seems to me a NEWs Reporter would have one method of interviewing people.
-An actor has 2 or more methods of STORY TELLING.

Katie is a faker.


It just bugs me, looking at that couch fabric. Maybe its fake fiber or
poorly woven wool I¹m not sure but it LOOKS wrong.

When Katie KureRick wears what I call The Couch Coat it makes me want to put a block on NBC so I don¹t even channel skim through the today show.

Bad enough when she has it on for a chair interview or a one third shot,
they all have random fibers sticking out like that yucky scratchy couch your
Grandma had and make me itch just looking at it.
THAT ALONE would make one turn off the station.

Ahhhh , the real trouble for me happens when she wears a couch coat and the director lets her sit on the couch.

HELLOO Katie were did you go, she becomes a pillow or sometimes blends right into the couch. Play hide and seek with a disembodied voice or try and get some real information.

Anyone there got design sense or balls enough to tell her how BAD it makes
her look NAAAaaaa.

Off Topic
Poor Meridith now is being groomed for the couch look.
Her new wool suit and flat hair look is so much more natural

Ok - Now Katie in the PM
I have not seen any Katie live , thank goodness. Her little national half hour show is on to early for hard working me to watch.
Read About it here -
Free Speech For Wingnuts - Kevin Drum via Digby


Now its just plain sick
Fox News - Foley A Dem

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