Thursday, October 26, 2006

Octobers Yellow Journalism 2

Ohh the pain, Will Robinson, the pain...the pain

In something I thought would be a simple 5 day exercise to review the so called morning news shows has turned into a month plus nightmare. The need for the fake news shows to span 2 hours of so called "information" just seems too reveal how little they know about what news is.

Its not even infotainment as much as it is Bullshit-er-tainment.

Here are my notes

7.5 hours of fake news less then 5 minutes on the war in Iraq.
In a 2 hour morning show the only news you might see is a brief nation spot once an hour for about 2 or 3 minutes.

After a few days of watching morning television there is not much difference between the During Katie Morning news and the post Katie news.

Had always been the old peoples network. Harry Smith one of the last few hosts that used to do real news that are left in the morning slot, is just another talking head reads poorly edited copy.

So when the Foley story broke they gave Jessica Simpson more time and took the word of a known liar as fact.
09-07-2006 Nbc Saturday does 3 segments special on pedophiles, all about teachers nothing about congressmen.

ABC - DisneyFied News Network
OMG - a water cooler waste.
hard to watch and listen to. Some guy, a flaky blonde and Robin Roberts.
Mel Gibson interview snips - oh my how news worthy. My eyes my eyes - 2 segments on Mel - AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh
YA send the blonde to north Korea

Ohh the pain

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lies for the president

General Peter Pace , chair joint chief of staff, the current violance in Iraq is insurgents not secterian and has only increased to get you to vote in the demacrats

2 days after not stay the course , Bushes wife says stay the course.

Update 1
Bushs support for our troops

Shorter white house - killed some terrorist in april,felt 8 months later with elections 2 weeks away thought we should tell you poor american suckers ( i mean fellow citizens)

Shorter Bush - In this age of mass media, its so much harder to sustain a lie about this war then in any other war. Ever

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lamont is Shiavos candidate?

Are all the media in Florida dumb. This article has so many numbers it could not be ment for the people of Florida. Why publish it at all?

From seeing the actual debate Lieberman lost big time and who cares if repubs dont vote for Ned.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Foley BS from MSM

Everyone is repeating this --an evil priest from 40 years ago rapeded me so now i am a drunk that likes to screw little children instead of grown ups-- as if that is an ok reason for someone of autority to pervert our youth.

Why a Scientology clinic? - Cause they keep quiet better then the CIA

Where does a good catholic boy go to get help when hes very bad?
ClearWater Florida
Scientology's town
And More Clearwater

Scientology Background
Inner Secrets

Update - FACTS
Foley Cover-up Time Line -THINK PROGRESS

NSA - Homeland Security - Oh Ya
FBI will look into nay sayers of Bush but not Elected Child Molesters

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sure Mr. Speaker

We thought it was resolved

Mr Denny - how stupid. You did no added investagation when a known pedophile ( Republican Pages were warned of Foleys advances as early as 1995 ) is exchanging -questionable- emails with a former page? Just took his word for it and excepted his 100,000 dollars hush fund. Now you are caught and wont resign.

And Preznit Bush is 100 Behind you cause Bush is never wrong.

Now lets see if the FBI has the balls to confiscate the perverts PC and let them all hang.


The ignorance of the - digital fingerprint - and how it works may be the down fall.
Damn the TUBES

UPDATE 09-05
Had a lot of Foley stuff online yesterday and a link led me to the CREW web site , Which points out that the FBI and the Leaders of the House had this information and access to it for a while. Its an email where a congressman requests a picture of a -expage- .

This should have been enough proof to start an investigation. The seemingly known fact that Foley was into little boys and the page seemed to be a boy should have been another flag.

These were both ignored by the Rethug Congress and the FBI allowing 2 months for the destruction of evidence and 2 more months that other children could be harassed Foley.

That is not acceptable

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Octobers Yellow Journalism1

Please Believe My Story Katie

Katie AM

Fake people and lies are the current stories on TV and even in the so-called news.

Katie Couric is a perfect example of what is wrong with American culture and media. Katie has 3 fake personalities she uses.

One is the simple southern gal also used by Diane Sawyer for her warm and cuddly interviews like Elmo or the spelling bee champion. NEVER GLASSES

Second the most used or Ponder interview has a good deal of the southern slang gone. Glasses in hand below eye level of guest. GLASSES NEVER ON FACE some prop Gestures.

Third is the information or political interview where she now seems to have to wear the glasses the whole time, slang is down to a few slips of youall . GLASSES ON FACE MOST OF THE TIME, fully used as prop against the guest.

-Now it seems to me a NEWs Reporter would have one method of interviewing people.
-An actor has 2 or more methods of STORY TELLING.

Katie is a faker.


It just bugs me, looking at that couch fabric. Maybe its fake fiber or
poorly woven wool I¹m not sure but it LOOKS wrong.

When Katie KureRick wears what I call The Couch Coat it makes me want to put a block on NBC so I don¹t even channel skim through the today show.

Bad enough when she has it on for a chair interview or a one third shot,
they all have random fibers sticking out like that yucky scratchy couch your
Grandma had and make me itch just looking at it.
THAT ALONE would make one turn off the station.

Ahhhh , the real trouble for me happens when she wears a couch coat and the director lets her sit on the couch.

HELLOO Katie were did you go, she becomes a pillow or sometimes blends right into the couch. Play hide and seek with a disembodied voice or try and get some real information.

Anyone there got design sense or balls enough to tell her how BAD it makes
her look NAAAaaaa.

Off Topic
Poor Meridith now is being groomed for the couch look.
Her new wool suit and flat hair look is so much more natural

Ok - Now Katie in the PM
I have not seen any Katie live , thank goodness. Her little national half hour show is on to early for hard working me to watch.
Read About it here -
Free Speech For Wingnuts - Kevin Drum via Digby


Now its just plain sick
Fox News - Foley A Dem

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