Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LOL Yellow Journalism Example 101

As someone that studied journalism a little, this does not get any funnier in a morbid kind of way.

a perfect example of the tabloid method of story changing, by a media tycoon known for imposing his slanted opinion into nearly every outlet he owns.

Murdoch's New York Post Rewrites Associated Press Story
To Make It Way Worse For Dem's

Via Greg Sargent - Via TPM

What more can one say,
Bravo Rupert fair and balanced

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PussyPURREENO... Bushes new temp mouth piece

Reid not in denial!
PURRREENO - "First of all, he's in denial about the enemy that we face. This is a vicious and brutal enemy that wants to kill innocent men, women and children of Iraq, people who enjoy and love freedom, and that includes Americans.

HUH who is this enemy??

PURRREENO - So it's not in our long-term national security interests in order to not deal with this enemy now.
"Secondly, he's in denial about the conflict that we are in, how al Qaeda is inciting sectarian violence.

Oh the Al Qaeda in Iraq enemy A HA !!

PURRREENO - He is in denial about the new Baghdad security plan and the new changes that we've implemented in al Anbar province.

That have made no difference in the violence over there.

PURRREENO - He's also in denial that a surrender date he thinks is a good idea. It is not a good idea. It is defeat. It is a death sentence for the millions of Iraqis who voted for a constitution, who voted for a government, who voted for a free and democratic society.

as opposed to the current US death sentence for Iraqi's

Bushs own mouth today
"The president took seniors and advocacy group leaders on a tour of the Oval Office . . .Bush told the group there is great pressure in Washington to change principles for the sake of political popularity, but he said he would not.

As he has already accomplished that himself for the GOP

"'It's a struggle for some. It's not for me,' he said.

6 Years of a rubber stamp congress and signing statements make no Prez struggle at all

"He showed the group a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He said Lincoln was unpopular during the Civil War but maintained his belief that all men are created equal.
"'Look what would have happened to history' if Lincoln had abandoned that principle, Bush said."

Mr. Bush , i know Abe Lincoln and you are NO Abe Lincoln!!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Bush does not care at all

"'I want to remind you that after Vietnam, after we left, millions of people lost their life,' Bush said [in Tipp City, Ohio] when an audience member asked about comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq. 'The Khmer Rouge, for example, in Cambodia. And my concern is there would be a parallel. .

OIC, So Bush like start about Vietnam but answer about Cambodia.
Not the Vietnam War but the South East Asia war.
Not the Iraqi conflict but the Middle East War.

. . The same thing would happen. There would be the slaughter of a lot of innocent life.

Less then the 100 plus Iraqis that die every day now.
Less then the 3 to 5 Official US Soldiers deaths a day?

The difference, of course, is that this time around, the enemy wouldn't just be content to stay in the Middle East; they'd follow us here.'

Why does he assume that they would follow us here.
Does Iraq have Jets and Submarines i dont know about?
Maybe they can hold there breath real long and will swim over?
George Bush is insane

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PWND in less then 60 seconds

dyslexia and shakes made going to a PVE server a no brainer. In a game like this a double key tap or mouse click can mean death and a NPC has a pattern I can figure out while another player does not.

As a much hated gnome many have tried to throw a duel flag up at me and for the 2 months I have been playing this game I declined them.

Yesterday during the quest chain for - Rains Cleansing - I was getting frustrated trying to find a path to a shrine to charge the thingy I had gotten. After 10 minutes of wandering around , I went to a web site for some clues and found a good description of the path , soon after finding the shrine.

Now if that was not frustrating enough, I tested the thing , turned into a dog bear and spun around to follow the path back. Well I held the turn right key a little to long and walked forward right into a gully between a tree and 2 hills, with no escape. My little gnome was fully stuck and my hearth stone had 21 minutes left of cool down. Arghhh

22 minutes later - I was a little ticked off as I started my way to the moonwell for the next part of the quest. Stopping right outside of the town for a minute to reread the quest.

Before I could blink - a level 29 blood elf frost mage says something about stupid gnomes as she/he throws up a duel flag. Now this is a game and you really don’t die , so even though I have no idea how to duel , my anger gets the best of me and I accept. DOH

First I had no idea there was a countdown nor when it starts, I got the clue by reading the chat/battle log... 3 ..2...1....Opps!. I got off a COA and she hit me and voidy with ice block, i hit my escape racial and she, caught off guard, ran away and as i turned to face her... all i saw were leaves in my face and i was dead.

So what did i learn,
1. In PVP duels you only have 3 seconds to get ready.
2. It helps to have a potion or health stone ready - my bag was closed and i have not set up all my macros yet - so no health stone hot key.
3. Never use the smart camera feature in a duel. :P

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