Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is being a Republican a mental illness

LOL Democrats, promulgating a "myth of wrongdoing,"

i dont know what is sicker
Rethug Chris Cannons lying and downright untrue statement or
That the media will -REPORT IT- as fact.

The news should be -
Republic from Utah and Bush Loyalist Chris Cannon makes ridiculous comments about the presidents stonewalling, blames the dems instead.

Thats it. NO SPIN - No Lies and NOT buried 50 paragraphs down story, all ya need to know in one sentence.

Pretty simple and i needed only a few minutes to check out the facts on recent democratic changes to the constitution, or the fact that Bush and the Rethug rubber stampers have removed constitutional rights for all citizens.

Bet Not ONE Major media outlet has a reporter or editor with the moral respect for the news needed to put this story up.

Original Story from

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bush Administration Civil Service Exam

Note... even with the ease of manipulation of electronic voting, the mistical loss of huge amounts of electronic email documents and massive exposure of state secrets - this is the Bush Administrations answer to fix civil service

QUOTE from State Department Page- --The U.S. Department of State is in the process of revising the Foreign Service Officer selection process in some important and exciting ways. We will not be giving the traditional paper-and-pencil exam in April 2007, and instead we tentatively plan to launch the new process sometime this summer. This new process will still include a test, but the test will now be computer-based, and somewhat shorter than the old. The process will also include some innovative new steps, which we describe in the following paragraphs. As the new process is finalized, we will update this website, so please check back from time to time. In addition, if you click on the "Keep Me Informed" tab, you will be able to sign up to receive regular updates by e-mail.

First, a question asked by many is "Why are you changing the selection process? What's wrong, what's broken?" The answer is that nothing's wrong, and nothing's broken. In fact, the quality of the candidates we are selecting is outstanding. But, like any strong organization, we want to do even better.

With that in mind, we have consulted widely, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of our selection process with best practices of the private sector. We have concluded that we can make our selection process better by adopting what we call a Total Candidate approach. The aim is to comprehensively assess the candidate's full range of personal attributes – knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and personal strengths. --

Sample United States Civil Service Total Candidate Test
Whos interest is it in ?

The image above is available for free on my Flickr page

UPDATE _ 08-31-07

Christy From FDL - Fishing For The Squirrelly

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will a real conservative please stand up

Is Fred Thompsen any different then the current MSM NEWS line up of Screen Actors

My Blog post from Feb Last Year - Just before the New improved 3 Katies night time addition appeared

Please Believe My Story Katie

Fake people and lies are the current stories on TV and even in the so-called news.

Katie Couric is a perfect example of what is wrong with American culture and media. Katie has 3 fake personalities she uses.

  • One is the simple southern gal also used by Diane Sawyer for her warm and cuddly interviews like Elmo or the spelling bee champion. NEVER GLASSES
  • Second the most used or Ponder interview has a good deal of the southern slang gone. Glasses in hand below eye level of guest. GLASSES NEVER ON FACE some prop Gestures.
  • Third is the information or political interview where she now seems to have to wear the glasses the whole time, slang is down to a few slips of youall . GLASSES ON FACE MOST OF THE TIME, fully used as prop against the guest.

-Now it seems to me a NEWs Reporter would have one method of interviewing people.
-An actor has 2 or more methods of STORY TELLING.

Katie is a faker.
posted on March 2, 2006 5:05 AM (

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Friday, June 15, 2007

OHH NO did Pace give it away.

So because the man is a true solider and truthfully answers questions we get a peek into the methods of subterfuge used by Rove and Chaney.

Quoted Pace in -One thing that was discussed was whether or not I should just voluntarily retire and take the issue off the table -

Thats a roveism if ever i heard one - Take the issue off the table... we need to eat some Librals and to hell with your damn integrity.

This is Bushs way to treat our military-as puppets!
For Shame

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travesty of justice MSM Wrong again

For all the hounding about justice for scooter i have not heard one word about

  • One known - outed cia agent
  • a unknown unknown amount of cia agents being outed or compromised
  • or even
  • The reason he might have lied in the first 2nd and third place.

The true travesty of justice is someone committing a crime an paying for it. This happens every day , and NEVER makes the news more then a few feet from where it happened.

The only difference is this is a privileged person who committed his crime to save the vice presidents face.


UPDATE: 06-26-2007
MSM Worst offender
White House Correspondents Association
Oh the true Issues of Import

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe writes: "Let's face it: we're under attack. . . . [W]e, as the White House press corps, are on the receiving end of a concerted campaign by political partisans on both sides. We could just pretend like this storm is going to pass; but it's not. . . . Now is the time to stand up for who we are and what we do." On his agenda: "Well how about defending the annual dinner for a start."

War dead and hidden casualties, no health care , plus the added bonus of US citizen rights removal with dash of religious zealotry An the thing the press corpses report is -
Leave our dinner alone :P

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mancrush Pardon my testosterone

What is the Republican love of so called manly men, oh no its not gay we dont believe in tha gay!!!

Voyeuristic politics - Is gaining your political goals and demands through the stupidity / ignorance of others while you stay safely behind your big desk on your fat ass.

McCAIN -Bush might be wrong about the war but Hillary is wronger.

Romney - i am a devout believer in Jesus - if Jesus had taken up sword instead of an open hand and heart.

X mayor Rudy -I think we need more war and more bombs and im the coolest one.

Krystal - BooHoo my boyfriend Bush broke my heart- that scum ( luv ya anyway GWB )

Bush - i would pardon Libby but the only rules i have followed from the start are the pardon rules and poor Scooter wont have been in the pen long enough ! Sorry Sucka

Chaney - Scooters a good man - good family - ergh ergh - kill Iran and China - ergh

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Terror my Ass

Give me a break

In the last 60 minutes on the news , not a single mention of Iraq or American casualties. Much time spent on a failed -TERRAH- plot, that took thye fbi one and a half years to get enough evidence to arrst 4 non Americans even with Bushs War act powers.

What is the news on this ? Where are the important questions?
Not on TV

Why , if the patriot act and FISA give the GOV instant access to warrentless search , did the FBI leave these fellows to freely plot for 18 months?

Given that this is the 3rd such terrah plot uncovered, aren't they over here already? We fight them there so they dont come here is also a failure then!

How safe are we ?
Big news about suspects personality and national origin.
No news or investigation of how safe and secure has Bushs tax cuts made our ports ,transportation hubs and pipe lines.

Unthinkable the damage this plot would have done IF IT SUCCEEDED??
Quote the GOV - this threat has been contained?????

For Shame
Are the gas and oil pipelines HERE guarded and secure?
If they are we do not need to be in IRAQ
If they are not then i think the army should be guarding my backyard not one in the middle east!!!

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