Monday, October 29, 2007

Yellow Journalism From InformationWeek

HEADLINE- NBC, News Corp. Threaten Apple With Hulu

If anything the threat would be to Apples itunes store component NOT APPLE ipods or computers.


NBC and News Corp. on Monday launched in beta an video service that offers ad-supported video and feature films, a model that undercuts the buying of TV shows and movies through services like Apple iTunes.

The article clearly AVOIDS the fact that DRM - Not copyable or kill code - is to be added to all these shows or that a good deal of Apple content is freely available without ads. We are talking about a crippled player and crippled plug-in.

Yet the story cheers this NEW HuLu service thats going to UNDERCUT Apple. How is a second rate - late to the ball park - content distribution software system going to undercut Apple. What business expert decided that for this article?

This story is just NBC - Fox Hype.
Fox and Universal are proving to be very bull headed in their iron grip over content.
Thats not the way things seem to be heading.

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