Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yellow Journalism Again

Sick of Media -
When did the media turn useless.

If there are sane republicans in this country - you would never know if you watched CSPAN or the news. When half the republican calls are give the president A chance an the other half are crying Clinton-Kerry-Dems are bad, dumb and evil.

What else would the world think? As I see it the other nations will see the label for republicans to mean delusional zealots.

When the government gave companies the ability to own multiple media outlets in a metro area , dollars set our point of view not information.

Rupert Murdoch and the corporate mouse ears hang heavy in the wingnut view of reality.

Our Vice President still thinks its 1980, Fox news thinks the president did a Great job with the STOU and lets hope its over in 2 years.

History will see GW Bush remembered for getting America into the 7Years war and sending thousands to their deaths or as the guy who let a great American city be destroyed and forgotten.

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