Monday, October 15, 2007

Universal Get out the Lies

Via the great news org PC Magazine
TITLE-Universal Takes Aim at iTunes; Can "Free" Music Work?

It looks like the music industry may beat European regulators to the punch in loosening Apple's grip on the digital music market.

In an agressive twist on Apple's model of making their bucks off iPods rather than 99-cent iTunes tracks, Universal Music will launch a new music subscription service, dubbed Total Music, which could be "free".

The Reality
Via Daring fireball
TITLE-Total Music, Uh-Huh

BusinessWeek has a story — “Universal Music Takes on iTunes”1 — regarding a supposed proposal from Universal Music chief Doug Morris to create a music-industry-owned subscription service called Total Music. BusinessWeek twists the story into pretzel-like contortions to present this scheme as clever and reasonable

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