Friday, September 28, 2007

Iphones Bricked by Update

LOL - With all the drm laden Zunes being sold this season and secret updates from Microsoft the national technology news is about hackers having handcuffed Iphones after an Apple Update.

Why is this News.

Cellphones ARE NOT UBIQUITOUS , smart phones even less so.

Only a small percentage of people will hack there device, most knowing full well that the device may become damaged even with out the COMPANY saying so.
Its crying wolf when its just a shadow or tumble weed.

Technology updates are a fact of the life cycle of software as well as hardware.
Apple is in no trouble or -in an Un-Winnable War- this is just hype there is no substance to it.

CNet and Ziff Davis will tweek this as will all the anti-apple crowd. Its just sour grapes cause they did not do it first.

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