Friday, December 22, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When the embeds stopped or 3 dead troops a day is OK

Why is it so easy to send countless reporters to a cold mountain?
cause they are all afraid to go to Iraq.

News to me is - New information and requires the 4 W's and H at a minimum.
Journalism 101 Who - What - Where - When , How and if line space permitted the possibility of Why, seems a lost art as mostly parroted opinion has become the norm we call news today.

The facts are that we are loosing almost 3 troops a day on average and the pentagons own report says casualties are up 32% from the first of the year. This is news and it is very important to the publics right to know. Every day - every news organization should have a - REPORT ON IRAQ AND AFGANASTAN - .

After 3 years we should have some idea what the mission was or is, from what I can tell the presidents idea of a mission is to hide until his term is over, ( If I were in the army i would not accept that as a mission EVER. ) and the american military and public be damned.

I can not stand being American anymore, it makes me sick to see how our country has become Bush country. Blind faith and blind obedience has taken the place of compassion and common sense. Free ideas and free thought have given way to no freedom and no thought.

Mr. Bush you make me sick. America when will enough be enough!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not Mine

From pachacutec at Firedoglake
Not My Prez

So again more special reports about wannabe adventurers lost in the mountains...but nothing about the situation in Iraq. Bush wants to send more troops to be killed for some unknown mission.

2 stories with little play are about American citizens being put down by the current US regime.

1. 2 American contractors in an US run prison in Baghdad Well Treated? NOT!!!
Via New York Times

2. Only secret if Bushy no Like you
Via Washington Note

Also for a laugh.........Would you want to house the GWB library

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

MSM Sucks Again

May be its me , but it seems more news time should have been spent on the 11 US Soldiers killed in Iraq and less time on the single death of a news man.

From local reports Mr. Kim was told to NOT take the scenic route this time of year and if driving at night to stay on the highway. As a reporter he should also have known that it was safer to stay with the car then to travel too far away from his family.

The news is he did not listen to the advice given to him at the tourist center and he left the safety of his car without proper protective clothes. That’s what killed him. He had a Choice... the Soldiers did not.

Why spend segment after segment on the Iraq study group report and not spend the same amount time on our troops in combat. We were allowed to see the war close up until Bush and company were not happy with the pictures any more.

The media seem to fear the withholding of information from the white house so much that they will put out what ever the Bushites say to put out.

The war on terror is way past our door steps , and is being lead by George Bush.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Terror Quiz My Score

Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 98%

You are a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, "blame America first"-crowd traitor. You are in league with evil-doers who hate our freedoms. By all counts you are a liberal, and as such cleary desire the terrorists to succeed and impose their harsh theocratic restrictions on us all. You are fit to be hung for treason! Luckily George Bush is tapping your internet connection and is now aware of your thought-crime. Have a nice day.... in Guantanamo!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What the f..k is the mission?

After all these years he still wont tell us what the mission is. I do not think he ever knew what the mission was yet we must complete it to leave Iraq.

Is Chaney and Halliburton richer due to the war?
Mission Complete

Has the false use of terror taken most of our freedom?
Mission Complete

Can Bush make himself and America look any more pathetic?
Mission Complete

As those missions are complete
I guess the mission is to keep killing young Americans while Bush sits on the sidelines and cries wolf.

Way to go Mr. Perznit

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cnet luvs microsoft

Luv is Blind - this is stupid.

so a Gigabeat S with 60gig gets a rating of 7 from cnet uk , the new zune ( read microsoft repackaged version of the tosiba Gigabeat ) with 30 gig gets an 8 rating.

HUH???? Talk about Kool-aid drinkers

So poor marketplace integration - drm wrapped wi-fi files, only 30 gig and a 79 points equals 99 cents sales pitch is so worth adding that extra point.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Octobers Yellow Journalism 2

Ohh the pain, Will Robinson, the pain...the pain

In something I thought would be a simple 5 day exercise to review the so called morning news shows has turned into a month plus nightmare. The need for the fake news shows to span 2 hours of so called "information" just seems too reveal how little they know about what news is.

Its not even infotainment as much as it is Bullshit-er-tainment.

Here are my notes

7.5 hours of fake news less then 5 minutes on the war in Iraq.
In a 2 hour morning show the only news you might see is a brief nation spot once an hour for about 2 or 3 minutes.

After a few days of watching morning television there is not much difference between the During Katie Morning news and the post Katie news.

Had always been the old peoples network. Harry Smith one of the last few hosts that used to do real news that are left in the morning slot, is just another talking head reads poorly edited copy.

So when the Foley story broke they gave Jessica Simpson more time and took the word of a known liar as fact.
09-07-2006 Nbc Saturday does 3 segments special on pedophiles, all about teachers nothing about congressmen.

ABC - DisneyFied News Network
OMG - a water cooler waste.
hard to watch and listen to. Some guy, a flaky blonde and Robin Roberts.
Mel Gibson interview snips - oh my how news worthy. My eyes my eyes - 2 segments on Mel - AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh
YA send the blonde to north Korea

Ohh the pain

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lies for the president

General Peter Pace , chair joint chief of staff, the current violance in Iraq is insurgents not secterian and has only increased to get you to vote in the demacrats

2 days after not stay the course , Bushes wife says stay the course.

Update 1
Bushs support for our troops

Shorter white house - killed some terrorist in april,felt 8 months later with elections 2 weeks away thought we should tell you poor american suckers ( i mean fellow citizens)

Shorter Bush - In this age of mass media, its so much harder to sustain a lie about this war then in any other war. Ever

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lamont is Shiavos candidate?

Are all the media in Florida dumb. This article has so many numbers it could not be ment for the people of Florida. Why publish it at all?

From seeing the actual debate Lieberman lost big time and who cares if repubs dont vote for Ned.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Foley BS from MSM

Everyone is repeating this --an evil priest from 40 years ago rapeded me so now i am a drunk that likes to screw little children instead of grown ups-- as if that is an ok reason for someone of autority to pervert our youth.

Why a Scientology clinic? - Cause they keep quiet better then the CIA

Where does a good catholic boy go to get help when hes very bad?
ClearWater Florida
Scientology's town
And More Clearwater

Scientology Background
Inner Secrets

Update - FACTS
Foley Cover-up Time Line -THINK PROGRESS

NSA - Homeland Security - Oh Ya
FBI will look into nay sayers of Bush but not Elected Child Molesters

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sure Mr. Speaker

We thought it was resolved

Mr Denny - how stupid. You did no added investagation when a known pedophile ( Republican Pages were warned of Foleys advances as early as 1995 ) is exchanging -questionable- emails with a former page? Just took his word for it and excepted his 100,000 dollars hush fund. Now you are caught and wont resign.

And Preznit Bush is 100 Behind you cause Bush is never wrong.

Now lets see if the FBI has the balls to confiscate the perverts PC and let them all hang.


The ignorance of the - digital fingerprint - and how it works may be the down fall.
Damn the TUBES

UPDATE 09-05
Had a lot of Foley stuff online yesterday and a link led me to the CREW web site , Which points out that the FBI and the Leaders of the House had this information and access to it for a while. Its an email where a congressman requests a picture of a -expage- .

This should have been enough proof to start an investigation. The seemingly known fact that Foley was into little boys and the page seemed to be a boy should have been another flag.

These were both ignored by the Rethug Congress and the FBI allowing 2 months for the destruction of evidence and 2 more months that other children could be harassed Foley.

That is not acceptable

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Octobers Yellow Journalism1

Please Believe My Story Katie

Katie AM

Fake people and lies are the current stories on TV and even in the so-called news.

Katie Couric is a perfect example of what is wrong with American culture and media. Katie has 3 fake personalities she uses.

One is the simple southern gal also used by Diane Sawyer for her warm and cuddly interviews like Elmo or the spelling bee champion. NEVER GLASSES

Second the most used or Ponder interview has a good deal of the southern slang gone. Glasses in hand below eye level of guest. GLASSES NEVER ON FACE some prop Gestures.

Third is the information or political interview where she now seems to have to wear the glasses the whole time, slang is down to a few slips of youall . GLASSES ON FACE MOST OF THE TIME, fully used as prop against the guest.

-Now it seems to me a NEWs Reporter would have one method of interviewing people.
-An actor has 2 or more methods of STORY TELLING.

Katie is a faker.


It just bugs me, looking at that couch fabric. Maybe its fake fiber or
poorly woven wool I¹m not sure but it LOOKS wrong.

When Katie KureRick wears what I call The Couch Coat it makes me want to put a block on NBC so I don¹t even channel skim through the today show.

Bad enough when she has it on for a chair interview or a one third shot,
they all have random fibers sticking out like that yucky scratchy couch your
Grandma had and make me itch just looking at it.
THAT ALONE would make one turn off the station.

Ahhhh , the real trouble for me happens when she wears a couch coat and the director lets her sit on the couch.

HELLOO Katie were did you go, she becomes a pillow or sometimes blends right into the couch. Play hide and seek with a disembodied voice or try and get some real information.

Anyone there got design sense or balls enough to tell her how BAD it makes
her look NAAAaaaa.

Off Topic
Poor Meridith now is being groomed for the couch look.
Her new wool suit and flat hair look is so much more natural

Ok - Now Katie in the PM
I have not seen any Katie live , thank goodness. Her little national half hour show is on to early for hard working me to watch.
Read About it here -
Free Speech For Wingnuts - Kevin Drum via Digby


Now its just plain sick
Fox News - Foley A Dem

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Friday, September 29, 2006

You cannot fight terrorism

_"You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism," the Preznit told a receptive military audience. "If that ever becomes the mind-set of the policymakers in Washington, it means we'll go back to the old days of waiting to be attacked -- and then respond."_

Its like they have just gutted the entire new testament of the bible they so believe in. Its not turn the other cheek or think first and act second., Its Eye for Eye mentality to the hilt

I would rather go back to the old days - 7 Years ago - when liberty was more important then selfishness or 200 years ago when it was as important as life itself.

In Iraq we are not even fighting terrorists but instead are playing as local police.

How is this keeping me safe from terror?

What is killing an Iraqi insurgent going to do to expand my already quite safe cocoon?

No one can win a war against an emotion cause emotions don’t ever go away.

My guess is the comma will be...
BushJr the only American president in history to fully embrace torture as an open US policy.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love MTV

or VIACOM KNOWS why a product is a product

I understand that the US using torture in the open is news, but when MTV Think News puts up a piece about republicans compromising with republicans about what are basically there own talking points, with no background information about torture and no expert or opposing view points, I wonder how this NEWS gets up somewhere.

Truth is its all about noise, LOUD noise and if you are not into louder or noisier your ship out of luck getting your little voice out in the public eye.

MTV is a way for VIACOM to enhance there stock holders portfolio not help our youth communicate and it never was about the youth as anything but a target market.. It was always bottom-line money for the wealthy.

What is sad is the people I thought had my back in representation have no backbone and a squeaky little voice, and that just dont cut it in the MTV generation.

Extree Extree weed al about id-
Republicans agree with republicans

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dems learn from Rove-GOP

practice the message

lets hope they continue to speak to the TRUTH

Not looking good for any truth - while the Durbin and Reid show was funny they should have been blasting the administration about torture and wiretappping policy.:(

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Astroturfing NJ GOP style

Caught in the act

Now if a blind/masqarade ip address is set up in a firewall/router - every machine behind that router - ie the entire lan or subnet - has the same ip address to the outsside world. So unless you move your message input to the local library or starbucks even using a different machine in the office will point back to you.


KEAN PR Person still denys story

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

search in vain

This is so darn 2 faced. Using Youtube to put up government anti-drug videos, that show the evils of pot is fine , If they also put up anti alcohol videos too.

The big KILLER drug is missing from all the GOV sponsored Drug prevention sites.

The personal freedom to make liquor tops the health and safety problems caused by using any alcohol. Why is there no Legal Limit for pot users or lsd users - No - ONLY Alcohol users get special treatment.

Some 70+ year old man get arrested for smoking pot and a glass of wine gets blessed by the lord. That is duplicity

Country Music Vet. get arrested

GOV anti - drug sites - Find the alcohol info if you can

The gateway Liquid
After breast milk,it starts simple enough, sip of water here glass of water there before ya know it your into cows milk. Soon its juices, then grape soda which is just the same as wine right.

We can no longer ignore thhe fact that water is a gateway liquid.In fact what is needed is stricter federal control on the use and distribution of H2O and its additives. Congress must realize the importance of a war on water.

Update2 9-21-06
Techdirt has more on and Gov use of youtube

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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Clueless Media Giants

Creating media means you search for and study any new web content device. One such study was my work with Hanna Barbera cartoons so as Time Warner owned the right thats were i went for research / swiping.

What i found was actual character style sheets from my favorite old shows. From even back then Warner had a very different idea of user content and content sharing, give us credit and we will let you use our stuff, dont have a web page we will help you make a -FAN Page - right on our site.

So the adding of Warner content to youtube seems a natural progression of that and shows how new media venues need new media distribution methods.

Universal taking the old media method of sue them first just shows how little some have learned about the people that use there media products.

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Cliffs and Carpets more dangerous then terrorists

Wired News: One Million Ways to Die

Next the war on fallingdownism!!!


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Disney-ABC im confused

As a media professional its hard to understand the bs about the unfinished movie crap ABC is pushing about - PATH to 911. If you have a screening which includes the 2 nd half of the program on DVD that means it is finished. It is not a simple 2 minute thing to put a dvd togather.

Update -
Taking advantage of 9_11
Not just disney/abc are doing it

from an email i got today
the subject is Donate to Official 9/11 families
Its says its from WTCProof
Its from a mail server in Africa

Email header below
Received: from ([21])
by (EarthLink Mail Service) with ESMTP id 1gm2co5gK3NZFmk0
for <>; Sat, 9 Sep 2006 05:44:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: "WTCProof "
Reply-To: "Spectaculation Mailing List"
X-Mailer: iBriteMail 3.0
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 05:37:35 -0700
Subject: Donate to Official 9/11 families

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Friday, September 08, 2006

9-11 Drama - Just not now

I have an issue with this Docudrama path to 9/11 - the fact that we the public have not yet had all the facts exposed to us is one issue, but to me as someone who worked 20 blocks from the towers for that whole week closed city not withstanding.. Its still to close to the time of the actual event to show fake details of any kind. I know people that still avoid that area of downtown some 5 years later.

sad that after having to fight just to get bush to allow the commission to make a report that someone would use the IDEA of the report to recast history.

Update - This guy says it much better then i can.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Rants

Your Child is Next - So is this a turning point - with Bush in Iraq foreva some of the kids using these scholastic review materials could be on the front line for George in a year or so. How many more need to be killed or wounded ( as Bush takes more money away from war vets ) before we wake up.
Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11 or the war on terror. What terrorists are there were brought in due to the bush get Sadam for my daddy party.

Teflon Bush - why would someone admit any mistakes when so many around them will do the dirty work for you. The real shame for Bush will be in the distant future when all the records will have equal weight. What seems a simple letter to the president from the house democrats will have the same weight as a rummy spin fest and the history of the US under Bush will be a chilling view of people driven by power over prosperity.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Malkin Mumbles

...Ok first before I complain about others doing what I do, let me plug one of my books,

Now here is some old stuff from off the wall lefties and bush haters that we off the wall righties never say or do.

Finish off with actual current entertainment news about a imaginary movie concept ( movies and imagination .. who would think it possible ) where a bush look alike is pretend shot.

Sure a good reason to come out of your hole Michelle

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HUH Plame blame over

The lie about the lie.

So if Armitage was the first to tell the Plame lie - how did he know?

If it was as they say he would have told Novak the meme of she the wife of an turn coat ambassador whos trying to debunk the WMD story. Yet the story came out as that Wilsons wife told the CIA which she works for to send him.

Did someone forget to mention to Armitage Plame was a covert CIA agent?

Great Time Line -
When the government lies.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

OMG Porno Repubs

This will be so badly spelled for now


So Coach Dave is at it again, pertending his son is 12 years old and looking at porn.

This is so wierd. I bet not to see any National news about this. Even with the Jon Benet stories floating around.

ReThugs have such a differnet story when it come to themselves or there progeney. iTS SO HARD FOR PARENTS TO USE WEB CONTROL software WHEN THE KIDS ARE 24. i have 3 users on my home windows machine. 1 is an admin account only i know the log in to . One is my wifes and has standard user access and one is for my grandchildren. I have done this for 12 years - ( Before my wife got her comupter i had mulit-user set up on my mac laptop with a restricted user called kids. )

to complain about the inproper use of a computer - COACH SAYS -IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY- after such complaints about internet porn and lefties its a strange turn to see the real Child porn user is the Coaches son.

Its simple - pay attention to your own kids and stop complaining about other people or there kids.
The Ramsey issue is the same as the coaches - the parents are to blame. A computer needs someone to access it and even back in the old days - 1990's - parnetal control software has been available. iF SOMEONE IGNORES IT OR DOES NOT USE IT CAUSE THERE KID IS 24 AND STILL LIVIUNG AT HOME WHOS FAULT IS IT.

Not the computers fault or micrsofts fault or and adult web sites fault , its the computer user/owners fault.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Rocky and Bullship

1. Official FemaTrailer -
Anyone who knows about mobile homes knows the Trailer Rocky is pulling was as far from a REAL FEMA trailer as you can get. So no FEMA trailer was ever moved any where.
If someone was trying to get there home together -with the fights with insurance companies and most federal money just collecting interest - 2 weeks away from that home and job is a near impossibility - Just in the price of gas alone.

2. Surprise - Maybe I can get Bush to see me if I just go un announced
Huh , so far it looks like Rocky had a calendar date set to meet Gerogie boy - but the White House did not know about it- Can you say Sadam had WMDs

3. I like this guy
To GWB a 2 party system is 2 buddies with different dressing styles who ,love each other anyway. Sure ill meet with you if your a shill or disciple

A 2 party system means 2 parties with DIFFERENT opinions of lots of things not one group thats always right and everyone else is a traitor or terrorist

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Only a matter of time

I will not have long to wait to be called up for service to my country at the youthful age of 46, Bushes who cares about a few lives here and there attitude has greatly depleted the man power needed to fight any real war. Sending exhausted and green troops out to battle has always been a sure way to win military conflicts. NOT!!!!

Damn those Iraqis for not rolling over with joy at the taking of Baghdad or the capture of Sadam. How can a Bush Army remove the real threats ( Syria and Iran ) when there is so little Bush Army Left to fight.

Based on the Republicans running things... the snotty Keyboard commandos are busy typing and blogging away for our freedom so its so necessary to have some guy in midlife crisis as a soldior rather then themselves or god forbid.... stop the stupid fake war.

They now admit Sadam never had WMDs, so it was never about terror it was all about the Iraqi oil fields under our control and away from Irans. Money in the pocket of the oil companies and out of the hands of the land owners. We did it to the American Indians and the Eskimos for the sake of National trust and expansion so why not the Arabs too.

So draft or not Ill go to battle as soon as I see Istapudhead, Pam Assless, Malkin the merciless and the rest of the PJ brigade sign up for duty. Quick get me a pen.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A thought experiment

Michael Medved -- ( mr wish he had stayed a movie reviewer - ) tries to make a point about hate against America saying its the fault of communist left wingers living off of pop culture. Ok, the right always seems to confuse social responsibility with communism and always will.

What he does use as a example of a true Good American is the movie its a wonderful life -

to quote medved 'George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) learns to appreciate his own worth after getting a glimpse of the direction his community of Bedford Falls might have taken had he not been around to serve and save it. By the same token, America bashers might try a thought experiment in which they imagine a world in which the USA never existed and played no current role.'

Ha, I say how about - Imagine a world were the US government and DHS treated the victims of Katrina the same way George Baily helped save his town.

Talk about the pot callin the kettle black

We are the Idle rich my ass!

Sadly, No! » Two-Minute Townhall

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Free thinkers go to hell

Well as most free thinkers do not believe in hell its not much of a threat is it.

Its the real enemy of the future bush army , not just free thinkers but free thinkers with super powers. Yes Osama and WMDs are old school already - the true terrorists acording to the DHS are anyone with a social or socialist agenda.

Bits of homeland stupidity - Homeland Stupidity
Read more at www.homelandstupidity.u...

Corpus Mmothra: Know Yr Enemy

This might explain why the U.S. keeps getting caught spying on peaceful war-protestors. | MetaFilter

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thank Goodness im a animator.
On days like today when the news is repeatingly boring - 10 channels of UK Police do their job _ i can always find a good cartoon to watch or study on cable.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So the democratic primary race for the senate in Ct. is only about the war and Lamont is the one doing the dirty tricks.

If you watched the morning news on Fox,ABC,NBC and CBS they all said this was about the war and they all had I sound bite from Lieberscum saying the race had brought in ringers from out of state.

No sound bites from Lamont and no report on the fact that Lieberman is the one bringing in hired help from outside the state and using thug tactics in his campaign.

A lot about a kiss not so much about Lieberscums thoughts on rape victims or social security privatization. Hummmmmmmmm.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why Now

below are posts from my old blogster blog put up during Jan 2006

No Fear - 1
I do not care how many times George Bush and company bring up Osama or Terrorists, I will not be afraid.

I did not believe in our invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan as right or necessary. To say these things I thought was my right as an American. What is heard though is that I am an ENEMY of America.

This crap about aiding the Enemy by open debate is just plain stupid. Debate -MEANS- to have 2 sides or opinions compared. How can you have a debate Georgie if you only have one point of view That-s a lecture with a scolding thrown in for good measure.

For Bush and his buddies to get what they want ,they need all the sheep scared into a corner so they can keep an eye on them (FISA free). But to be a sheep you need to have no will of your own and blind devotion, and I-m thick headed and thick skinned.

I also know the -Actual- definition of a terrorist and fear is what they NEED for there terror to work..

It-s the PerzNit who in pushing fear and terror on the American people so it follows that he is helping the terrorists, while my not caring is and would be frustrating to a terrorist. {i.e. NO HELP AT ALL}

Let Bush and anyone else call me what ever they like , cause im an American too and have the RIGHT to not be Afraid and say what I think.

No Fear Part Duex
The war on weather.

Well now that we have flattened the middle east into country clubs and North Korea is now golf courses, what can the Administration use to scare the public - The Weather.

In the presidents latest speech he made official the war on weather - Quote / Mother nature has cells around the world that are highly unpredictable and as commander-in-chief we must be ever vigilant of these UNC-s (unknown nature cells) . The head of the joint chief of staffs has put the armed forces on full alert for any SSP-s ( suspect source patterns ) that might impact our nations democratic goals. /

The senate appropriations committee has earmarked 25 Billion dollars for umbrellas and rain coats ( We need to keep the country prepared - said one of the members ), in an effort to stand behind the president.

Sounds Silly - I think not.

No Fear 3
What is the secret, that the digital taps are unknown by our enemies.

This technology has been around for a long time and requires that an ISP open its trunk to the government. Why the secrecy?

A war on TERROR - Bush has been quoted as not caring day to day where Osama is - that will never end due to victory.

A war on TERROR - where you and your friends are now daily labeled terrorists your selves.

We don-t know where they are or who they are but we can be at war with them and attack OTHER countries in a hit or miss hope we get them -- kind of way.

As an American, based on MY constitutional rights - I am not a terrorist and free to say what I wish WHERE AND WHEN I wish!

What is the secret ? that You and I have no liberty

My Data ...Not Safe
Ok al keeda has a plan to get money from the stupid American public

They send out spam ( from outside the US) with a spoofed ip and mail domain to look like its from inside the US. The email say s dear friend ..bla bla bla

I receive this junk spam cause some of my email address are available via html pages and as such easily stolen.

Now that means I am on a Al Keeda Mailing list. Does the GOV h ave the right to access all my email packets due to this mistake.

According to the Preznits view of the Patriot Act he can. And I do not care what they claim.I DO NOT for a second believe that the DOD would destroy that data after it is of no use to them. This is the US government and they have never put any genies back into the bottle that I know of.
As Bush readys a bill to make me and other desenters a target of the military i thought i would post this again

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

CNN Middle East In Crisis - but Iraq not so much

Instead of taking advantage of the tools available to any would be reporter or news organization and using the isreal - hezbola conflict to bring back attention to Iraq and Afghanistan, Most all the TV news Sunday forgot the other 2 wars on terror.

So the idea of Bush to create a free world with mini wars is on the way and the media is playing the game again.

News is - 4 Israeli Soldiers die/injured today.

For the last 3 hours CNN has made little or no New announcements about Iraq, Did any US soldiers get killed or injured? Is Baghdad any safer now that there is fighting somewhere else?

Thank Goodness that Israel has learned well about PR and promotion, who needs to investigate there own war when right next door there is video a plenty from Israeli intelligence

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Movies you can watch for free - NOT

Many players are available to scan for video content but i use a macintosh to make and view my movies and animaiton. This means 80 to 90 percent of braodband content - examples are MTV2 - MTV Broadband - AOL Videos - can not be viewed on my computer.

Built in players that do work with a macintosh running os x on sites like YouTube or Google cannot play the quicktime movies that i build.

The democracy player and the quicktime player are all that i use.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Problem with that

Second rate America

SO a heck of a job was done by FEMA for Katrina victims in the south east.

A heck of a job done by the state department in getting Americans out of Lebanon

And a heck of a job done by con edison getting power back in queens.

The problem is that with an all volunteer army someone needs to fill the shoes of the army men as they go to war. So the workforce gets more and more incompetent - if the US armed forces are in a - Beggars cant be chooser - mode think of the average employers situation.

This 'current' war on terror is doing a lot more then killing soldiers its putting the homeland safety of every American at risk from itself.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chaney and Rove get Sued by Ambassador and CIA agent


The Wilson Suit Press Conference


Crooks and Liars » Valerie Wilson Press Conference


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Monday, July 10, 2006

How To Spot Evil Emails

How funny would it be if I open a email file that’s zipped and a virus infects my LAN.

Well ever since I started my blogs the spam has tripled ( expected as much ) yet I have few problems with it.

So for more Warnings

1. Avoid sending email that does not define the subject. If you only write hey as a message subject you kind of deserve to get hacked.

2. Never open a zip file from an email – EVER – if you have windows this simple thing can let loose havoc on you PC –
Need to transfer large files use ftp its safer and can be turned off when finished.

3. Read the subject message.
Is it in proper business English – if not don’t open it.

4. Re-Me
if the RE: is to yourself the message is false

5. Make sure you are the recipient of the email –your email address in the To information

6.As a last resort you can set your spam filter to high and only allow email from those in your address book


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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Poor Man Institute » I hope everybody is enjoying their freedom

Ya July 4th brought out the free thought police - When exactly did california become communist russia. Did i blink??


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Mike Ferner: Has This Country Gone Completely Insane?

just sit down with a teeshrit on and have some coffee while the State arrests you for protesting. yay freedom


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

internetjoe - Estate Tax Links

No i do not mind an estate tax


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OSX vs Linux

Reading an article about a macuser switching to a prebuilt distribution of linux made me think how funny points of view are. As you can use x11 and kde or GNOME on a Apple PPC or Intel machine while running osx ( if you install xtools which comes free with the software ) i have a linux desktop already on my macintosh. Im pretty sure its the same x11 and gnome most linux wannabe users run. Why get a new machine when recycling should be order of the day for a geek.
Just a thought

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogging and traffic –1

From what I can tell – so far this blog is pretty much still under the radar, most hits coming from me and now feed readers. Can not worry about anon comments neat how they have not figured it out yet.

Will study traffic stats and check how subscriptions work this weekend.

Internetjoe at deviantArt

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

Blogster No More

And so it goes. The experimant of my ability to write a blog while working was a success, even added a extra project into the mix -taintedmedia- with little issue.

The Blogster hosting service worked ok but the edit abilities and single minded users would keep me from using it as a main blog journal. Attack blogging and ass kisser blogging both have no place in a productive world. I will do my best to stay away from that type of word play in this blog.

Blogsters loss is My gain as i found Im Deviant so i went with the flow.

If i need to rant or write about painting or other non-multimedia topics ill do it at


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Friday, March 03, 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

River Concept Notes

End user manipulation vrs. End User Control

I'll have 3 main ways of getting to listen to the stories

1. Arc's
    This is the Main Display method
    Is given one button main page access
2. Map
    Access to all the stories through Arc Groups
    Re-Enforce Arc to Arc Story "Travel"
3. List -
    A List of all the chapters
Now we are at the point of choosing how much we want to PUSH the user one way or another. The featured arc will always have a button on the main page and the users starting map spot close to the arcs graves.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part3

My first OOP – Object Oriented Programming – experience was with XENIX Basic. From that time on I have preferred OOP to Sequential programming techniques.

With macromedia director and later flash it became a neat thing to create a movie or interactive piece that had only one frame.

Object Classes
These are the basic call tags for a specific function or operation type

A Class can consist of Constants and Actions/Functions

In the case of the river web site the idea was to run all functions just above the point of crash.

If 25 buttons will work fine for the interface function then it would be easy to create a matrix algorithm based on a 5 x 5 grid. But what is the maximum number of buttons the system can generate before a crash or system lock up. Based on previous experience with flash I picked 400 buttons as a good standard for a screen input area with a 20 by 20 diamond pattern grid.

river nav version 2 The BASE

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Web sites with flash

In the days of director we had a movie stub file. a blank director movie to call other movies into.

With flash I use the same idea Setting the screen size and sometimes background color with a blank movie.

Most of my web sites use the structure below

Index.swf – stub movie file Calls intro file
Intro.swf – this is often the preloader
Header.swf – this contains the header graphic and sometimes nav buttons
Menu.swf – this is used if a site has a side menu
Content.swf – this is where the content goes if there is a lot of content I name the content what it is balloonchicken.swf

All text that is dynamic or more then one line is stored in .txt files or if using 7or8 XML documents.



dauz drums


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Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part2

Blogging Multimedia projects

My first MM Blog was in a real time writing the blog as the project happened.

This second MM blog project will be more introspective writing about a long time project and its issues.

Damn how does someone think of or makeup something this complicated. Thought you just click on something and stuff happens. OH YA I wrote all this code.

Why does it still take so many lines of code to draw a line?

We are based on conditioning as is our knowledge base, What most IN THE WORLD today take for granted is the metaphor system used to describe the non concrete world of computer interaction.

Find a concrete example of choice for instance and simulate a analogous version of it. in the first cases, a item menu metaphor was used.
Also good and no good were simulated as Y and N.

Now a computer menu or OK button and how to press it with a mouse have only been around for 40 years not forever. Its Functionality does not happen naturally or magically, instead its built-written piece by piece at the hands of a human.

Photoshop works so well because a good part of the development team were also graphic artists. That and the fact that we have had centuries to define visual metaphors for art made a pretty usable program.

World Mover
The idea is to allow drag and drop functionality in a 2d world builder that even a novice can use.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part1

So Far

Using a mouse or joystick button vs. mousing

Flash 4.0

Interactive data input methods

Object field generation

Alpha Builds
In my first experiment I needed to find the max number of recursive objects flash could handle before an overflow.
Objectives are to use actionscrpit to generate a button based screen sensor area for navigation
Make a icon seem to move based on curser position -ie. Realy move the background against the icon -

Web site of spoonriver anthology
Navigation detection via mousedown/ on press
Self testing proximity objects

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Im a bit wired

So Uncle Sam and the FBI do not really care about these stolen credit card spams. As on many occasions even going to the FBI site and Ebay site to make a complaint does nothhing.

What is one to do???

I play the game .. so even though I know its not - this latest one was from a bogus email- Official AMAZON EMAIL I go to the site anyways

Now , though they seem to check stuff they really are just logging everything you type

I go to

And sign in as follows

Amazon User Name


AND GUESS WHAT I am signed into what looks like
They ask to varify credit card Info

Credit card number:
Type of credit card:
Expiration date (mm/yy):
CVV2 (Credit Card Verification Number):
Cardholder's name as it appears on the credit card:
PIN (4 digits number used on ATM's):
Social Security Number:

I then put in all fake info and hit the submit button over and over again until im bored.

This messes with the file they are using to steal the card data and makes it harder for them to pull real information from it

Weird HUH

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Viral Media 2

For media to be called viral it by its nature would increase in expediential proportions.
10 one day, 100 the next, then 1000.. creating a momentum of it own.

It is not viral if it gets 50000 hits one day and 500 hits the next, this indicates BAD MEDIA not Viral Media


Update Feb 15 2006
Damn how unprofessional of them.
O ya real Nice Movie
The blogs that have mentioined this are all related to HuffingtonPost (including Huffpo themselves) and there for the SPONSERS of Huffingtonpost have the most to gain. This piece of junk flash movie -- Ya realy funny to have media that works only once.

for shame

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Is a project always OPEN SOURCE .....

...if the base code is open source?

This idea that a corporate project could be open source is foolish and to blame the programmers for a bad project, open source or not , is just plain passing the buck.

Sure you can have a corporate application that uses open source but unless you have hired the Actual Whole Team that develops and maintains ALL THE CODE – you are not going too get anything close to the application you want. That’s the project managers fault and the GUI designers fault NOT THE BASE CODERS fault.

How many Open Source Projects have a GUI expert – is the end user even thought of a little, what they need or there access and abilities?

At least my Viral Media Project works for all users on all flash platforms.

Can you say front to back design. I think you can.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Iconafication 1

Ya its an interesting idea to make Iraq the Musical , but there was a aura or mystique about the hooded figure used in the street sign campaign that now seems trivial after seeing the movie. So ya he got exposure and even used his blog to increase traffic to his piece in the long run will it be worth it?
Now that a serious image is looked at jokingly will more or less artists use it on their street signs.
We shall see

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy Day

Have updated most of the Multimedia project Entries as finaly had time to clear off the flatbed at home.

Still gotta work out the kinks but its mostly finished.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just a Cartoon Just a Movie

No its not fair to criticize each one as they all took a good deal of effort on the part of the participants. Also a few are quite good

What I can go on about is being PC. It is simply amazing that Fluffy , happy commercial images are so much a part of the every day American life that True Satire and Parody is almost lost.

When the president is telling us how everything is fine and great , as thousands of our troops die and more of Katrina’s victims become homeless – Reality is the Parody.

Satire cuts through a curtain , usually one of ignorance, and we need a real big knife to get though this.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flash 1

Flash as front end development platform
--Application screen size, button and menu location

Flash as middleware platform
--Variables transferred via internal Objects, external movie clip, frame script, PHP, text file

Flash as content development platform
--Tweening, MotionGuides, Import methods, Export Media types.

Quicktime TaintedMedia File
Flash Shockwave format

Technorati Tags - -

Update Feb 09 2006
Changed the quicktime link to point to the internet archive not

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feb 2006 Eye Image 1

Nuff said

Update 02072005

Guess not

This idea of the pen mightier then the sword is proving true.

Global image representation has a whole new meaning in an electronic age. Local stereotypes and customs are now given a world stage. This can be and is ugly as culture clash is compounded by centuries of selfish isolationism.

It’s a cartoon – it is not Mohammad or Islam – just some lines on a screen or page.

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Stor-E-tella: COn-Tay-ges Fest Design Blog

Blogging a Multimedia Project

Where is this thing?????
Quicktime Version at Internet Archive

LINKS and Resources for Animation Projects

Animation Work Network –Great internet Animation Resource

Boomarang -Cartoon network – old cartoon section

Free Story Board Templates -

Flashkit -Flash movie samples of all kinds

Josh Davis - Mr. Flash

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is Viral Media


so do they count the impressions of each new page view to the same subject?

Not that there is anything wrong with multi html page sites in such a contest, its just they do not match what i think of for this type of media, a single page or file thats freely passed around the internet. It needs to be short and simple to understand.

is anyone else out there getting sick of JibJab doing the same long boring song parody over and over again. The one someone just showed me took 8 people to make. What they never heard of a castmember library????

I worked a full time IT job and took 2 days off to play grandpa - yet i still completed the movie in 12 days all by my lonesome ( yes all the voices too ) - Not that I would not want to have 10 people working for me, its just you would think with that much brain power they would have somthing new to say instead of beating the same old horse to death.

Dont come back to me about JibJab having lots of different stuff on their site. Cause i never hear about those movies on the news - If i were not a media producer , i would think singing bush is all they do.

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Blogging a Multimedia Project Post Mortem

If it does not crash there aol flash ads you can see it here

Tainted Media

It is very close to the statement I wanted to make, it has a story in 4 parts and 2 fake news stories.

Though the file went way over 300k I kept it all as one. Just did not have time to break it up and debug.

Writing and recording the scripts was different as I never did that with out writer or voice director.

More to follow

Update -1
Cool, my boss says --- where did you find those voices ...hehehehe

Update -2
Whats Missing

Nothing is missing this project started as an empty photoshop document. And ended as a portable flash art piece.BUT

I would have liked to

  • Add drop shadows
  • Had bush on strings
  • Add an Original music loop
  • Change the color of cloths on America
  • Animate prez arm and clouds
Update Feb 08 2006
Recording Dialog with voice notes
More Versions of dialog

UPDATE Feb 14 2006
After pulling out of the contest - i have changed the link from huffingtonpost to one of its new locations.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogging a Multimedia Project 6

May just have enough time to finish. the current opening page is not very different from the original photoshop image.

test animation

Hope my head does not explode before its done

Update -Feb 2 2006
The above test animation link is NOW a URL to my websites local version of the Shockwave file thats up on the contest -Sans AOL Ads. its called index.swf. feel free to download, rename it and pass it around - Or wait until the contest is over and there will be a version available also without the huffington post lettering.

Update Feb 08 2006
How many frames is that???

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogging a multimeda project 5

Os 9 on my macintosh does not allow me to post at all. I saw that I can email a post but that was an option in a form I could not use.

A few things

Note books
One can not even start to do a project like this from multiple locations with out some kind of notes Visual and or written.

Most of the time i can remember 3 or 4 levels up or down but if a series has more the 4 variable subnames then i needto write them down somewhere.

Many times the info is written on the sketch pad on the side or the margin of a drawing or story board cell.

computer Tool
Windows any one of 4
3 have windows 2000
use for word documents and browser testing
1 has xp home
use for filezilla, crimson editor and browser tests

1 Duel g4 Macintosh
use for word, google searches and email – OS X10.3

1 Powerbook g3
use for photoshop, flash, SoundEffects Editor,Poser and bbedit - OS 9.2.2

Update Feb 08 2006
Added Sound editor and Poser to the software list on the powerbook

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging a multimedia project 4


It does not build itself. Many steps need to be taken to make an interactive applet work across platforms and browsers. And with luck you can test at every step to get the highest rate of compatibility.

The iteration that will be used here to put up versions of the movie is .00.swf

So the first time I tested something it was named
in my working folder

in the live test directory.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bloggging a multimedia project 3


The main voice over and sound effects will be via me and public domain sounds, maybe actual audio clips as well if time permits.

Cut outs

When I use a digitized photograph as part of an animated figure it has to be cut out. I can use the magic wand, the lasso tool or paint out what I do not want with the background color.

This one seems to be eraser on the graphics tablet. Just follow through with what ever your choice for a consistent look.

will try to begin to update posts with samples after Feb 1st

Update Feb 08 2006
Scene One Information
Here i decide the actors and what they might say
Above is the drawing of the scene with some animation notes

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogging a multimedia project

Part 2


At first I was leaning towards my usual index then intro/pre loader then menu loading format for my shockwave movies but that was just to complicated for the short time I have to create the whole thing.

So I think we will go with one swf file if we can keep the whole index.swf file Under 300 k. If I climb over that I will split out the scenes into separate shockwave files.

Now can get a lock on the animation style I will use.

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Games Begin

After 2 weeks blogger beats the confined space of blogster for RSS/XML and cant spend more then 2 days trying to get techorati to see my blogster site.

I'll think about moving the posts in the future.

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A few days of thinking and a layout emerged I am fond of.
A jpg of the first scene is below.

Still not sure if I will script, or storyboard. maybe just go seat of the pants. Happy I got such a easy to remember name space

Update:Jan 28 2006
Am writing dialog now - have screen shot sketches - notes on object names

Update:Feb 08 2006
What came before the photoshop image,

Above are the Notes About the movie ( The height changed because so i could fit it all on my powerbook screen)
Notice the banner is on the bottom - As the idea grew to parody JibJab i looked for a old circus poster and based the photoshop doc on that poster.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006


When somethings on my mind
I put it up on a page
What everyone one is doing
Its all the rage

Gonna try to use it
To make things lighter
So my night or my day
Can be a little bit brighter

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What you talkin bout Willis

On a misty day in January, a cool breeze blew through my hair.

It reminded me of that day in New York City when I believe I saw a tumble weed on 5th Avenue.

Shame there was no one in the city that day to see it.

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