Saturday, August 26, 2006

OMG Porno Repubs

This will be so badly spelled for now


So Coach Dave is at it again, pertending his son is 12 years old and looking at porn.

This is so wierd. I bet not to see any National news about this. Even with the Jon Benet stories floating around.

ReThugs have such a differnet story when it come to themselves or there progeney. iTS SO HARD FOR PARENTS TO USE WEB CONTROL software WHEN THE KIDS ARE 24. i have 3 users on my home windows machine. 1 is an admin account only i know the log in to . One is my wifes and has standard user access and one is for my grandchildren. I have done this for 12 years - ( Before my wife got her comupter i had mulit-user set up on my mac laptop with a restricted user called kids. )

to complain about the inproper use of a computer - COACH SAYS -IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY- after such complaints about internet porn and lefties its a strange turn to see the real Child porn user is the Coaches son.

Its simple - pay attention to your own kids and stop complaining about other people or there kids.
The Ramsey issue is the same as the coaches - the parents are to blame. A computer needs someone to access it and even back in the old days - 1990's - parnetal control software has been available. iF SOMEONE IGNORES IT OR DOES NOT USE IT CAUSE THERE KID IS 24 AND STILL LIVIUNG AT HOME WHOS FAULT IS IT.

Not the computers fault or micrsofts fault or and adult web sites fault , its the computer user/owners fault.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Rocky and Bullship

1. Official FemaTrailer -
Anyone who knows about mobile homes knows the Trailer Rocky is pulling was as far from a REAL FEMA trailer as you can get. So no FEMA trailer was ever moved any where.
If someone was trying to get there home together -with the fights with insurance companies and most federal money just collecting interest - 2 weeks away from that home and job is a near impossibility - Just in the price of gas alone.

2. Surprise - Maybe I can get Bush to see me if I just go un announced
Huh , so far it looks like Rocky had a calendar date set to meet Gerogie boy - but the White House did not know about it- Can you say Sadam had WMDs

3. I like this guy
To GWB a 2 party system is 2 buddies with different dressing styles who ,love each other anyway. Sure ill meet with you if your a shill or disciple

A 2 party system means 2 parties with DIFFERENT opinions of lots of things not one group thats always right and everyone else is a traitor or terrorist

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Only a matter of time

I will not have long to wait to be called up for service to my country at the youthful age of 46, Bushes who cares about a few lives here and there attitude has greatly depleted the man power needed to fight any real war. Sending exhausted and green troops out to battle has always been a sure way to win military conflicts. NOT!!!!

Damn those Iraqis for not rolling over with joy at the taking of Baghdad or the capture of Sadam. How can a Bush Army remove the real threats ( Syria and Iran ) when there is so little Bush Army Left to fight.

Based on the Republicans running things... the snotty Keyboard commandos are busy typing and blogging away for our freedom so its so necessary to have some guy in midlife crisis as a soldior rather then themselves or god forbid.... stop the stupid fake war.

They now admit Sadam never had WMDs, so it was never about terror it was all about the Iraqi oil fields under our control and away from Irans. Money in the pocket of the oil companies and out of the hands of the land owners. We did it to the American Indians and the Eskimos for the sake of National trust and expansion so why not the Arabs too.

So draft or not Ill go to battle as soon as I see Istapudhead, Pam Assless, Malkin the merciless and the rest of the PJ brigade sign up for duty. Quick get me a pen.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A thought experiment

Michael Medved -- ( mr wish he had stayed a movie reviewer - ) tries to make a point about hate against America saying its the fault of communist left wingers living off of pop culture. Ok, the right always seems to confuse social responsibility with communism and always will.

What he does use as a example of a true Good American is the movie its a wonderful life -

to quote medved 'George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) learns to appreciate his own worth after getting a glimpse of the direction his community of Bedford Falls might have taken had he not been around to serve and save it. By the same token, America bashers might try a thought experiment in which they imagine a world in which the USA never existed and played no current role.'

Ha, I say how about - Imagine a world were the US government and DHS treated the victims of Katrina the same way George Baily helped save his town.

Talk about the pot callin the kettle black

We are the Idle rich my ass!

Sadly, No! » Two-Minute Townhall

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Free thinkers go to hell

Well as most free thinkers do not believe in hell its not much of a threat is it.

Its the real enemy of the future bush army , not just free thinkers but free thinkers with super powers. Yes Osama and WMDs are old school already - the true terrorists acording to the DHS are anyone with a social or socialist agenda.

Bits of homeland stupidity - Homeland Stupidity
Read more at www.homelandstupidity.u...

Corpus Mmothra: Know Yr Enemy

This might explain why the U.S. keeps getting caught spying on peaceful war-protestors. | MetaFilter

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thank Goodness im a animator.
On days like today when the news is repeatingly boring - 10 channels of UK Police do their job _ i can always find a good cartoon to watch or study on cable.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So the democratic primary race for the senate in Ct. is only about the war and Lamont is the one doing the dirty tricks.

If you watched the morning news on Fox,ABC,NBC and CBS they all said this was about the war and they all had I sound bite from Lieberscum saying the race had brought in ringers from out of state.

No sound bites from Lamont and no report on the fact that Lieberman is the one bringing in hired help from outside the state and using thug tactics in his campaign.

A lot about a kiss not so much about Lieberscums thoughts on rape victims or social security privatization. Hummmmmmmmm.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why Now

below are posts from my old blogster blog put up during Jan 2006

No Fear - 1
I do not care how many times George Bush and company bring up Osama or Terrorists, I will not be afraid.

I did not believe in our invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan as right or necessary. To say these things I thought was my right as an American. What is heard though is that I am an ENEMY of America.

This crap about aiding the Enemy by open debate is just plain stupid. Debate -MEANS- to have 2 sides or opinions compared. How can you have a debate Georgie if you only have one point of view That-s a lecture with a scolding thrown in for good measure.

For Bush and his buddies to get what they want ,they need all the sheep scared into a corner so they can keep an eye on them (FISA free). But to be a sheep you need to have no will of your own and blind devotion, and I-m thick headed and thick skinned.

I also know the -Actual- definition of a terrorist and fear is what they NEED for there terror to work..

It-s the PerzNit who in pushing fear and terror on the American people so it follows that he is helping the terrorists, while my not caring is and would be frustrating to a terrorist. {i.e. NO HELP AT ALL}

Let Bush and anyone else call me what ever they like , cause im an American too and have the RIGHT to not be Afraid and say what I think.

No Fear Part Duex
The war on weather.

Well now that we have flattened the middle east into country clubs and North Korea is now golf courses, what can the Administration use to scare the public - The Weather.

In the presidents latest speech he made official the war on weather - Quote / Mother nature has cells around the world that are highly unpredictable and as commander-in-chief we must be ever vigilant of these UNC-s (unknown nature cells) . The head of the joint chief of staffs has put the armed forces on full alert for any SSP-s ( suspect source patterns ) that might impact our nations democratic goals. /

The senate appropriations committee has earmarked 25 Billion dollars for umbrellas and rain coats ( We need to keep the country prepared - said one of the members ), in an effort to stand behind the president.

Sounds Silly - I think not.

No Fear 3
What is the secret, that the digital taps are unknown by our enemies.

This technology has been around for a long time and requires that an ISP open its trunk to the government. Why the secrecy?

A war on TERROR - Bush has been quoted as not caring day to day where Osama is - that will never end due to victory.

A war on TERROR - where you and your friends are now daily labeled terrorists your selves.

We don-t know where they are or who they are but we can be at war with them and attack OTHER countries in a hit or miss hope we get them -- kind of way.

As an American, based on MY constitutional rights - I am not a terrorist and free to say what I wish WHERE AND WHEN I wish!

What is the secret ? that You and I have no liberty

My Data ...Not Safe
Ok al keeda has a plan to get money from the stupid American public

They send out spam ( from outside the US) with a spoofed ip and mail domain to look like its from inside the US. The email say s dear friend ..bla bla bla

I receive this junk spam cause some of my email address are available via html pages and as such easily stolen.

Now that means I am on a Al Keeda Mailing list. Does the GOV h ave the right to access all my email packets due to this mistake.

According to the Preznits view of the Patriot Act he can. And I do not care what they claim.I DO NOT for a second believe that the DOD would destroy that data after it is of no use to them. This is the US government and they have never put any genies back into the bottle that I know of.
As Bush readys a bill to make me and other desenters a target of the military i thought i would post this again

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