Monday, July 30, 2007

Bowling for Information C-SPAN

C-Span gives a hour commercial for -shooting micheal moore- which our taxes paid for

So Lefflers distortions are as important OR even more important for our Federal Government to get out to the public.

I do believe that Leffler makes some good points in his so called Documentary-Shooting Micheal Moore - but those points are over shadowed by the fact that Leffler uses the same clip out of context with voice over method that Moore uses, and in the same vocal style.

Example -- Moores Company gets or tricks 2 recruiters into letting themselves be filmed. One of those soldiers died in Iraq and Leffler has his father on to set the record straight.

Now what I found interesting was the Kid had one kidney. One would hope that was why he was a Recruiter- and not on the front lines. NOT SO.
The father actually says they blamed his son and could have kicked him out but they sent him to Iraq instead. YAY Bush

The father does disagree with Moore but his statement did not make Bush and the Military look very good.

More C-Span

Beltway love - why the C-SPAN reliance on Washington Post and the politico .??
No government partisan ship here.. look away

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