Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sorry for twitter errors

i have removed the twitter parser for this site -


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry no twitter for you…. i mean from me

June 15th, 2009

So yes with me writing several snippets a week via google reader, it would have been easy to automate consistent tweets. But I felt bad about twitter from the start - ( several of me twittered snarks were deleted ) and that made it hard for a generally grumpy person to tweet his mind.

This and several NDA signings kind of killed my optimism about using twitter.

Then Twitter decided to allow business use And also allowed MSM opinionaters and politicians to say stuff far worse then -Mike Arrington is full of himself- (one of the early tweets that got missing via twitter police )

Its now the 3d Monday I have been waiting for an answer from twitter if i can have the Internetjoe name and no answer…well i dont care!!!
Im finished with twitter and will use laconia for my new VJ project which will run on PCs Macs Playstation Wii and Xbox360 SO THERE :P

good luck other Internetjoe the MLM business sales person whos not an artist or programmer. we steal your name
June 1st, 2009

So how does this work… Based on what i know about DMCA and the TOS of twitter , the only way someone can use my name is in a parody not as a business.

Joe 'Asshole' ( not his real name ) says if i give him the USPTO documentation he will give me my name back . How white of him………..

So the US government expects me to file a form for every piece of text i post and artwork i create ……. NO that's not how it works, I would spend 3/4 of my time submitting forms.

A Copyright/trademark IS only needed if there is no prior use of the name or art, Prior published usage trumps trademark/copyright law( ie i published a magazine called colored truths in the late 80s, though i did not apply to the copyright office, i and my writers still own that material )

Here is my first email to him which he ignored

Dear Sir

So you claim to be able to use internetjoe as your twitter handle, i would not mind that as much as the fact that u use it as part of your business dealings.

i have used inj/internetjoe for over 14 years, please stop the business chat or drop the handle.

Joe dauz

i added a google search link with documents showing internetjoe as my name back to 2000.

On 5-24 i found this guy using my name

on 5-26 i sent the above email

on 5-29 i sent this

Dude how sad

your dont answer my email - just post more business links on twitter with my name.
As i showed you with that link i have web copyrighted pages with that name going back to the 1990s on geocities.

You have no case. I have requested from twitter the name be given to me as per there copyright policy.

thanks for your time
joe dauz

No answer so i email the web master of his company - 06-01

Empolyee missuse of twitter

Dear sir,

For a company that claims selfhelp your employee Joe @@asshole@@ has gone against that principal.

If he is just dumb and never thought someone might be using that name or if he searched the name and ignored my entries , either way that's bad business on the Internet.

here are my still unanswered emails to him -( here i attached the emails to him)

Low and behold he answers my first email magically a few hours later

> Joe,
> Thanks for the email. I am sorry about the confusion.

> If you own the trademark on the use of "Internet Joe", I will be happy to change the name on the account. Can you please send me official trademark certification information from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and I will promptly change the name on my account.

Notice the IF - like if you know someone else that uses internetjoe ONE WORD AS there main name to produce work.

But i got nothing Good to say about a company that would hire a jerk like this
Just saying

You Sir ARE NOT Internetjoe
May 29th, 2009

Man it's a sad state of affairs when a open copyright believer needs to call copyright or trademark on someone.

I am internetjoe have been for a long time

I work very hard to keep up my appearance on the web and as such do my weekly vanity google of my names.

Last week i noticed a internetjoe ( one word no space ) link that was not me and tracked it down to a twitter user. What i found scared me as this person who also seems to be from "new jersey" was using my name to do his companies business.

Now the issue arises as i try to email him with a request to stop the business chat ( even offered to let him have the name if he just did not do business with it .. ) So he answered me today not by an email response but by twittering another business link.

So now i have to fax forms to twitter and make a formal request for name transfer.

I worked hard for the rep of a anarchist and dont need someone thinking it was the JoeDauz Internetjoe that sent that junk mail.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Good By....... The End

the blog experiment is over a few months later then expected i have given up trying to move this blogger formated site to the new home.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its Art because -I- say it is

Follow my pictures -follow my words - follow my actions - follow my thoughts

-side note-
Tools,How sad that the main point of open standards talk is that we should all use them. Open does not mean mandatory.

The ART of Joe Dauz ..... Jan2006 to Dec2009

Crazy wing-nuts and a hard ass
How could I know that the blog service i became part of was run by and full of close-minded Conservatives.

Learning to crawl on the web
Can i write a opinion piece a week.

Where can i put up my art beside my old gallery

Blogger does not do video or flash at this time

Dont be an angry do nothing - put up or shut up.
Due to the din of crap MSM was spewing about our war with Iraq - decided to create a link list of Real News not Bushified News.

Malkin Makes Good Headline Fodder
Decided to try to write cool headlines , this is where i did it

Its all about the writers story

On the 19th-20th I took it on myself to read each participants blog post, link the post and pull the direct quote that best describes the writers point of view.and make a dedicated linklist page for event.
Blogswarm against the iraq war.

J. Dauz

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Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year Same Old Story

My ipod touch is changing carriers, from BushSux to InjDauz, happy new year

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