Thursday, August 23, 2007

MSM Sucks Again and Again and Again

Froomkin -

Bush's most controversial assertion -- that U.S. troops could have prevailed in Vietnam had they stayed longer -- is a neoconservative fantasy that almost all historians ridicule.

MSM Sucks 08-23

Democratic Caucus's Senate Journal - Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader
Today, President Bush used yet another historical comparison to try to boost sagging support for his Iraq War strategy. But no matter what comparison he uses, it does not change the fact that Iraq is going through its bloodiest summer yet,

President compares Vietnam, Iraq wars - The Boston Globe
"I couldn't believe it," said Allan Lichtman, an American University historian, adding that far more Vietnamese died during the war than in the aftermath of the US withdrawal.
This is the 5th graph down the page - there is no way -if you read the first 4 graphs only -to see there is any opposition to the ideas at all.
Forget war pullout, Bush tells Vietnam veterans

A Republican source said White House strategists, believing anti-war Democrats will liken Iraq to the Vietnam War "quagmire," launched a preemptive strike "to inoculate Bush."

Bush gambles with Vietnam reference over Iraq | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
Mr Bush's speech came on the day that the US suffered one of its highest daily death tolls since the 2003 invasion, with 14 troops killed when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.

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