Monday, July 16, 2007

Kill the Saudis

Well ...even though al-Qaeda is not in Iran and more then 20 percent of the Anti-US attacks are from Saudi Arabian terrorists, the senate votes to get angry and cry if Bush decides to attack Iran.

Osama is from Saudi Arabia as were most of the 9-11 hijackers, were are the US sanctions on them.

why pick on Iraq or Iran when Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan and Pakistan seem to be the al-Qaeda strong holds.

Why push the false statements that al-Qaeda in Iraq caused 9-11, this weekend when all the experts say they are only a small part of the insurgency and were not even around until AFTER the Bush War games began.

Truth is its the same reason Libbys sentence was commuted - Saudi Arabia is Georges and Daddies friend.

Rules dont matter.
Laws dont matter.
Truth does not count.
Hide the enemy but be loyal to Bush and Big Oil that is OK

The stupid it BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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