Friday, March 28, 2008

ohhh macbook air hacked in 24hours and 2 minutes

By a high end security expert.

Macbook Air hacked in contest

the team was able to gain control of a MacBook Air on the second day of the hacking competition, which pitted the Air against Windows Vista and Ubuntu machines.
No one was able to execute code on any of the systems on Wednesday, the first day of the contest, when hacks were limited to over-the-network techniques on the operating systems themselves. But on the second day, the rules changed..
Tell me some news please

Even when they get the headline somewhat right they put the important points are at the bottom
MacBook Air Hacked -- But It Was the Browser's Fault
By Jennifer LeClaire
Indeed, Miller's hack into a MacBook Air could have just as easily have been a PC running Windows and Safari. Just this week, Argentinian hacker Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian discovered two critical flaws in Apple's Safari 3.1 browser for Windows.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Abuse in Iraqi Jails

"Unbelievable" Abuse Reigns in Iraqi Jails

While Bush and his media toadies tout Anbar province as a "success" story for the "surge" and his predatory Iraq occupation in general, the conditions in the city jail speak a far different reality: of an inept, corrupt satrapy of a government, whose imperial masters flatter and support. Leave the jails with starving prisoners, says the "democratic" coalition. "Let them solve their own problems," announce the haughty leaders of the "free" world. In the degenerated world of modern America, freedom means, of course, freedom to starve.

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Your tax dollars at work


March Madness

there are an amazing few minutes right before tip-off when everyone is on the same team and rivalry is forgotten.

Just after each team is announced the whole crowd stands as one and sings the National Anthem. Singing the "Star Spangled Banner" can be an emotional moment as it reminds Americans of their great country.

This site is a load of GOP fluff.

1-Gambling is illegal in most places of business.... maybe a note about that in the article would be nice.

2.Amazing - ya ra ra rah kill my kids!!!

We are all one for 3.5 minutes of a song.
After that our opinons dont matter
Cause Bush and Cheney say So

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Extra Violence from the surge noted as part of success

Basra violence is a result of -The Success- of the surge and bush appoints a cyber-security czar whos got zero experience.

Why would i be angry or surprised when my president is mister opposite

Stor-E-Tella: USA Prosperity and freedom report 02-2008
Stor-E-Tella: Iraq War Is Over Surge Works Perfect
Stor-E-Tella: Bush is Killing our troops on purpose
Stor-E-Tella: Bushs lying mouth pieces Again
Stor-E-Tella: Bushs War Backhanded Progress Reports
Stor-E-Tella: Bush guarantees troop deaths to 4000

Via Balloon Juice
Worst Spin Ever

This is even dumber than the previously trumpeted “The fact that they are resorting to suicide bombs is a sign of our success!”
Just make this all stop. Blogging is too depressing anymore- it really was more fun when I was with the right wing and “making my own reality.” This actual reality just sucks.
Bush Luvs the troops families

Nobody could not have anticipated

After all, everything undertaken in Iraq is immediately proclaimed a victory by the Bush Administration. Yesterday, Bush and the Pentagon were already portraying the action in Basra as a "VICTORY" for the surge.
So for those of you scoring at home, or at a Motel 6, when you're finished here is the the rundown.
- Horrific biblical levels of violence = Success
- Protracted intolerable levels of violence = Success
- A return to horrific levels of violence = Success
Basra is burning

Be honest - have you even thought about the Badr Brigade in the last two years? You haven't have you? Well, think about it now - where do you think all those militiamen disappeared to? They sure as hell didn't go back into their lamps, you know. But the average American has about that level of understanding about just what the hell has been done in their name. Nimrods. (Not you guys, everyone else. Especially the idiots who still support this mess.)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

McCain-BUSH Lies NotLOL

crazy, funny pix

Via PressThink

But there’s another way to look at it, which no one in the press seems to have considered. Maybe “Iran is training Al Queda” is McCain’s way of signaling that he intends to pick up where Bush and Cheney left off in discarding the whole reality-based approach to policy-making. That’s when you plant dubious associations in the public mind, and you don’t care if you get called out on them because an image is left on the retina, so to speak. By demonstrating to the press that you can say false things, never correct them, and pay no price for it, you dishearten reporters and make their efforts appear futile to themselves. Reporters should be on the lookout for this from McCain. It’s got to be tempting for him.

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OMG Who needs SNL or The Onion

Bushs easter fun and his heartfelt statement to the families of our dead troops.

Stor-E-Tella: 4000 is not a Milestone or 4 dead a day is not OK

Iraq War Casualty Links

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Monday, March 24, 2008

4000 is not a Milestone or 4 dead a day is not OK

From FDL

And there are disturbing signs that the overall level of violence in Iraq may again be rising. First were reports that General Petraeus might favor a "pause" in further withdrawals of US troops once troop levels got down to about 140,000 this summer. Perhaps he was just being prudent by giving US commanders time to assure themselves that the progress they had achieved from the surge would continue even as the US drew down its forces.
In our 6th year of military operations in Iraq, we knew this day would come, we knew this number would come. 4000. Any death from Iraq is unacceptable, but to hear the announcement of the 4000th US death in Iraq on Easter, a day of joyous celebration, is an affront, one of those karmic ironies that should not happen.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm

-Stop the killing. Stop the maiming. Stop the economic and environmental devastation. Bring the troops home.-

Swarm Links

by: jonwil
Wed Mar 19, 2008 at 00:04:06 AM CDT\
Today marks the anniversary of the devastating and tragic arrogance of George W. Bush. This country and most others will never be the same

Above and Beyond: Five Years Later
Speaking in Baghdad a few days ago, Vice President Dick Cheney said that "If you look back on those five years it has been a difficult, challenging but nonetheless successful endeavor
A successful endeavor?
- Suicides, family breakups, depression and social stigma are just some of the hidden legacies of the Iraq war among the more than one million US troops who have served in the campaign. » Fight climate change, not war
From the beginning it was nothing more than an unjustified war of aggression by a group of countries, the US, UK and Australia, whose historical pretensions of moral superiority can now clearly be seen as false, disguises for greed and criminality.

Everywhere and in Washington, D.C.: Nonviolent Resistance |
Nonviolent Civil Resistance and/or Disobedience in All 435 Congressional Districts and in the Nation's Capital on the Fifth Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq
I went to the protest at the American Petrolium Institute at 8 a.m. It's now 9:15 and there are stil crowds on the four corners of the intersection of 13th and L Streets NW. People have blocked the streets several times, but the police have just dragged them to the sidewalk and let them go, after which the same people block the street again. The police really want to avoid making arrests.

Albatross!: March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm
But I've heard and read and said it all before and can't bring myself to find a new way to phrase it again. So I am running a repeat. With one additional thought: a new Leader will be chosen shortly - will he or she lead us back from the cliff?

Blog of Revelation
This war has cost over a million human lives, and a trillion dollars from our Treasury. It has also cost extreme hardship and suffering of tens of millions of others. Will someone please explain to me again, why it is all worth it?

appletree » Blog Archive » Blogswarm Against The War
I'll put up some of this site's best writing on the war later, and also a list of sites that do a great job of covering the war day in and day out.

Atheist Revolution - Stop the Iraq War
My country is at war. That seems like a strange statement, especially when this is the fifth year it has been true. In examining my daily life, nobody would guess I was a citizen in a nation at war, and I am hardly unique in this respect.

An Average American Patriot
What Bush doesn't want you to hear about his created Hell for Iraqi civilians! First "Despite claims that the security situation has improved in recent months, the human rights situation is disastrous," Amnesty International says in its report, titled "Carnage and Despair: Iraq Five Years On."

Aunt Dahlia: Iraq, 5 Years Later
None of this is apropos of anything, except that I wonder now, 5 years after the invasion, how the war will affect those who are fighting it 20 or 40 years from now. Will they talk about it? Will they feel that they were fighting for a just cause, or will they be angry at the loss of years of their life toward a war they opposed? I'm sure there will be some of both.

What Year Was This? - Bang the Drum
A little quote quiz - Who said it and what year?
"If someone could appeal to the generous spirit of Americans to heal the race question, this is what the campaign should be about."

Basket of Puppies: Greed and Oil. Another war for our souls
After close reflection, I've decided that most of my anti-war cynicism comes from Peter Townsend.
I took his words to heart.
War is one tragic, horrible story after another. How can it be anything else?

Bicycle Built 4 Two: Five Years - A Personal Memoir
Five years ago today I was eight months pregnant with my son and staying with my mom in her home day and night as she tried desperately to recover from surgery to remove a tumor and battled painfully against the cancer which had spread throughout her body.

Bloggerheads (UK) - Hey Ma - Its Now 5 Years In Iraq
Hey Ma - Its Now 5 Years In Iraq
Just caught a great video from HelpForHeroes on Worth sharing:

Blue Girl, Red State: Five years ago today
I was a lone voice. We had not been here very long and I didn't know people then like I do now, but that didn't stop me from voicing my opinion about the path we were about to pursue as a nation. I was working all the time back then in the run-up to cashing on my chips, and one of my coworkers was an Army wife - sorta.

BlueHerald 2.0 - 5 Years of War, 4,000 Dead and Hundreds of Lies
Five years and hundreds of lies later, here we are. Approaching 4,000 American lives lost. Up to 100,000 estimated wounded Americans. 1,189, 173 Iraqi deaths. Millions of Iraqis displaced. A civil war. Al Qaeda IS in Iraq now. A demolished infrastructure. A broken U.S. military. No sign of reconciliation in sight. A majority of Americans want our troops out of Iraq. A majority of Iraqis want our troops out of Iraq. In my mind, the greatest cost of this occupation has been the dead and wounded. You can't put a price on life. You can't put a price on body parts or mental health.

Borges Blogue: Militantly Undecided
The end of the Baathist regime in Iraq was meant to liberate the country from a repressive regime, as well as neutralising a perceived threat by that regime to the world. Years on, people are more oppressed than ever, as living standards have deteriorated and many still fear for their lives upon leaving their door, and the dangers posed by the terrorism which has found a home in Iraq are more real than ever.

Bring It On! Military » The True Cost of the War in Iraq.
The True Cost of the War in Iraq.
Posted on March 19th, 2008 by Dusty

Byzigenous Buddhapalian: BLOGSWARM 031908 - Part 3
That is why John McCain and others never mention that terrorism has increased ever year since the invasion. Tht is why they never remind the American people that our gains in Afghanistan have been nearly reversed as the Taliban reconstitutes itself and thrives in the region

Caminante, no hay camino: Blogswarm against the war
While others out there will offer reflections on what it has meant, I am simply going to post the service, readings and meditation we had the day after the bombs started to fall. Context is everything: I serve a congregation that is half a mile from the nation's oldest private military college and needed to be aware of people's thoughts even as I was and always have been totally against this so-called war.

Celestial dreams: March 19th, 5 years too many. End the war.
March 13th-16th, Veterans from the conflict gave public testimony about their experiences in the warzone and life after returning home in the "WINTER SOLDIER" event. The event was held by "Iraq Veterans Against the War".

Cheezy's Blog - Scratch & Sniff
Five years on from the launch of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, it's a good time to take stock of the results.

March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm: A child called It - Chicken Yoghurt
Little Warren Iraq is five today. He's been something of a problem child. Never out of trouble, always in the papers, some people have said he's symptomatic of what's wrong with the world today. He's something of a talisman to those who want to see a better and fairer society.

Coffee Messiah: Blogswarm - March 19th, 2008
The single clenched fist lifted and ready,
Or the open hand held out and waiting.
For we meet by one or the other.

cognitive dissident: Iraq War II: five years
Today is the fifth anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq, which should prompt some reflection upon where we are and how we got here. Accordingly, here are some of my (many, far too many...) posts on the mess in Mesopotamia

Consequences of Republicanism: 5 Years of Iraq: Activism Needed
Today is the 5 year anniversary of Bush's unprovoked war against Iraq. After the American media abandoned their crucial role of informing the people and decided to instead sell this war, it took years for the full scope of Bush's lies to emerge.

Contextual Criticism: When Is a War Not a War? In Iraq
What follows is my contribution to the March 19 Blogswarm.
The so-called war in Iraq is not a war. It never was a war. Our Iraq adventure has been circumscribed by two events: an invasion and an occupation.

Courting Destiny » Blog Archive » 3WW: money, tangled, understood:
Courting Destiny began as our way of protesting the RNC in New York in 2004. Our original url, is one of our proudest partial lines.

Cupcake Punk: 21 & 5
So it's my birthday today. It's also the anniversary of the "War on Terror." Almost one quarter of my life aligns with this "war." Whatever your political persuasion may be, it's definitely worth thinking about peace.

The Curmudgeon : 2003 And All That
The Iraq War was a war fought in Iraq but not against Iraq by the Coalition of the Willing against the forces of Soddomite reprision.
Causes of the Iraq War
1. The Soddom Hussein. The Soddom was the evil ruler of Iraq. It was a pro-Western ally and thus widely hated by the Arab Multitudes, and also an anti-Western fanatic and thus widely hated by the Civilised World.

Cut to the Chase: Iraq War Blogswarm: Three Trillion Lies And Still Going Strong
Today, as we mark that dark mid-March day in 2003 when President Bush, complete with a raised fist pumping air like he was about to go into the final playoffs to give "'em one more for the Gipper..." gesture and dispatched the first soldiers off to war, the cold, harsh light of day makes it a heluva lot easier to see all the lies.

03/19/08 WNC Peace Coalition will hold a short rally at First Congregational Church in downtown Asheville at 5 PM.

Dandelion Salad : Its March 19 and Blogswarm Day! Posts on Iraq War by Lo
It's March 19 and Blogswarm Day! Here is a list of my posts on Iraq in the last few days. I'll add more throughout the day today since I post on Iraq almost every day. Hopefully some good video coverage of the mass protest in Washington, DC today will be posted. ~ Lo

Das System : Blogswarm Iraq
Irak: die westliche Demokratie tötet zuerst die Kinder

Daughters of Vietnam Veterans: March 19: VIGILS/DEMONSTRATION ALL ACROSS DFW

The Dean's Office: What's "FUBAR?"
Today is the 5 year-anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by U.S. led coalition forces. This occasion is being marked by hundreds of bloggers across the net as they show their solidarity in a commitment that the United States should withdraw from Iraq.

Dave Dubya's Freedom Rants: Mass Media, Mass Madness
What kind of insanity has infected our country to the point where we even consider permanent war? If someone told you ten years ago that we'd be in such a quagmire of self-deluded stupidity today, you would have suggested immediate rehab for the poor wretch.

Dinge, die mich bewegen : Der Krieg im Irak - ein Schandfleck für die Menschheit
Der 11. September, Massenvernichtungswaffen, Saddam Hussein und zahlreiche weitere Gründe wurden uns aufgetischt, um den Irakkrieg anzuzetteln. Alles Lug und Betrug an der Menschheit!

distributorcap NY: Doomed to Repeat
As of tomorrow we are entering year 6 of a war that has no end in sight. Monday (or in this case Thursday) morning quarterbacking shows the world that George W. Bush's 5-year invasion of Iraq was set in motion without even a cursory look back at the 5 thousand year history of the region.

If you listen to the hollow words of George Bush in that video, he said "I know that the families of our military are praying that all those who serve will return safely and soon. Millions of Americans are praying with you for the safety of your loved ones and for the protection of the innocent. For your sacrifice, you have the gratitude and respect of the American people. And you can know that our forces will be coming home as soon as their work is done.

Donkey Punch : Happy Anniversary!
5 years. We've been occupying Iraq for five years.
5 years of Mission Accomplished.
5 years of raining terror down on the populace.
5 years of further alienating the Arab world.
5 years of hemorrhaging money.
5 years of lawless contractors.

Eagle Eye's Omnipotent View: Atrocities in Iraq
Reasons to end the imperialist dynasty as stated by the IVAW:
-Corporate profiteering is driving the war in Iraq
-The occupation is a primary motivation for the insurgency and global religious extremism

EditorMom: Five Costly Years in Iraq
Five years after our military first put on an explosive show of its firepower, nearly 1 in 5 Iraqis is now a displaced citizen or a refugee in another nation, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Electronic Cerebrectomy: How Is This Winning?
I've written in the past at length about the foolishness of this war based on lies, where men in power seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to murder men, women, and children to make a little more money for a few, and it would just be going over old ground to repeat it once more. You and I, we both know this war is wrong. Most people know it.

Episcopollyanna: Five years, countless lives & an unmitigated disaster
It's far too easy to get caught up in the rhetoric on either side. If you oppose the war, are you against the troops?
No, I support our troops. I support our wounded troops who come home to disgusting and outdated facilities like Walter Reed and Madigan Army Medical Centers. I support our 154,000 homeless veterans. I'm angry because I love my country and we should be better than this.

The Fanciful Muse: Blogswarm: Iraq- The Winning Move and the Human Factor
Because this is about peace, we need to examine why our leaders would want to take us to war, and why they would want to continue in it. What have they to gain, and is it worth what we as citizens stand to lose? Or should I say, have already lost?

Fed Up American: Five Years Later - bush's War Rages On
From the horror of 9/11 to the invasion of Iraq; the truth about WMD to the rise of an insurgency; the scandal of Abu Ghraib to the strategy of the surge -- for six years, FRONTLINE has revealed the defining stories of the war on terror in meticulous detail, and the political dramas that played out at the highest levels of power and influence.

Finding BonggaMom: ENOUGH
I went through my photo archives to five years ago and found these photos of The Pea at her first rally. We attended an anti-war protest at the Civic Center in San Francisco, where we marched and chanted and voiced our objections to a war that, even then, we knew had no justification.

Fourdogmom: Bush's War Turns 5
Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Anyone paying any attention knew there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. Bush knew there was no connection and went to war anyway for his own personal reasons.

Flying Hamster(s) of Doom: 5 Years after Mission Accomplished: Blogswarm Against the War
Romantic?! You know, if he wasn't President, this would be entertaining. Now it's just beyond depressing.

FranIAm: March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Dick Cheney Says So?
skip I am not in Albany today! I am in my secret, secure and most undisclosed location and I am coincidentally about to blog about Darth Vader I mean Dick Cheney.

Freethought Weekly: Iraq War Blogswarm
But on the web we can set a different tone than the one set in the media. We can dominate the blogging medium on March 19th with posts calling for the end of the Iraq war and immediate withdrawal of troops.

From Smiler, with Love.: No Cause for Celebration
It's a very sad anniversary today. The war in Iraq is already five years old. Five years too many. I chose to join the Blogswarm today because I'm opposed to crimes against humanity and all living beings, and what could be more criminal than a war launched under false pretense and which never had any other aim than to assert dominance?

Godless Liberal Homo - Blogswarm
The Real News Network Channel on YouTube has a variety of video segments from Winter Soldier. Below, Hart Viges testifies about being a morterman in Iraq. He also talks about being invited to take a picture with a corpse.

Going Green: Five Years In Iraq
Today is the five year anniversary of the US Invasion in Iraq. Whether you support this war or not, please take a moment out of your day to give thanks to the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country.

Gold Star Mom Speaks Out: 5 Damned Long years in Iraq
Here we are again- 5 years of war in Iraq! 5 long years! 3990 dead American soldiers, 60,000 plus wounded American soldiers, millions of Iraqis displaced, and we will never know how many Iraqis have died in this war turned occupation of their country.

Seit fünf Jahren tobt der Krieg im Irak : Beendet den Krieg jetzt
Wir möchten mit diesem Beitrag darauf aufmerksam machen, dass seit fünf Jahren ein Krieg im Irak tobt und bis jetzt ca. 1,3 Mio. Menschen dort gestorben sind. Das täglich tausende verletzt werden und schreckliches erleben müssen. Unter den Toten und Verletzten befinden sich unschuldige Frauen, Kinder und Männer.

Granny Geek » Shock and Awe, 5 Years Later
Five years later, we're in horrified awe of the billions of dollars we've wasted. We've also wasted the spirit and soul of this nation and we've squandered the solidarity the rest of the world felt for us after 9/11.

Gunfighter: A Modern Warrior's Life: Lies, and More Lies
In the latter part of 2002, and through the first part of March of 2003, President George W. Bush and his claque of war-mongering neo-cons and fellow travelers, aided by craven, weak, lick-spittle members of the House of Representatives and Senate, conspired to send our soldiers to war. I say conspired because that is accurate.

Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes: "Well worth the effort"
Two days ago, the worst person ever, Dick Cheney, made a statement of unfathomable arrogance, ignorance and callousness during his latest victory tour of Baghdad. And by "victory tour," I mean the type of visit that is unannounced because the security situation there is rubbish. He said, in defiance of the laws of reason, decency and definition:

Hard-boiled Dreams of the World : How To Recover From War Addiction
Addiction to war doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to face the fact that your country is out of control.
If you're not sure, and you're wondering if your country has an addiction to war or not, ask yourself these questions:

hawgblawg : Colonialism in Iraq?
Several of the things Hertling said struck me as reminiscent of classical colonialist discourse. Entirely unselfconscious, commonsensical, self-evident, and as as with all ruling ideology, it all just goes without saying. I consider Hertling's statements, the way he frames the discussion, symptomatic of what the Iraq adventure is all about.

headspa: 19.3.08 Out of Iraq
It's well past time to get out. It should never have started. Peace and self-determination will sustain humanity on this planet long after the oil has dried up. All I am saying - to myself, to the warmongers and the seriously greedy, to the generation to follow: is give peace a chance.

here still running : Invasion and Occupation
For those of you who don't yet know, I am a Vietnam Veteran and an Anti-war Protester: then and now. I was diagnosed with PTSD by the Veterans' Administration in 1985 the first year it occurred to me to ask Whhhaaaaat? I received a disability rating in 1996, which was upgraded to 100% service-connected in 2004.

Home of the Brave : Daily Constitutional: Five Years In Iraq
Reminders all over the place to blog about Iraq for the organized blogswarm. I am at a loss for words to add which will shed new light, which will persuade the likes of Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic party leadership and influential Republicans to bring articles of impeachment forward in order to bring George W. Bush, Richard B, Cheney, and their teams of loyalists to account for the horrors they have wrought and continue to wreak against the Constitution, against the US and against Iraq

I, Splotchy: My Feeble Contribution To A Blogswarm
Though I don't really post that much about politics, I decided at the last minute I'd make a contribution to this blogswarm.
I am basically just including a few videos to highlight some of the people that should be held personally responsible for the horrible carnival ride so many people have been thrown onto these past five years.

I wanna love You better whatever it takes : five years too many
View Video

IDiosyntocracy: Iraq 5 Years Later: Mission Derailed
That's when it struck me that the greatest casualty in this insane "liberation" has been average people like Monthir. When I say average, that includes both Iraqis and Americans. Shattered lives, wounded families, an emptiness in the home-that's the legacy of our invasion. In America, it's very much the same: a flag-draped coffin bears a soldier's remains, a family is broken, a life cut short.

Ifs of Og: Happy Fifth Anniversary
Since my friends across the spectrum claim to loath unnecessary wars, my working assumption is that Americans would universally prefer to avoid war when possible.

impeachment and other dreams: War: the enemy of true liberty
With these words ringing in my ears for the last few weeks, I decided to participate in the Blogswarm against the War. However, because I read Madison's words in another book, Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, I'm combining my Blogswarm efforts with my book-reviewing duties for the Spring Reading Challenge.

Impractical Proposals : 2008-03-19 The War: The Iraq War Will Cost Us $3 Trillion, and Much More
Some people will scoff at that number, but we've done the math. Senior Bush administration aides certainly pooh-poohed worrisome estimates in the run-up to the war. Former White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey reckoned that the conflict would cost $100 billion to $200 billion; Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld later called his estimate baloney.

indict dick cheney: March 19 Blogswarm -- Denounce the War
Five Years On: A Million Dead.

Iraq Today
These names were taken from the Iraqi Civilian War Casualties Survey, which was done in 2003 and covers the period of March 21 to July 31, 2003. All of these names are children aged five or under, and they all died in the early days of the US occupation of Iraq. They all died horrific deaths, and five years later, their parents (if alive) still are grieving these losses.

Its my Right to be Left of the Center : The Cost of the War in Iraq
Its not too late to join an action/protest near you..over 660 planned across these United States, with people from 36 freaking states making the trek to DC for todays actions. Last year I participated..sadly, my back doesnt' allow me that luxury these days :(

The Jade Gate: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"
The Cost of the War in Iraq

Jakester express: 5 Years Iraq, .. just another 'Toy' in Time
I was in Germany, .. 2 weeks before the Attack on Iraq. That was 'them Day's' and Weeks, when the 'whole World' participated in a massive 'For Freedom/Anti-War Protest 'for Iraq.
All these People in Germany and 'Elsewhere had been more than convinced, that Bush&CO. has to bend under this 'global Pressure.

JD2718 : Demonstrations this week
The UFT is making a major push for this. (make it bigger on the webpage, please). But it also involves parent and community organizations. It will take work to make sure people in your school understand this is important.

Jing-reed's Musings from Thailand: FIVE YEARS OF WAR IN IRAQ . . . .
Today, five years later, it is well past time that we truly honor this service by bringing all American troops home from Iraq. This war has affected the lives of so many American families.

John Wills Lloyd : We seek peace
Dear World,
On this anniversary of the date my country invaded Iraq, as I have done previously, I hope to remind you that the policies that led to and have sustained that war are not mine, nor are they the policies of many others in the US. I apologize to you and I implore my country to stop seeking to promote democracy by killing.

Jonestown : Iraq War Blogswarm- March 19, 2008
I often find myself lost in the "logic" when someone attempts to explain why I should "Love" an Ethereal Entity that, more times than not, seems to be operating against My Interests, as well as the Interests of those I Love.

Joshing Politics: What Five Years Means To Congressman Wexler
Speaking truth to power is Wexler's mission these days and I am glad he is working hard to help bring this miserable war to an end. He wants to cut funding for the war and impeach President Bush and VP Cheney. He brings up issues that many have since ignored and is one of the most courageous members in the House.

Jottings of an AmeriQuebeckian: No writing today
Today's the anniversary of the fifth year of this war in Iraq. I remember the day they announced the beginning and the dark feeling that suddenly engulfed me and continued all that afternoon. I can't put it into words, and even if I could, what would it change?

Justice and Compassion
We're going to focus a little on the Iraq War this week, as Wednesday is the 5 year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Over the weekend, Iraq Veterans against the War gathered in Washington D.C. in a reprise of an event that happened back in 1971 called Winter Soldier.

Kurt Winikka : Lamentation (March 19)
It has been five years since my country's administration embarked on this illegal and immoral war in Iraq. (Actually, I believe they began this venture well before 9/11 even, but that's another issue.) I join with other musicians and bloggers on this day in condemning this war and calling for an end to this occupation and the complete withdrawal of our occupying forces.

Lastoutpost: 18 März 2008
Heute vor 5 Jahren begann der Irakkrieg. Sechs Wochen später feierte Bush "Mission Accomplished".

The message on Lee's River today is simply this:
Whether you are the destroyer or the destroyed, the Path of Destruction destroys all.
Whether you are the creator or the recipient of the creation, the Path of Creation enlivens everyone.

Left in Alabama : No More War
Today marks the anniversary of the devastating and tragic arrogance of George W. Bush. This country and most others will never be the same. We often hear of the monetary losses involved in this crime but it is the immeasurable state of America's status in the world that very well may never be recovered. And even more critical and irreplaceable is the obscene number of dead, wounded and displaced Iraqis.

Left of Centrist » Numbers you cant count on - Five Years too many
Five years. 60 months. 260 weeks. 1,826 days. 2,629,440 minutes. 157,766,400 seconds. Half a decade. Nearly one-tenth of my life. But these are all superficial numbers. The numbers that matter, are the ones that affect us as a nation - the toll on our nation's treasure, the casualties we have suffered in spilled blood, the respect of our country and our stature in the world community - and the impact on each of us as individuals.

Left Side of the Moon : An Illegal and Catastrophic War
When this war is over and someone says to me, I guess I should've paid more attention. Or - ya know, I was just flat-out wrong about supporting Bush and the Iraq war. Or - ya know, Saddam Hussein was an asshole, but we shouldn't have gone into Iraq . . . . you know what I'm going to say?

Legofesto: Iraq: "We Don't do Body Counts"
Lieutenant General Tommy Franks, who led the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan during his time as head of US Central Command, once announced, "We don't do body counts."

Augustine - writing about 1,500 years ago - says things which seem outrageous, outdated, ludicrous, bizarre and even damaging or dangerous. He also says things which suggest sharp insight into human nature and the operations of societies and governments, things which might have been written yesterday, and with specific reference to current global politics.

Liberal Avenger : Past Posts about Iraq
Here's some of the posts that have appeared on this site since March of 2006. These aren't necessarily the ones I considered best, but they're the ones that I thought helped to convey aspects of the war that mainstream outlets tend to miss.

Liberality: 5 Years Too Long
Does Bush or Cheney care that the majority of Americans want the war in Iraq to end? Hell no!

Life has taught us ...: Five Years Too Many
But, I don't know what it will take for us to realize that we have been duped. I don't know what it will take to stop this senseless violence. I don't know how we can make politicians and the media take notice that we have had enough.
For my part, I am contacting my representatives in Congress with these numbers and a simple message. I encourage you all to do the same.
Support our troops. Support freedom. Support democracy.
End this war!

Life On The Run : End his war
Those are men and women I see in the grocery store. I have taught their children. I have worked with their spouses.
This war has cost us an estimated $503, 000, 000, 000, that's billion with a big fat ...Do you know what it is taking away from your community?

life's journey: blogswarm
head on over to the sirens chronicles- several of us have posted participating in today's blogswarm. different perspectives adding up to the simple truth- the iraq occupation was for greed and profit.

Little Country Lost: Iraq War 5 Year Anniversary... Whatever
Do we really think a nice day of blogswarming is going to make a damn bit of difference? Do we really think that public displays in Washington DC will matter to the people controlling our country who allow the murder of Iraqis for no true stated reason and who openly steal our collective treasury without a second thought?

The Mad Dog Media Liberation Arf Farce
This morning, Gen. George Armstrong Bush (Lone Star Air Farce, ret.) sang us that same, sour song he loves so much - the war was a swell idea, Little Big Surge is working, and Iraq is a fabulous success story, not nearly as expensive as some would have us believe five years after he picked the bloody fight that left 4,000 of our countrymen dead and another 40,000 wounded.

Maggie's Madness
There is no redemption. We are drowning in lunacy, the dark ages have returned and have completely enveloped us like a dirty blanket and we cannot breathe, we are choking, we have failed and the devil himself is sitting in the corner laughing.

The Mahatma X Files: March 2008
The one silver lining thinly plated around the dark cloud which is the Iraq War (and more broadly the "Global War on Terra") is the high quality journalism that has occurred - usually underneath the radar. New Pravda, WaPo, CNN, FauxNews, and so on were of course little more than stenographers for the government's propaganda, and obviously I wouldn't be giving them any props. Instead, it's a lot of these cats who dared to travel outside of The Green Zone. From TomDispatch:

Marine Mom Activist: Mar 19 Blogswarm post
There's another reason I haven't wanted to give up the 'Marine Mom' title. The reason Cindy Sheehan got so much leverage with her protest is the little talked about fact that no matter how much they preen and pretend, ultimately even the most powerful people in the most powerful positions in the government still do not have the final say.
It really is all about people power. Nothing can happen in this country without the consent of the governed. And if we don't like it, it is our responsibility to change it.
And Moms....Moms are last bastion....the last wall that holds the fort...the last sense of sanity that holds before you go off of the cliff.

mask of anarchy: Iraq War Blogswarm - The War on Women in Iraq
So, here we are, five years on from the illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. An invasion that was supposed to bring greater freedom and a new sense of equality for women in Iraq and what have we now? A situation far more dangerous than people previously imagined. Women are being persecuted and murdered as a matter of course. In a country where women were equal partners in Iraqi society, now they are treated as second class citizens.

Mauigirl's Meanderings: Five Years of War
Today is the anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. Although President Bush declared in 2003 that the mission in Iraq had been accomplished, his words were lies, just as the reasons for going into this war in the first place were lies.

März : Blogswarm gegen den Irakkrieg: INFORMATIONS against the War | MeckieMesserMuzak

Meine Sicht der Dinge
Heute jährt sich der Angriff und Einmarsch in den Irak zum 5.Mal.In diesem durch Lügerei über Massenvernichtungswaffen und Krieg gegen den Terror legitimierten Angriffskrieg sind bisher mindestens 1 200 000 Iraker zu Tode gekommen.
Über die Verluste in den Reihen der Vereinigten Staaten gibt es nur sehr widersprüchliche Zahlen, aber die offizielle Angabe von zur Zeit 4471 Toten und etwas über 30 000 Verletzten wird wohl kein Mensch glauben, wenn man weiß, das es anscheinend bis jetzt allein 20 000 Leute mit Gehirnverletzungen gibt.

Mental Detritus: In Memoriam
I am a member of an increasingly smaller group of Americans. I am a person who has not lost a close friend or relative to this war. But I don't live in a bubble. I do know some who have been directly affected by this travesty that has taken almost 4000 members of our armed services from us; this insanity that has left hundreds of thousands of our military members wounded and many permanently disabled.

Mighty Waters of Life: War is Not Healthy
Reports that the military downplays PTSD and that there are long waits to receive help for it from the Veteran's Administration hospitals and clinics trouble me immensely. At the very least this nation can and should support our wounded troops to recover from their injuries and heal from their wounds. Such support should be available to each of them and include support to their families as well. It is the least we can do.

Mined Splatterings: Global Swarming
We entered the war under false pretenses. Indeed, we lied our way into the war. We broke international law, violating the trust of our allies. The numerous defenses and rationalizations for the war have one after another proven to be laughably incorrect.

What does it say when today's veterans' are silenced and ignored?
The corporate media not covering these true patriots are following a policy, across the shameful industry editors and producers are falling in line. The three "accepted" candidates for President are all senators. They are not seeking an audience with these patriots. These candidates are perhaps following a policy where all "accepted" parties are falling in line. Linda Millazo asks: Corporate Media Ignored Winter Soldier. Senators Biden and Kerry will you? I add Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain to this inquiry.

We will leave Iraq. And, within ten or fifteen years, we will be at war somewhere else, making similar unkeepable promises, responding, yet again, to a uniquely wicked enemy who presents a uniquely dangerous threat. Forgive me if I fail to show enthusiastic support or indignant outrage. It's business as usual.

Moline Illinois Democratic Maverick: Candlelight Peace Vigils
Today, Wednesday, March 19, 2008 is the 5th anniversary of the start of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Candlelight peace vigils are being held around the country to commemorate this anniversary. Here in Moline, Illinois the vigil will be held at the corner of 34th Ave and 60th Street (near Black Hawk College) at 7PM.

Mom said nobody cares...: Blogswarm
Today is Blogswarm-to-end-the-war-in-Iraq Day. This president made me disassociate myself from the label "Christian". There is no evidence that the Bush administration has ever followed what the Bible says Jesus taught. Ugh.

MOMocrats: Bush: An Iraq Anniversary Present for You
Dear President Bush,
It's been five years. Five years, can you believe it? It seems like yesterday that you were sending your minions out to scare the hell out of the public about "weapons of mass destruction" and Condi was warning us about a potential mushroom cloud.

Monkey Muck: I'm proud to say I know a Winter Soldier
I met Jason one morning on a trip to meet with my local douchebag war mongering Congressman. We went to my Congressman's office to ask him to stop supporting the war, the trip was organized by my friend Snad and Rev. Shuck and a couple from his church joined us as well

Monte Asburys Blog : Five years since Shock and Awe
Thank you, soldiers. Telling these stories must take immeasurable courage. As with so many patriotic endeavors, telling the truth risks turning one's friends into enemies. Yet only truth brings freedom. Thank you.
What is it about our zeal, that allows us to see war as strategy and flashes in the night, rather than little boys murdered in front of their fathers and decent young Americans turned savage?
I can't tell. But the idea that doing more of it will somehow make it right strikes me as awfully strange.

mouse medicine : give peace a chance
today marks the 5 year anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq. today, bloggers around the world are participating in the iraq blogswarm. visit the blogs of the swarm.
even before the invasion happened people took to the streets in a call for peace - war and violence is never the true path ~ now people have taken to cyberspace.
this war in iraq was built on lies - contrary to what mr. bush said as he marked the 5th anniversary of his war - the war has not been worth it

My Free Thoughts : March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm -
This blogswarm will promote blog postings opposing the war in Iraq and calling for a full withdrawal of foreign occupying forces in Iraq. Five years of an illegal and catastrophic war is five years too many. On the March 19 anniversary of the conquest of Iraq by the Bush Administration, there needs to be a loud volume of voices countering the pro-war propaganda from far too many politicians and corporate media outlets."

My Stuff : happy 5th anniversary.
Check out Pacifica Radio's coverage of the Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. I caught part of this last night on my local NPR station. Of course, the "troop loving" republicans are going to say these are just disgruntled soldiers. Back a war-supporter into a corner and eventually they'll say that "they knew what they were getting into when they signed up.

My very last nerve: Three Trillion Dollars, Four Thousand Dead, Five Years, One Man
3,000,000,000,000 = Projected dollars we will have spent on the war by the time we get out of Iraq.
20,000,000,000 = Dollars paid to KBR, a former Halliburton division, to supply U.S. military in Iraq with food, fuel, housing and other items.

neo-resistance: On the Anniversary of American Invasionism (Iraq war blogswarm)
The Wasteland (T.S. Eliot)
APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

News Corpse Blog Iraq 5 Years On: An Anniversary Of Shame, Lies, and Death
The fact that there never were any WMDs didn't phase Bush or his bloodthirsty enablers in the administration or the press. A half decade hence has produced 4,000 dead American soldiers, 30,000 wounded, and untold lives ruined by loss and disability, physical and psychological.

No Regrets, Coyote: Be Peace. Practice Kindness.
It is easy for many people to be complacent about this war because it is taking place on another continent, and its impact on both Iraqi and American citizens is given only cursory coverage in the mainstream media. But real people are suffering from this intervention.

Nørse Berserker: Iraq War as War Crime (Part One)
But never before in history had a dominant world power planned to strike a much weaker nation in a preemptive war with such ferocity. It would be liberation through devastation.
Many projections expected the deaths of thousands of Iraqi non-combatants, no matter how targeted or precise the U.S. weapons. For those civilians, their end would come in the dark terror of crushing concrete or in the blinding flash of high explosives.

Keep on grinning - Not A Blog - Mike Power's Website
That idiotic "what me worry?" look just never leaves the man's visage. Once again there was our president, presiding over disasters in part of his making and totally on his watch, grinning with an aplomb that suggested a serious disconnect between his worldview and existing reality....
Failure suits him.

Not Another Mom Blog!: Five Years Too Many
Nearly 4,000 US dead, and 30,000 Wounded.
Between 100,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqis dead and 4,000,000 displaced.
Almost $1,000,000,000,000 Spent.

Not In Front of the Children!: Happy Anniversary?
I am opposed to the war because it has sucked our military families dry and yet our government will not adequately support the soldiers when they return home broken and in need of long-term medical and psychiatric care.
I am opposed to the war because thousands of American children are growing up without a parent at home and thousands more will never know that parent because he or she died in Iraq.

Not in rivers, but in drops: Krieg führen des Krieges wegen: Irak
Fünf Jahre läuft schon der unsägliche Konflikt im Irak. Und das schlimmste: Es ist kein Ende in Sicht. Clinton, McCain oder Obama. Wer auch als nächstes an der Spitze der USA steht, den Krieg beenden wird keiner von ihnen.

Notes from underground: Iraq, Five years later
It seemed that nothing could be more unnecessary and insane than Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, until George Bush II trumped it by invading Iraq. Truly the world seems to be run by lunatics. Just about every reason or excuse George Bush gave for invading has proved to be false. There were no weapons of mass destruction.

Ntone : Blogzwerm : Het is genoeg in Irak!
Voor mij mogen ze daar stillekesaan stoppen. Ondertussen weet iedereen dat er geen massavernietigingswapens zijn, Sadam is gepakt en ondertussen opgepakt, en het is denk ik nog nooit zo slecht geweest als nu voor de Iraakse bevolking.

Êxito que está a ser vivido no Iraque é inegável (George W. Bush)
Deslocados no Iraque ou refugiados nos países vizinhos estão hoje milhões de iraquianos - quase um em 5 ou 5,1 milhões de uma população estimada em 27 milhões."

odd time signatures : As We Descend, Shall We Rise?
Our constitution has been subverted. Our phones, email, internet access, all watched. We take off our shoes at airports to check for bombs even as we deny the poor the right to earn their own shoes. Our jobs are outsourced, our economy leveraged, and we have rows of headstones added to Arlington as yet another reminder that parents have lost children, partners have lost partners, spouses have lost spouses, and there is more to come.

On The Homefront: Only 3 percent after 5 years
Over 80% of Americans are aware that Oprah Winfrey endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president, while just 28% know how many troops have died in Iraq- even though we are rapidly approaching 4,000 casualties.
An unprecedented detachment between the American public and the men and women at war makes the media's coverage of the conflicts more vital than ever. Just because the coverage has waned doesn't mean our troops aren't facing daily dangers or major issues once they return home.

On The Road To 2008: The Plan: An End to Endless Occupation
Bush has foregone any further responsibility for this mess. Republicans have blocked all Democratic attempts to force an end to the war. What we need is a veto-proof majority made up of representatives who will do the hard work to end this occupation and end this war.

one plus two: March 2008
I don't know how we will ever truly understand the devastation this administration has brought during its reign. I don't know that we'll ever truly comprehend what this debt means to our country, how bad things will continue to get and if it's even possible to recover.
I don't know that we can imagine our country if we'd chosen to do something else with the price of the war. But I do know that in the State of California alone, taxpayers have contributed $66.2B (of the total $507B and rising daily) to the war and if we'd chosen to spend that money on affordable housing we'd have 198,124 new affordable housing units in our state.

opablog: 19 März 2008
-Winter soldier-, -Wintersoldaten- - Wikipedia kennt diese Begriffe nicht.
Wohl aber kennt Wikipedia Thomas Paine (1737-1809), einen der Gründerväter der USA. Paine war der erste, der die Unabhängigkeit der amerikanischen Kolonien forderte und auch bereit war, dafür bewaffnet zu kämpfen.

Blogswarm 19 March 08 « Order of Santa Ignora
We start craning our necks, looking for red flags. They should be easy to find in this sea of white. Someone thinks they spotted one, turns out it was a discarded food wrapper that got blown into the exhibit.
The man in the -God Bless the USA- hat quietly says, -That's a lot of people.-
As the streetcar passes between buildings, my last view is of the little white flags, waving in the breeze.
They stretch for four blocks.

the otherwhirled : Five years later
It's March 19.
And our troops have not left Iraq.
And Bozo the Chimperator claims, yesterday, that this five years of war has been worth it.

Outta the cornfield: BLOGSWARM
It's difficult to express the rage within me the last five years. Five years ago February 15 drove a total of 11 hours to spend four hours in Colorado Springs to protest the upcoming invasion of Iraq. Not much has changed since then because to me these people in power do whatever they want whenever they want because they can as there is no one to stop them.

Owl's Wings: Blogswarm to Protest the War
Five years ago, our local Reclaiming group put together our most brilliant, beautiful, powerful act of magic ever: a celebration of peace. Not a war protest, but a reminder of the TRUTH of peace. It was intended as a counterpoint to the impending, seemingly inevitable rush to war, which was already underway...

oxymoronredundancyparadoxtrap: Five years later
Today marks the five year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq on March 19th, 2003--an invasion based on the premise that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, a premise which turned out to be false.

Padre Mickey's Dance Party: Blogswarm Against The War
Over the years I have had many political arguments with my in-laws but I was surprised at how upset they were with the U.S. action. They had already figured out that this president was someone who could not be trusted.
Just like this year, March 19 was a Wednesday. At our Wednesday morning Healing Eucharist, it was decided that instead of people coming up to the altar for prayer and anointing with oil, we came to the altar rail and prayed for peace, prayed that George W. Bush's heart would be turned from the desire for war to the desire for peace.

The Pagan Sphinx: Five Years Ago Today, The U.S. Invaded Iraq
My Heart dedicates this post to all the victims of the Iraq war; Americans and Iraqis alike. The war is illegal, immoral and divisive. The only right thing to do is to end the hell.
I've chosen to display here several pieces of art about and against the war. Some are satirical, some angry and others offer a glimmer of hope.

Para Justicia y Libertad : Iraq: 5 Years Later
Today our nation marks five years of war in Iraq. It was five years ago President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Since then, it is now beyond dispute that Iraq did not possess any weapons of mass destruction or have meaningful ties to Al Qaeda. How many human lives is a barrel of oil worth?

Paris Parfait: No more war!
Five years. Over one million dead. To date, over $522 billion spent, with another $70 billion allocated for 2008 and hidden costs set to skyrocket up to $3 trillion, according to Columbia University economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and Harvard lecturer Linda Bilmes.

Path of nEo: 5 Jahre Krieg im Irak - Blogswarm
Ja, es sind wirklich schon fünf ganze Jahre, fünf Jahre voller Tode, voller Leid, voller Verzweiflung, mit Waffen zugehäuft, mit Angst überschüttet und mit dem Hauch des Todes über jeder Schulter, bei beiden Parteien. Amerikaner sterben für die Ziele des Präsidenten, für Lobbyisten, für Banken, für Geld, für sovieles ... aber nichts für was es sich lohnen könnte zu sterben.

Paul Martin: Iraq War blogswarm
Five years on the weapons of mass destruction have not materialised although we have a fair number of our own. Human rights, which became the excuse offered by Blair after the non appearance of those WMDs, are still not exactly perfect. Of course the Saddam regime was vile and brutal. On those ground it merited opposition long ago. But that was never the reason for the war. After all we have since crawled to the Saudis, talked of sending dissidents back to Uzbekhistan and soon we will hop skip and jump over the graves of Tibetans and Chinese who have died at the hands of the old men of fear who rule in Beijing.

Pax Americana: Five Years (To Be Continued)
Five Years (To Be Continued)
In which NTodd marks five years of war in Iraq. (25:04)
Features: Pink Floyd, Country Joe and the Fish, Neil Young, Moody Blues, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam.

paxx:blog - Lieber spÃt als nie
Forderungen zum sofortigen Rückzug der Alliierten aus dem Irak klingen unterdessen leider ähnlich abgedroschen wie dieser Titel, trotzdem hat sich auch nach fünf Jahren wenig geändert

Peace Action Blog : Winter Soldier is happening this week
Practical Positive Alternatives for Peace

Peace Arena : 5 Years Too Many events in OKC
On Sunday, I joined the Oklahoma City religious community for their Spiritual Walk for Peace. Over 100 peacemakers participated in this, on what turned into a beautiful day, a marked contrast to Saturday's windy experience. We started at Centennial Park, where we listened to some music and speakers.

Peace Garden: Five years later and what do we have?
Five years of war. Are we safer? Was Saddam really a threat to our shores? Was al-Qaeda in Iraq? It is clear they were not. Have our actions been welcomed by the citizens of the world.
Five years of war. Was it worth it? Our economy is in terrible shape. Lives have been lost. Our standing in the world has diminished.

Peaceable Imperatrix: March 19, 2008
Remember growing up and saying the pledge of allegiance? Remember following it up with a patriotic song? We'd start the day in school with these rituals; we'd do them at sports events, civic events, town parades, and so on. And I believed everything I sang. Sweet land of liberty. Forever in peace may you wave. Let freedom ring. Oh Beautiful.
Remember that? Remember the feelings of pride?
My daughters are ashamed of their country.

Peoples Geography : On Iraq At The Fifth Anniversary of Invasion
- Jim Lobe, Reasons Revisited: Why Did the U.S. Invade Iraq?
- Dahr Jamail, Five Years, And Counting
- Dahr Jamail, US/IRAQ: "We Reacted Out of Fear, and With Total Destruction"
- Dahr Jamail, US/IRAQ: Rules of Engagement "Thrown Out the Window"

perpetual dawnne : Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
i feel compelled, though, to follow up with some notes on the day, because as inferred yesterday, the current Iraq war hits a bit close to home for me as a Gulf War veteran. not that i think my personal considerations on it are any more important or dynamic than those who have served or are serving in the current war, but that i had given my word to support the blogswarm endeavor, and failed to adequately do so. the chagrin-meter leans heavily to the right.

P i l l o w b o o k : Dorky Anti-War Poster
Hey, how come there's no bottom stem coming down on your peace sign?
And I looked down and
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA on me, I'd drawn a Mercedes symbol instead of completing it and making it a peace sign. So my sign said, Mercedes YES, McCain, NO! instead of -Peace YES%u2026etc.-
The only sane response at such a monumental fuck-up seemed to be hilarity.

pj's pointless blog: Five Years of War: There is No -I- in Peace
I'm taking part in this Blogswarm, but I don't want to be part of an echo chamber. I want to do something a little different.
So I'm not going to talk about Bush and Cheney's real motives for lying us into Iraq. I'm not going to call Bush and Cheney murderers and war criminals. I'm not going to talk about the millions of bodies they shattered, the lives they ruined, the families they destroyed. I'm not going to talk about yellowcake uranium, white phosphorous, Blackwater, shock'n'awe, KBR, slave labor, or rape.

Plasticblog: Five Years in Iraq
3,990 American Troops Killed
29,000+ Injured
2,100 have tried to commit suicide

A Poetic Justice (Don't burn the flag. Wash it!)
Would I hold my hand thus if I were such a murderous beast?
Asked the wolf%u2026
Would I be thought a monster like you if I howled in horror?
Asked the sheep%u2026

Politfactor : 5 Jahre Irak - Krieg sind 5 Jahre zuviel
Heute, vor 5 Jahren, begann der völkerrechtswidrige Krieg der willigen Koalition gegen den Irak. Was für Gründe auch immer vorgehalten haben mögen, dieser Krieg ist wie viele Kriege nicht nur völlig sinnlos sondern auch illegal.

ThePoliticalCat: Free Speech, Knotted Knickers, And A Warning
Apparently, we have let people like the Rev. Jerry Fallwell, John Hagee (who refers to the Catholic Church as The Great Whore), and Rod Parsley say these things without restraint. Because, after all, freedom of speech is one of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
If those of you who have your panties in a bunch decide that Rev. Wright should not be permitted to speak as he has, remember that that same rule can be applied to any other preacher in any other pulpit

Politics in the Zeros : March 19 Iraq War blogswarm
271 blogs will be blogging today opposing the war in Iraq.
I used to think that people in the streets can end the wars. The problem now is that mass antiwar protests have become just part of the background noise and are mostly ignored by the media and government. If you're serious about wanting to end the wars - and not just doing it to recruit for your little grouplet - then the protests need to have major political impact.

Politics Plus: March 19 Blogswarm: The Cost of War
A while back, before I knew I would be felling worse than anything buried in my cat box, I committed to write this article as a participant in March 19 Blogswarm. That commitment is too important to sweep aside.
On March 19, 2003, George Bush and the GOP attacked the sovereign nation of Iraq

PoliTits: Five Years Running
Shock and Awe.
It's not a bad dream, a bad movie or a bad book.
It's a bad act done in our name.
Done for reasons that we, who have funded it, may never be privy to.
It is our shame, our burden to bear, our debt to pay. : Iraq: 5 years later, still 5 years behind
First, this war is ridiculous
Regardless of what you might think, regardless of what your political views are, and regardless of what may be at stake in this war for you, this war is ridiculous, period. Now, I totally agree that we needed to invade Afghanistan and confront the radical terrorism that caused this country harm on 9/11. It was the right thing to do and we should have went in quicker than we actually did.

PREA Prez - Blogswarm: End the war
This is the 5th anniversary of the war. Shameful.
Benjamin Spock and Martin Luther King at anti-war march.
Chicago. 1967.

Preserve, Protect and Defend : Blogswarm
A hybrid post on the Iraq War and the US economy
Once again -- much invective, many differing opinions. Let's peer through the fog and see if we can detect some truth or other here:

Prog(ressive)Nostications: Angry Swarm
The world is going straight to hell. Its easy to completely abandon all hope that in a thousand years there will be any human beings left. We've crapped on the world, and we know better, and we're still doing it. We crap on each other, and we know better, and we're still doing it. But, of course, every generation probably feels this way on one level or another.

PunditMom: John McCain -- His Bad!
Oops! His bad! No need for the person who wants to be President of the United States to have a firm grasp of the facts, right?
Why am I talking about Iran when it's the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq? Because this is how Iraq started -- little lies. Purposeful slips of the tongue. Efforts to plant seeds of doubt with just enough truthiness to make us wonder and worry. Raise enough questions to give the commander-in-chief the benefit of the doubt.

PurpleMinded - Five Years of War - A Lifetime of Ruin
Our current economic woes are inextricably linked to the war in Iraq. And it's not just the huge sums of money we've spent -much of which we've had to borrow because of irresponsible tax cuts. (Historically taxes have been increased to pay for wars.) It's also about oil. It plays a big role in our current economic misery.

QueenOfSpain : 5 Years Too Many
My son was born March 24th, 2003.
5 days before the life changing birth of my first child, the war in Iraq began.
Every phone call of congratulations mixed with worry and sadness. Every moment of joy, marred by CNN in the background. Every visitor with gifts and head shaking as they talked of the news.
Every single moment of my son's life we have been at war.
His uncle is on his second tour in Iraq. Not first, second.

Question That: Iraq War Blogswarm: Defenders of the War
Despite all of this, a significant group of left-wing commentators and bloggers continue to defend the Iraq War. Several of them consider themselves part of the 'Decent Left' (originating from the title of this essay) and typically defend the war as having been necessary to topple a "psychopathic despot" whose Ba'ath party was involved with a "whole nexus" of Islamist terror groups.

Radio Utopie -5 Jahre Krieg im Irak: 1 Million Tote
Der Westen kann stolz, stolz, stolz sein.
Stolz, stolz, stolz.
Nichts ihm etwas wert.
Er ist nichts wert.
Er ist es nicht wert, etwas wert zu sein.

SuziRiot... rants from the left: Five Years of War: March 19th Blogswarm
Since these topics will most likely receive extensive attention in this blogswarm, I'm going to focus on something very specific. The war in Iraq has had terrible consequences for the women of Iraq. They face increased oppression under the reactionary Islamic elements that are battling for control. They are losing their homes, their families, and their livelihoods. They prostitute themselves to feed their children.

Rants From The Rookery: The Iraq war
The neocons told us this war was what they wanted long before Bush was president; while Clinton was president, they sent him a signed letter asking we take on Iraq. Many of us guessed that when Bush was given power, we would be at war with Iraq within two years. This projection was made without the fantastic excuse of 9/11.

It was a major historical sin that has dragged on and on due to the evil in the hearts of those who could have prevented it, who could have put a stop to anytime during the last five years, and who could stop it now. We pray: May they see the light, turn, repent, atone, and not backslide. May all forgive all as each requires forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and kindness. Otherwise, how may they escape damnation?

fantasyecho: Five Years of War - Had Enough Yet?
So. FIVE YEARS! I told a co-actress, and she said, "wow, that's longer than World War I!"
I can still remember getting into Feminism and Orientalism and reading Baghdad Burning for the first time. I read it online; I didn't buy the book. I read it at work and shouldn't have, because I nearly cried. When I got home, I cried openly.

Revellian Dot Com : Iraq Blogswarm
I've been told on numerous occasions by many people that I hammer the American government when I should be bashing Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. I'm hammering all of them. Yes, there are terrorists. And then you have the corrupted American government. Put the two together and you have the petri dish to cultivate war.

RICE : Iraq Blogswarm
What is it all about, anyway? Who knows? Alas, it is precisely this confusion in language, in goals and in thinking that show that in the historic progress of this war, we have lost at every turn. Many of us can't even see that it is this very war that is causing so many of the economic woes at home.

Road2DC : March 19th - Events
Obviously, you will not be able to participate in all events, so plan your time accordingly. For those unable or unwilling to risk arrest, McPherson Square (15 and K Streets NW) will be the main permitted site, with speakers and activities planned all day. Lafayette Park, Farragut West and other areas around the Capitol will also be permitted. Small marches may also be organized in support of the various events.

ROTUS : March 19th Iraq War 5th Anniversary Blogswarm
Five years ago I joined a group of a hundred or so people in the park, next to the fountain, where we lit candles and held silent vigil, as part of a national effort to bring attention to the imminent invasion of Iraq by the United States. We hoped to shed some light on the debate over Iraq and bring an end to the wholesale rush to war. Unfortunately the orders had been given and the machinery of war was already in motion.

Ruins of Empire: March 19th Blogswarm: U.S. Presence in Iraq-Irrelevant!
And so it began five years ago....
5 years, nearly over a million dead and counting, and for what?
Click on button below to listen to my podcast in support of the March 19th Iraq War blogswarm.

St. Anne, Pray for Us: Blogswarm '08
Blogswarm '08
Bishop Gabino Zavala has an essay this morning on the Pax Christi website.

Samantha, Gordon, - Me : Iraq
Although not the official reason given for invading Iraq five years ago (WMD), we were, and still are, told that it was to liberate the people of Iraq from Saddam Hussein (regime change is in fact illegal). The 'liberation' was, you may recall, kicked off with several nights of Shock and Awe, which liberated several thousand Iraqis permanently, many of them children.

SAMIZDAT: Happy 5th Birthday, War
This song was written a year ago, and its message is still, frighteningly, poignant. True to its prediction, it has now been five years since the war began, four since it was officially declared a victory, and it doesn't look like it's going to be over soon. Since the war began it has claimed an estimated 1.2 million (reported) lives, with casualties and actual deaths likely to be much higher. The financial cost of the war has been $491 billion to the US, and £4.5 billion in the UK

ScareTalkExpress.Com : Five Years of War - A Lifetime of Ruin
Later that evening, the President gives a speech from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier's flight deck announcing, that -major combat operations in Iraq have ended.-
That was almost five years ago.

Schall und Rauch: Am 19. März boykottieren wir das System
Jetzt wo sie Admiral Fallon entlassen haben, steht einem weiteren Krieg nichts mehr im Weg. Es waren Leute wie er und andere im Militär und in den Geheimdiensten welche ein Hindernis für diese faschistische Cowboy-Regierung waren.

Schaut hin und bewegt was : 5.Jahretag des Irakkrieges
Zum 5.Jahrestages des Irakkrieges habe ich mein Design geändert und wähle einen Vorfall, der als Beispiel für viele Verbrechen der Amerikaner herhalten soll: Falluja!
Ihr werdet zum Teil sehr heftige Bilder zu sehen bekommen, deshalb schaut nur wenn ich es auch wollt!

Scholars and Rogues : Mission accomplished, part deux (and part trois?)
Mr. President, if they're still shooting at you, you should be careful about declaring victory. If your soldiers, as they walk down the road, have to confront the possibility that each step might be their last because the locals have planted a bumper crop of IEDs, the fat lady hasn't yet sung. If your policies are serving as the enemy's greatest ongoing recruiting tool, the war is far from over. : Ãœber die systematische ZerstÃrung der Bildung im Irak
Vor 5 Jahren begannen die US-Amerikaner unter dem falschen Vorwand, der Irak würde Massenvernichtungswaffen besitzen, den Krieg. Die wahren Hintergründe, nämlich das Öl aber hauptsächlich die Sicherung der Stellung des US-Dollars in der Welt, erfuhr niemand.

Shape Of A Drum: Five years
I was not in lower Manhattan that day because of a job I had only recently begun, (my previous job would have put me more or less under the WTC when the attacks happened, but that's a story for another time), but I was rather close, could see the cloud of debris when the first tower fell, in fact I was hit by it. What I'm saying is that I was in a position to be pretty traumatized, and I guess I was.

Shuck and Jive: Not Ready to Make Nice
Five years ago when I served in the Yellowstone Presbytery, I introduced a resolution about the upcoming invasion. A couple of my UCC colleagues and I drafted this as an ecumenical statement for Montana clergy against the war. I adapted it for our presbytery.

Silicon Valley Moms Blog: Sacrificing Our Babies
I listen to public radio at night and frequently - almost nightly - I hear a report about deaths in Iraq. It is usually just a quick note on an attack or shooting, and the news saddens me, but I always catch my breath when I hear the age of the deceased. Young soldiers barely out of high school, dying in this war and for this war, depresses me, especially when I think about their parents or even worse, their children and spouses and how they have to go on without this person.

The Signature of All Things : Body Parts
Five years ago today, the United States began a ground invasion of Iraq. Some people may recall that the ground invasion was preceded by a nighttime air raid on Baghdad, the capital. The United States had been tipped to the possible location of Saddam Hussein by German intelligence, and the air mission was in effect an attempt to assassinate Hussein. I vividly recall reading a New York Times account of how that raid was witnessed by White House officials who were able to get real-time video taken from the aircraft.

Sim-Os' Random Thoughts : Iraq 5 Years
Iraq has a different leader, this one sits in the White House, and fuck more people are dying and being killed everyday than happened whilst Saddam was in power.
And the people responsible? They lied, they profiteered, they covered their own arses they looked the other way, they broke, and continue to break, international and their own domestic laws and they have the blood of countless people on their hands.

Sinister: 5 years too many
I will be attending a peace & impeachment vigil at Jim Inhofe's office. Info here.
It's time to bring the troops home. Every dollar we spend, every soldier that dies, serves as a national black eye.
5 years is enough. Bring them home now.

The Sirens Chronicles : 5 years of war
-The song is about an innocent young guy, who, after the events of 9/11, wants to do his part for his country. He doesn't know he's going to end up in Iraq, watching the horror that's going on there and he ends up losing his life. It's a subject that needs to be spoken about and is in some ways, a continuation of one of the songs we did on the last album.- RC

soep : Blogswarm
Wanneer heb jij voor het laatst gedemonstreerd? Vroeg ik aan Andreas.
Nooit, zei hij. Nooit? O! Ik sprak het met ongeloof uit alsof ik gisteren nog gedemonstreerd had. Ik twee keer in mijn leven. Samen met mijn moeder. Was het 1980-1981? Dan was ik acht of negen. Tegen kernenergie en kernwapens en voor de vrede. We liepen met heel veel mensen een aantal uren door de stad

Sometimes I feel like Jurgis Rudkus : Effects of War on the Home Front.
That's right, occupation!
Whatever you want to say about Commander Codpiece's carrier landing stunt, "Mission Accomplished" was pretty much accurate. We went in, kicked ass and took names. At the point that we disarmed their military, took control of the capital and turned the dictator in question into some kind of pathetic chipmunk the war was over. We won!

Slipping sand : Sound and fury, signifying nothing:
Castle walls come crashing down,
The sands do slip, the sands do slip,
From kingly pate slips regal crown,
Slipping through the hourglass-
Acorn grown to hoary oak,
The sands do slip, the sands do slip,
Awaiting but the lightning stroke,
Slipping through the hourglass-

Stephenson blogs : Today's sorry anniversary: Operation Rolling Blunder
Yet, Bush, Cheney, McCain say persevere. They've managed to put us in such a miserable situation that there will be a bloodbath and suffering no matter what course we choose. But I'll place my chips on Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), who says we to get out sooner than later. Blogswarm on the 5th anniversary of the war...

Stolen Skies : Your God is a Hungry God
The word -sacrifice- is thrown around a lot these days. Soldiers sacrificed for Freedom, Freedom sacrificed for Safety, Blood sacrificed for Peace. But what does it really mean? Here we are at the five year anniversary of a war started for no good reason in the Fertile Crescent, the navel of modern civilization, that's sending our economy into a possible economic collapse, and for what? What is it about Iraq? It's not just oil. It's not just power.

Stranded In Reality: Iraq - 5 years on
Let's take a look at some of the pseudo-macho posturing from the pro war crowd over the last five years...
The idea that being a real man - a Great Warrior Defender of Freedom- means being willing and eager to start wars and send other people off to fight in them.
The idea that being a real man means being full of drooling praise for war glorifying movies such as the comic book testosterone-fest '300'.
The idea that being a real man means never mentioning the innocent victims, the crying mothers.

Tampon Teabag: Nothing to add
Boiled by Larry Teabag
It's 5 years since the invasion of Iraq. At the time, Robin Cook said it best.

Tangled Up in Blue Guy : Sacrificing for the War
Our warrior-god-president flew a jet out to sea to show us he is at least as tough as the president that William Pullman played in Independence Day. He is a man's man, is our George. US kicks ass again, wiping away the anguish of the loss of Vietnam.

Ten Percent : Iraq War Blogswarm- Withdrawal, Reparations, Prosecutions
Luckily for the Empire the right wing dogma going unchallenged from coast to coast means education will remain underfunded and the issues surrounding joining the military largely skirt around topics of volunteering your labour for imperial domination-

The Aristocrats: Bringing it all back home
It's been a good five years. Tough, yes, but in every way worth the effort we've put into this battle. We began the liberation of Iraq with the full support of the majority of Congress and the full support of a majority of the American people, and if that's not the way it ends, if America need's another wake up call to understand once again the true cost of freedom, than so be it. Five Years of War
Five years ago to the day, Bush told Americans that the invasion of Iraq was under way. "My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger." If you want, you can watch the speech on video-but you'll need RealPlayer. This was 2003. YouTube wouldn't be set up for another two years.

The Chawed Rosin : Long Past Time to End the War
A majority of the U.S. public also opposes the war, of course.
So why has it continued? One reason may be that the war has made many of those who planned and executed it a lot of money, the bulk of it provided by U.S. taxpayers. In the process, a permanent private army of mercenaries has been established that can continue to perform functions, such as disaster relief, once carried out by government agencies, at a much higher financial cost to citizens, and make a tidy profit in the future

the guy by the door : Harvard Iraq Invasion 5
Boston, Harvard observe 5 years of Iraq war.

The Information Paradox: Entering Year Six: The War & The Disgust
The reasons I decided to address the Iraq War again on the five year anniversary are as follows, firstly Pariahjane sent me an article about the birthday of the invasion and secondly, because of the images I have seen today of protestors being arrested and that I feel this outrage needs to be voiced over and over.
Our President, George W. Bush, with a complicit congress, a fearful, misled public and the rallying cry of WMD's in the hands of terrorists, invaded the small country of Iraq on this day five years ago. It began with surgical airstrikes that led to a quickly disbanded government and a -Mission Accomplished- according to our president a few months later.

OB Rag : We continue to post more reports of protests from across the country
Antiwar Protests Spread to Smaller Cities - Rallies, Marches, Sit-Ins & Civil Disobedience
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Holding up posters and peace signs, a larger than expected crowd of more than 70 people gathered at the Statehouse on Wednesday as part of a national day of protest marking the fifth anniversary of combat in Iraq.

The Peace Train - Stop The War! Bring The Troops Home!
Kokesh served on a civil affairs team tasked with winning over Iraqi hearts and minds. He said his unit joked with other soldiers, "We care so you don't have to."
The soldiers spoke of confusing rules of engagement, of the inability to discern violent insurgents from peaceable civilians, and of good-natured, patriotic Americans moved to violence by fear and anger at Iraqis who sought to drive them from their country.

The Public Intellectual : Is the Surge Really Working?
He finds that the U.S. military surge, by enclosing the Sunni and Shia populations behind 20 foot walls, has left the city more divided and more fearful than ever before.
But, hey, at least they're "safer." Life may not be as peachy as it was under Saddam-the "brutal dictator"-but look how it's improved since the military tweaked it's "rules of engagement" (which previously advised soldiers to shoot at anything brown that moved).

Radical Cross Stitch » Iraq I Roll
I thought I could discuss how ironic it is that many on the right - and I'm talking outside of the US here, I have long since given up trying to figure out the thought logic of the US right - are now calling the war a disaster. I mean, what did they think was going to happen? Maybe the US Army would skip in and take out Saddam and give all the kids soft toys and look like heroes?

The Radula: Five years too long...
Today as I drove through downtown Albuquerque I saw black clad protesters standing along Lomas Ave near the courthouse, Silent protesters of the Iraq war. Most carried no signs or banners, only a handful of flyers for those who approached them. Only one woman in the protest carried a small sign that reminded us that today is the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Theatrical Milestones: 5 years ... and getting tired
I started crying on the phone and threatened to stalk his commander in my lacy undies, if only to convince him to send The Ex somewhere else, or to let him stay at home. I also threatened to pray for a reassignment. I did. A week later, The Ex's orders were changed. Instead of Iraq, he was deployed to Afghanistan, to work the passenger terminal and distribute supplies in the "area." And to ship the coffins home. Coffins filled with people whom, only a few weeks before, he had seen coming off the plane.

This Journey : Blogswarm - blog against the war
There are more than 1 million reasons to oppose this war. And just because I'm proud to be called a bleeding heart liberal I'm participating in this blog swarm. Yes. Why not? More than 1 million dead seems to be a good enough reason to oppose it.
But there are other really good reasons. For instance, a ruling party that says "support the troops" by underfunding veterans hospitals and cheating widows and orphans out of their pensions so that the rich can get richer. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tippy Toes and Tantrums: No More War
When I told Kevin about the blogswarm and that I was participating, well, let's say he joked about how this was maybe not the best way to change public policy. I am a suburban mom with two kids; I'm tired of only being relevant at election time when the soccer mom vote needs courting.

Tolerance and Peace: Blogswarm: War in Iraq
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 marks the five-year anniversary of the beginning of Mr. Bush's war. I find it loathsome, appalling and shocking that the American people have let the terror-inducing "War on Terror" continue for the duration of one year, much, much less five. - Fünf Jahre "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - vorläufige Bilanz eines Angriffskriegs -
Etwa 300 Aktive aus Friedens- und Solidaritätsbewegung trafen sich vom 7.-9. März 2008 in Berlin bei der Konferenz "Alternativen zu Krieg und Besatzung" zum fünften Jahrestag des Krieges.

Truth, Justice & Peace: War No More
This blog, moreover, is an outgrowth of my anti-War views as the Bush Administration began its campaign to war with Iraq. Because of my skepticism of the media portrayal of the facts supporting the Administration's claims surrounding Iraq, I began to look elsewhere for information in an attempt to discover the truth. I began to read the international press and alternative media sources and then discovered blogs, which analyzed the Administrations claims about Iraq. Eventually, I began to record my own views on the War and politics in general. : iraq
I don't want to make this an introspective post.
It would be easy to spend the next few paragraphs explaining how I have always opposed the war. I could pat myself on the back for making the right call, and I could link back to countless posts and essays I have written that highlight just how prescient and right-on I am. But I'm not going to do that.

typing is not activism :. i Support Terror&- by George W. Bush
Global hatred as intergenerational equity.
That ain't me talkin'.
That ain't even me writin'.
Have too much trouble with them words as big as Texas.
So Happy Birthday Iraq War.
We Won, but you - you're five!

unbrainwashed: Five Down, Ninety Five To Go
Bush thinks the war in Iraq was worth it.Even though most Americans say the war in Iraq wasn't worth it.The Iraq War is killing our economy, but Dick Cheney thinks the war was a successful endeavor. Uh, sorry Dick, but if it was "successful", it would be over and done with our troops would be back home and the Iraqi people would be free of an occupation force. The US has lost power, prestige and influence, but to our leaders, that's a good thing.

The UnCapitalist Journal - March 2008
Value of ALL Contracts Since Tracking Began on October 30, 2006: $306,196,099,735
Yes, my dear reader, that is in billions. Military Industrial has recorded a total of 4,046 publicly-reported defense contracts, just since October 2006. To date, that is an average of $1,008 for every member of the US citizenry. And the key word there is publicly-reported. Another factor to consider is that not all that money stays in the United States. Not all contractors are corporations on American soil.

Unrulymob : Blogswarm Lament
This season of Lent, we are truly living ? in darkness and in the shadow of death? as we mark, on March 19, 2008, the fifth anniversary of the war with Iraq. It is a war that is being waged by our country, financed by our taxes, and fought by our sisters and brothers. As U.S. Christians, we issue a call to the American church to lament and repent of the sin of this war.
We lament the suffering and violence in Iraq . We mourn the nearly 4,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died, the unknown numbers of both who are wounded in body and mind, and the more than 4 million Iraqis who are displaced from their homes. With the families of U.S. soldiers torn apart, our families are also torn apart.

Vagabond Scholar: The Poetry of War
I've written it many times before, but I'll say it again: regardless of the rightness or mendacity of a given mission, a trooper's service can be honorable or even heroic. But their virtue does not necessarily ennoble the mission itself, nor does any heroism they show transfer to those making the decisions, no matter how many times those bold, intuitively brilliant, God-touched Deciders don a flight suit and show off their genitals.

Watching Those We Chose: 62 of Our Best Youth, $4 Billion
That's what five years of the Iraq Catastrophe has cost Kentuckians.
The National Priorities Project has analyzed the cost of the Iraq War to each state, in terms of both actual expenditures and the trade-offs - what that money would have bought if not flushed down the Iraq crapper.

An Illegal Ruler heard UnGodly Evil Voices in his head telling him to go to War, and so the Nation, Our Country launched an Illegal War based on Lies of This Regime. Millions have been killed and been Wounded and had their lives Altered Forever. The Damage is Immeasurable. Our Government and Leadership assisted,enabled and enacted this Evil Plan, and it is Time to End 5 years of Hell.

Welcome to Pottersville: Congressman Robert Wexler: Iraq- 5 Years of Lies.
800 Americans a year dead and 8000 more wounded each year. Yet we keep funding this madness year after year even though the Democrats have the majority. Bush won't have to answer for anything after January 20th, 2009 but the Democrats left behind in Congress do. Unlike Bush, they'll be up for re-election.

What Do I Know?: A Very Peaceful Protest
A couple of weeks after Christmas, in 2003, I was packing up the Christmas decorations, wrapping up the long strands of tiny white lights. On the TV in the other room CNN was blaring, announcing the latest news in The Run-up to War, or whatever their marketing slogan was back then. What I had thought earlier in the summer?that rumors of war were just that, rumors?seemed to now be proven wrong. We were heading to war, against all reason, it seemed to me then.

When Will I Use This?: Iraq War Blogswarm - I have Losts Of Questions
I don't have answers or explanations for the Iraq war. I am not a soldier and have never fired a weapon. I don't understand how violence and killing can solve humanity's problems.
I only have questions, many, many questions:
Can you believe that five years have past since the start of the Iraqi war?
Do you remember what you were doing?
Do you have the same job?

Who Hijacked Our Country: The Cakewalk: Year Six
The Cakewalk: Year Six
And the party just never ends. How could we leave? Soldiers being greeted as liberators. Throngs of grateful Iraqis showering their conquering heroes with ice cream and flowers. The entire world cheering wildly as we overthrew a dictator who was ?worse than Hitler? and brought democracy and tranquility to the Middle East.

Who's The Boss?: March 19: Against the Irag War Blogswarm
As a mother to a boy, I understand much more now. My son is many, many years away from being of age to serve in the military. But with the current administration and the Republican nominee trying to get elected, it seems as if there would be no end to this war.
It's time for the war to end. It's time for our soldiers to come home.
After seeing my mother work with veterans for those five years, I now understand all too well that the war doesn't end when the soldiers come home. We have a lifetime of pain, nightmares, and trauma that will play out in the hearts, minds, and bodies of our veterans.

Wolves In The City: Iraq - A Ghastly Birthday
Bush's Iraq War is now five years old.He and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell dragged us into it on a leash of lies. One of those duplicitous links was acknowledged by the Pentagon last week when it came out with a report showing no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda.

The World of Doorman-Priest: O Lord: How Long? (No comments required)
With the bread we need for today, feed us.
In the hurts we absorb from one another, forgive us.
In times of temptation and test, spare us.
From the grip of all that is evil, free us.
For you reign in the glory of the power that is love, now and forever.

Wounded Bird: Iraq War Blogswarm
On Democracy Now, I watched the testimony of three young men who served multiple tours in Iraq, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, on what they had seen and done, the orders that they had been given, and the "rules of engagement" of the US troops in Iraq. It was difficult to watch, because the three that I saw were obviously traumatized, each in his own way, by the war, and again by recalling the memories and giving their testimony.

Writer Reading: Blogswarm: A War Based on Lies Will Only End With a President Who Values Truth
We writers would all be incredibly lucky to ever write anything with a fraction of the chilling beauty, complexity of thought and truthfulness of this speech that Obama wrote himself, from the heart, which he, unlike some other politicians, apparently actually has.

Yet Another Blog - Zin en onzin van de Amerikaanse aanwezigheid in Irak
Ik ben altijd een hevige tegenstander van de oorlog in Irak geweest. Het verhaaltje over de massavernietigingswapens van Saddam, ik heb het nooit geloofd. De oorlog leek mij ingegeven door minder onbaatzuchtige motieven dan het ons voorgespiegelde bewaren van de wereldvrede. Economische en andere belangen stonden op het spel. De toenmalige Amerikaanse regering vond in het Irak van Saddam een gemakkelijke zondebok.

Zugzwang : The Commons debate on Iraq (18 March 2003)
If you ever have the misfortune to encounter one of the few remaining supporters of the invasion of Iraq please draw their attention to the Commons motion of 18 March 2003.
Ask them why there is no reference to any of the justifications now being put forward for the invasion: fighting terrorism, deposing Saddam Hussain or bringing democracy to Iraq.

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