Friday, August 31, 2007

oh the spew - Roves History lesson

Damn Karl - still dippin in the Bushco trough.

K ROVE says -

If the outcome there is like what happened in Vietnam after America abandoned our allies and the region descended into chaos, violence, and danger, history’s judgment will be harsh. History will see President Bush as right, and the opponents of his policy as mistaken — as George McGovern was in his time.-.....

-The outcome in Iraq and Afghanistan will color how history views the president.

History’s concern is with final outcomes, not the missteps or advances of the moment. History will render a favorable verdict if the outcome in the Middle East is similar to what America saw after World War II.-....

It is so sad (hehehe) that the surge is not working, If we ever get out of Iraq/the middle east - it will be under a president that is not George Bush, he just does not really have the balls or the base anymore to get anything done before he leaves. That is a damn big IF Mr Rove-Bush.

From most accounts of current historians Bush will be known as TLTGP the little tin god president - that cheated to win his election, ignored Katrina, lied about WMDs, removed most of our constitutional rights and spent more time on vacation then any other president.

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