Thursday, October 04, 2007

NBC CEO Zucker - Copyright Abuse a Health Danger

For someone who JUST runs an entertainment company as NBC has had little real news for years....Jeff Zucker WANTS a lot of things

He wants alleged intellectual property violations to take center stage at all levels of government, from the White House

He wants advertisers and credit card companies to stop providing "financial support" to Web sites

And he wants Internet service providers, university network operators, user-generated content sites, search engines, auction Web sites and even consumer electronics and home networking device manufacturers to install filtering technologies designed to detect and block unauthorized copyright content.

He wants to be god of all content just with his angry words.

Copyright holders are "losing the battle" against piracy, at the expense of economic security and public health, and will never prevail unless a wide swath of governments and industries gets proactive, NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said Wednesday.

The economic security of his own poor business model not working more like it.

When has public health mattered too NBC and Universal???

Not when our soldiers have problems readjusting to life with out killing and the news is about recently unearthed video of a year dead former princess of england.

Not when 1,000s of people became homeless from Katrina yet the news was about Bushs quick action and Brownies good job.

Not when his shows on tv are free now but should cost twice what every one else is charging to review them yourself.

Again like any good Cnet or -NEWS Story- any real information is in the last 2 paragraphs , and giving a copy of Zuckers press release as if its an interview.


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