Friday, August 31, 2007

Scatter Shot Media Rant 1.0

Oh Dear, NBC dumped Itunes , while Viacom smartens up with a profit sharing deal with SouthPark creators.

The big fear of FCC spectrum re-distribution that media giants have avoided for 30 years is now coming to pass. This makes wireless broadcasting viable for anyone

  • Why give NBC only one channel in NYC, why not give them as many channels as they can fill.
  • SO NBC had another venue to get there content viewed, which they got paid for over and above there general distribution costs with free advertising from apple.
  • People where only a phone line can reach could still enjoy these high resolution value added content pieces , NBC makes money and gains exposure. Win Win
  • Thick headed Accounting executives seem to forget the bottom line is to bring a customer back, folks dont come back means investors are unhappy.
  • 2 dollars vs 3 dollars seems like a small amount to a movie or TV executive, to most folks i know thats 1 more dollar extra for food for the kids. Just because some can pay more does that mean all the rest be damned.

Better written version by J.h at ilounge
Even today, I think it’s on the fine edge of foolish, and all it would take is one really dumb move by your company and I’d stop paying to watch your shows.
Another write up
NBC Now Offers TV Shows on Amazon's Unbox
With TV shows essentially a "free" commodity that flows into viewers homes via a subscription fee they are already paying to cable providers, it's ludicrous to ask people to then shell out $5 bucks an episode - especially when people can find them for nothing at all on P2P and file-sharing networks.

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