Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Details You Give Vs Details You Know

From Schneier on Security -
Then, I received this anonymous e-mail:

I was one of the industry technical folks the DHS consulted in developing the "immediate and required" mitigation strategies for this problem......

By the way, the vulnerability they hypothesize is completely bogus but I won't say more about the details. Gitmo is still too hot for me this time of year.

Even someone ( I assume an American citizen )that let BushCo use there name for propaganda - fears his own governments reprisals for truth revealing.

I dont care to believe what they say.
Its what they know but will not say that matters.

Today Condi Rice met with A congressman in a school to PLUG and SELL the presidents
- No Child Left Behind - plan

NO News about Rices refusal to see a congressman to answer questions about the state department.

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