Thursday, December 27, 2007

Iraq War Is Over Surge Works Perfect

Republicans start the sound machine and the media yells .
Dems start sound machine and and media forget how to make sounds.

The Surge is successful in getting the news and public to not care about the multiple American deaths every day.

Not a single news org has touched the body count issue for the last 3 months, let alone daily updates on it.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yellow Journalism - Its every where

Guy loses law suit to apple

ComputerWorld HeadLine
Lawyer: Apple's the loser in ThinkSecret deal
Rumor site shuts down, but Apple was the one who blinked, says lawyer

Only talk to guys lawyer not the judge or Apple - One sided story
Yellow Journalism

Rich guy is sick but does not trust Missouri Doctors for treatment

Giuliani released after overnight hospital stay

No talk about why he ignored the fact that there are plenty of fine doctors in Missouri, or why he waited until airborne to call his doctor or why the doc had the plane turn around for a cold.
Yellow Journalism

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