Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scatter Shot Media Rant 1.1

Watching bits of the Fox interview its sickening that a Solider of any kind general or Private would allow themselves to be so partisan.

Petraus more believed then congress and bush, not so. Thee poll asked Who would you want to make decisions on the war, with Bush as the loser -
The SURGE and previous plans are not the military s idea - Bush has fired the generals that did not agree with him.

But somehow the media and GOP say the public believed the bush story as told by patraeus.

Were is the goal there are lots of different versions of partial plans but no goals. Victory needs an objective and there is none.


Cspans Bogus use of the Independent call in line has become a joke. There is no independent party in america , this is just a way to let more GOP supporters call in to the show.

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