Friday, September 28, 2007

Id Rather NOT

I don't care any more. it is just expected.

Throw up a link or a post about a GOP scheme or scandal and spell someones name wrong or phrase the question wrong and PONCE!!

The wingnuts catch an honest mistake and you become the target of such a shrieking that the scandal you were real talking about gets washed away.

It will be grand if some one of the stature and means of Dan Rather can some how expose the lies to the public that seem so plain to me.

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Iphones Bricked by Update

LOL - With all the drm laden Zunes being sold this season and secret updates from Microsoft the national technology news is about hackers having handcuffed Iphones after an Apple Update.

Why is this News.

Cellphones ARE NOT UBIQUITOUS , smart phones even less so.

Only a small percentage of people will hack there device, most knowing full well that the device may become damaged even with out the COMPANY saying so.
Its crying wolf when its just a shadow or tumble weed.

Technology updates are a fact of the life cycle of software as well as hardware.
Apple is in no trouble or -in an Un-Winnable War- this is just hype there is no substance to it.

CNet and Ziff Davis will tweek this as will all the anti-apple crowd. Its just sour grapes cause they did not do it first.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Timmy says - Chaney-Bush... I Mean I Pick what to investigate

New government shill - mister GOP talking points - Matt Lauer discussing the democratic debates with old government shill - Doctor GOP talking points - Timmy Russet ( Plame whos plame ).

Lauer comments about the questioning of detail in the Clinton health plan. Timmy says - we have to follow up on what these candidates say, and investigate the truth Matt.

So a major media head does NOT care about the truth in Iraq or , the tainted justice department or what a filibuster is , but will go out of his way to question a NON-Republican piece of news.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Pussy Perino-Bush Tour

Oh , What a surprise Bush gets interviewed by his requested talking head.

A money quote from the Froomkin WP story -

"Perino said she called Williams with the offer Saturday. . . . 'The president has talked with Juan before and we know him well. He's active in trying to keep good relations with us. . . . We could have done a print interview, but I felt I wanted people to hear the president's voice.'

Notice , she did not say - We contacted NPR to set up an interview, Its we called - JUAN - with an offer.

Its like a Bush-GOP coupon - Feed bush the questions we give you to ask and we will say bad things about the other networks and let you print and spew our propaganda first.

Rupert Murdoch, you put Hurst's days of yellow journalism to shame.

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OH the Mouth Pieces- Katie Cut down again

Even Bloomberg says we will report on accountability when the public requests (Demands) it. How shrewed , only do your job if there is a -REPORTED- public outcry.

A poll or protest does not count in the eyes of the NEWS MEDIA as a request for accountability?

Government over site hearings do not count as a demand for answers?

The fact is that the news today is not a - story written by a reporter, but has become , a talking head reading a amalgamation of political correctness and press release regurgitation.

Snapshot: The Death of American News
by Kagro X

Wed Sep 26, 2007 at 09:05:35 AM PDT

After a long and painful illness, American news has finally succumbed to disease.

Things have been going downhill for years, and there's plenty of blame to go around, to be sure. But here's a snapshot.

1. Katie Couric goes to Baghdad. Asks "typical family" what it's like "to live in fear." (Answer: frightening).

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apple Iphone no sim for you

Sure this IS the Grey area - you have a right to unlock your phone - but replacing a part on any wireless phone could short the sim or the firmware bytes voiding the warranty.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bush Claims every word his critics say Harm the troops.

The troops are just so busy listening to the news and CSPAN , hanging around Iraq lookin for stuff to do. RIGHT

Most read letters from home and play cards in their off time i would bet.

I would think a non supportive GOP Congressman ( You dont need to stinking rest ) or VETO Handed President ( Too much support for returning vets will make them angry - let them stay sick ) and a general that would lie about body counts makes much worse troop moral.

Please donate to

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gop Maven Hawk Warner-Bush changes mind

Surprised much


Me last month
Stor-E-Tella: OMG Warner-Bush pulls classic Spector-Bush Tactic

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DOH WMV Not For Me

Sorry Fox News people , media giants and other Backwards thinking dolts, i have used mov, mp3 for 15 years or now mp4 , quicktime player comes on my macintosh's...Why would i go out of my way to install a plug-in for a Microsoft proprietary format i have hated from its early days.

But i still love to go to there pages with out the plug ins to see how ugly they are or how much they break for NON-windoz users.

The fox video player is funny - just a sideway scroll bar that does not work shows up.
Ohh - make me come back

Ohhh take more control of my choice and pc
Free Microsoft Crippled NBC Episode Downloads

For up to 7 days and it kills its self?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Terrah Luva Bush FInds Paranoid AG candidate

So it seems a judge gets personally terrorized as many of us did if we were in downtown Manhattan on 9-11. But being a judge in NYC -judging terrorist cases -he decides he knows best and US Citizens should be happy to give all our rights up to the king Bush.

This is partisan as to a one party one branch approach to US government policies. So Bush nominates a old man who will back him up in the War on Terrah, to hell with the war of life the average American faces every day.

Stor-E-Tella: TSP - did not know to call it that then

Stor-E-Tella: TSP,FISA and NSA

Stor-E-Tella: ABC 123 NSA TSP V2.0

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Yes I can Support the Troops

or THE Mercenaries ( I mean USA Contractors )

When a team is losing you never blame the team members , its the coach or manager
That would be Chaney - I mean Bush or his current general puppet Patreaus-Bush

If the coach says no boys i meant 60 laps not 30, 120 laps not 60 ...even the best runners fall to the way side from exhaustion. That is not the runners doing a poor job its the LEADER DOING A POOR JOB!!!!!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

NBC helps Greenspan with False Statement

Lauer , low IQ morning show talking head , helps A. Greenspan get his story out with GOP corrections in tact. The reason for war was middle east stability and Sadams grand plans to take over Saudi Arabia and the straights of hurmoz.

The Big news was about an X football player - OJ SIMPSON 0- arrested in las vagas for robbery , just a minute of news about other x football player - George Martin - walking across country to help the still sick workers from the 9-11 world trade center site.

All stations put more minutes in about the cloths worn at the Emmys then the censorship of a anti war statement.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush Story 2005

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Bush Holds Troops Hostage

Dan Froomkin - It Came From Planet Bush -

Said Bush: "One year ago, much of Baghdad was under siege. . . . Today, . . . ordinary life is beginning to return."

To call anything in today's Baghdad even vaguely normal is flatly outrageous

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » More Than Ever, Impeachment Is the Cure
What should Congress do with a President that defiantly tells the nation that he will hold over 100,000 soldiers hostage unless they achieve a “success” that is essentially undefined and likely unachievable?

TPMmuckraker September 14, 2007 10:30 AM

Last night, the president thanked "the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq." To which the Washington Post sighs:

But the State Department's most recent weekly report on Iraq said there are 25 countries supplying 11,685 troops -- about 7 percent of the size of the U.S. forces

TPMmuckraker September 14, 2007 9:30 AM
And that's exactly why it's good enough for President Bush. The report expects the American people to believe that yet another in an endless litany of promises is a sign of the inevitable march of sectarian healing

Talking Points Memo | Whatever ...
But as we saw in President Bush's speech last night things have gotten to a point where the White House spinmeisters hardly seem even to have their heart in it anymore. And the president just seems to be living in some sort of alternative universe populated by the failed gods of his narcissism and vainglory.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scatter Shot Media Rant 1.1

Watching bits of the Fox interview its sickening that a Solider of any kind general or Private would allow themselves to be so partisan.

Petraus more believed then congress and bush, not so. Thee poll asked Who would you want to make decisions on the war, with Bush as the loser -
The SURGE and previous plans are not the military s idea - Bush has fired the generals that did not agree with him.

But somehow the media and GOP say the public believed the bush story as told by patraeus.

Were is the goal there are lots of different versions of partial plans but no goals. Victory needs an objective and there is none.


Cspans Bogus use of the Independent call in line has become a joke. There is no independent party in america , this is just a way to let more GOP supporters call in to the show.

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Malkin and Crew Sucks Again 9-11 Rant

SHORTER Malkin - Cindy Sheehan Sucks and I wanna use my blog to sponsor a victim of terror to celebrate this glorious day..

Where is Osama bin laden today?

Were any of the 9-11 attackers iraqi?

Never forget WHAT???? My Pet Goat

The goal in Iraq is WHAT?

Malkin FTW

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Monday, September 10, 2007

No Plan Means No Victory EVER


Via WhshingtonPost -

For instance, they mention a discussion in the White House Situation Room a week ago: "For two hours, President Bush listened to contrasting visions of the U.S. future in Iraq. Gen. David H. Petraeus dominated the conversation by video link from Baghdad, making the case to keep as many troops as long as possible to cement any security progress. Adm. William J. Fallon, his superior, argued instead for accepting more risks in Iraq, officials said, in order to have enough forces available to confront other potential threats in the region."

Status Quo or KILL everybody and ask questions later. Thats Bushs Military leaders only options. Either A or B they have no REAL plan to end this.
Flowers and Candy - thats the Bush Victory Goal

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Like Katie Is Not Just a Parrot

UPDATE 09-12-07 Katie has tantrums too
SO does her assistant

Crooks & Liars - Couric is Bushs Stenographer

Last Week -
the Actor makes it official
70 year old Lady Found Alive in woods
Woman gets kicked off plane for wearing short shorts
OH - AND KATIE NOBRAIN in interviewing president of Syria
Uses GOP talking points about Bushs Meeting in Iraq as proof of Iraqi Governments progress

Stor-E-Tella: Octobers Yellow Journalism1

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Friday, September 07, 2007

King Bush Wins

I am just to tired to try to write about this -

Just Read Froomkin today

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7 Deaths a Day is NOT OK

BAGHDAD, Sept 7 (Reuters) -

Seven U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq, including four in the western province of Anbar, the U.S. military said on Friday.

The Big News this Morning is
the Actor makes it official
70 year old Lady Found Alive in woods
Woman gets kicked off plane for wearing short shorts
OH - AND KATIE NOBRAIN in interviewing president of Syria
Uses GOP talking points about Bushs Meeting in Iraq as proof of Iraqi Governments progress

Not anything on troops deaths - They Deserve to be Recognized

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Apple iphone what if 2

Woz bets Steve a dollar that the fanboys will pay anyting for the iphone after I say I would pay anything for it at macworld

Woz: 3 stamps are in the mail its more then the bet amount
Steve:People are complaning
Woz: the fan boys
Steve: No they came through with flying colors, they would have paid MORE
Woz: Wow, who then
Steve: PEOPLE bought the thing
Woz: Ahh, just give um a rebate your Apple

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Bush is Killing our troops on purpose

The surge is working at getting more of our soldiers killed, giving weapons to our former enemies that will use them - to shoot us in the back as we leave and has made Baghdad so safe Bush had to fly to the middle of the dessert to visit Iraq. -

There is No Acceptable violence

FireDogLake - WAKE UP

From the page: "Any leader who sends the nations troops in to wage war, to lose their lives and limbs, to see their comrades shattered to survive only to relive those battles in their waking nightmares had better be damn sure that the cause is just and that every effort is made to prevent a war from happening at all costs. As we all know, that wasnt the case with Iraq, not even close. Our nations soldiers deserve far better than this. Far better. And so do their families."
Bush Quote from a book about him
"'So now I'm an October--November man,' Bush had said that February, a picture of rustic calm as his boots rested atop the fine historic desk. 'I'm playing for October--November.' . . .

"His playing field was now the future. That, of course, assumed that October--November would at last bring stability to Iraq and thereby surge his depleted mandate. Bush did in fact operate with that belief -- always. . . . What had to be believed, he believed.

Bush Lied about 6 months of surge all along-
He never once said
an 8 month surge -
never once said Please I might need more time-
HE had already decided more troops would die for his pleasure

The Sydney Morning Herald - 09-06-07
This was obviously apparent to Bush, who arrived in Australia in a chipper mood.

"We're kicking ass," he told Mark Vaile on the tarmac after the Deputy Prime Minister inquired politely of the President's stopover in Iraq en route to Sydney.

We are letting more troops die and killing more civilians- there is equal or more insurgent violence all thanks to the SURGE - Whos ass are we kicking except our own.

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IPhone Price what if

LOL, The idea to give the Iphone its own category was all Apple and Jobs doing and has nothing to do with the backward way ATT and the other carriers look at phones.

Maybe even Jobs could not convince them that Ipod AV was the missing piece in the mobile market. The carriers wanted there own - product - and to get on that part of the spectrum Jobs gave it to them.

Lets go this route - the price point of an iphone was less then the high end fashion phones and mini pcs

If the product line is being expanded each product in the line equates to a base and a price point, The current apple home page shows what the ipod media player family looks like.

Why didnt apple wait until September and release the Iphone with the rest of the line at its current price?
ATT and the other carriers that must have snubbed apple before Cinguilar are all about controlling the airwaves, they want ownership of wireless spectrum so they can charge you to use it. To get a phone carrier deal Apple needed to give a carrier THE CARRIERS idea of what a smart phone was, which is not what apples idea of a mobile media device is.

ATT - Cell Phone communications are the future of the universe
Apple - Wireless is Wireless

Seems the exact oppisite of each other so, The Iphone and to some extent the non-abilities of the Ipod Touch are a compromise between what Apple wanted and what A phone carrier wanted.

The Original price was what apple thought the market would hold for a world wide premiere of a great technology - and if sales went well increased long term profits. The introduction Big dollar price of the Iphone and its new price have NOTHING to do with poor expected sales or bad judgment on Apples part, Its just the cost of a IPOD TOUCH with a phone added.

A Voice Of Reason

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple Haters or Poor Reporting and Editing

Money and CNN misread Apple and miss quote analysts

The headline is
UPDATE: Apple IPhone Price Cut Shows Rare Misstep

SO 5 Graphs down they have jobs say- "We're going to get even more aggressive," Jobs said during a company event on Wednesday in San Francisco. "We're going to get even more aggressive. The customer satisfaction is off the charts."

8 Graphs down - "You have to speculate that even though Steve said it would sell 1 million units at the end of the month, it's not as fast as he would like," said Van Baker, an analyst at research firm Gartner Inc. "I'm not surprised by the price cut, but I'm surprised by the magnitude."

11 graphs down is the money quote burried near the end - "Investors think something is wrong with demand, but we felt even before the price cut that Apple was going to make or even exceed its targets," said Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray. "In the short term, it will cost them some profits, but there's an even better tradeoff."

But the graph ends there not explaining the better trade off - I say both apple haters AND Poor reporting-editing.

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Bush says screw you pacifists and Christians

OMG - I feel so ignorant an stupid - how dare I believe that People killing people for any reason is wrong

BUSH - "As I told John, we're in the midst of an ideological struggle against people who use murder as a weapon to achieve their vision. Some people see that, some people don't see it. Some people view these folks as just kind of isolated killers who may show up or may not show up.

Ummm- murder as a weapon - how futuristic - Libruls are stupid

BUSH- "By the way, people who don't believe we should be in Iraq in the first place, there's no political reconciliation that can take place to justify your opinion. If you don't think Iraq is important, if you don't think it matters what the society looks like there, then there's not enough amount of reconciliation that will cause people to say, great, it's working."

Hey...You folks that did not believe in the war - Up yours i always get my way

And this Bi-Partisan crap makes me sick, its like no one remembers the rubber stamp congress, is still around theres just less of it.

Bush and Republicans in congress are the same, the GOP presidential debates proved that. They back stab and lie just as well as Bush , for all intent they are Bush and the Democrats just join in.

Where is the back bone? where are the ideals?

Will there be any freedoms at all left for our troops to defend by the time Bush lets them out.

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Cspan and MSM GOP shills

They are all GOP Partisan orginizations what ever their claims of - truth repoirting -.

Congressnows home page has 1 link to a democratic story in 13 links to today congress related news.

Roll call.coms Top 1/3 of thier home page features 2 stories about GOP - One which implies that the senate majority had nothing to say about senates future. is a joint venture of the above 2 shills.

Roll Call and are the main goto news orgs for CSPAN.
2 Republican skewd rags still the -only real news outlets- used even after the change over of congress.

Stor-E-Tella: Yellow Journalism Again

Stor-E-Tella: Bowling for Information C-SPAN

Stor-E-Tella: Sick Media view of the Bush Administration

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why would they Hide

If these are such pure thoughtful web sites, why are the owners and backers hidden from WHOIS and registed via Australia

Current websites in question

Who is
Nicola Palmisciano
is he still in the navy?

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According to the same nonpartisan military group that wrote up the -Evil Congressman- Bios for American troops in Iraq, the GAO used flawed data and their own Bushified data says we are winning

Stor-E-Tella: Bushs lying mouth pieces Again
Stor-E-Tella: Congress and American people fooled again
Stor-E-Tella: Bushs War Backhanded Progress Reports

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Bushs lying mouth pieces Again

Oh you beautiful surge
You great big beautiful surge

The Good Neoconman From FDL
The fact that the national press corps is now referring to the “yes people” — who sit at the President’s feet and vociferously debate and disagree in private (HA!) only to parrot talking points in public – as “the war cabinet” makes me nauseous. They are laughing at the entire nation, and daring someone to call them on it.

Video: President Bush’s Surprise Photo Op In Iraq
Boyce is on the money, calling this what it was — a staged photo op. Watkins tries to spin this as a positive move by the president, and that he wants to get in touch with the troops to find out what’s going on on the ground, but Boyce fires back, reminding him that if Bush really wanted to get things done in Iraq he’d stay for more than six hours, he’d visit more than three times in four years and he wouldn’t have ignored the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations.

TheDaily Muck - Bushs Only the ones i like benchmarks

So how does the administration get past the two reports and seed the bed for Petraeus and Crocker's testimony? Introduce the concept of "mini-benchmarks" -- statistics that support the administration.

TPM - The Full Bamboozle
Are military deaths up or down? Are Iraqi civilian deaths up or down?

'Success' and 'failure' are quite subjective and they may be judged on various criteria. But these numbers, even if they don't tell the whole story, are concrete and readily ascertainable -- at least in the case of military deaths.

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