Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sick Media view of the Bush Administration

The Los Angeles Times called it a "blessing" and an "opportunity" for President Bush, and "a chance to salvage his relationship with Capitol Hill and the legacy of his second term.

- Like the Great work Bush did when these blessing came his way
  • 9-11 Saudi Attacks
  • Faked Weapon reports
  • Katrina
  • The Mission Accomplished banner
  • 6 months war
  • 6 more months war
  • Surge
  • US Attorny Firings

Roger Simon at The Politico says Bush is putting his legacy above loyalty: "Once famous for his loyalty to subordinates, Bush is now showing himself very capable of jettisoning the ones who create too much controversy."

-And when did Bush fire or jettison anyone in his cabinet - these guys and gals are all resigning for family and money reasons. Shows more convenience then capability.

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