Thursday, May 17, 2007

More MSM and The Torturapublicans

Challenge the Bull Shlt
I guess the rants are part of it but it is more that the BS has to be challenged.
Someone needs to say something about truth in the written and spoken word?
Do the old rules of reporting not apply ?
is research and verifications now replaced with read once/press releases and blindly copy every where?

LOL GOP -Greed Oppression Power
Not the republican party but the torture party.
The Torturapublicans say kill what they dont know or understand!
We will be conservative unless it has to do with killing and torture. which we love!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bush and Company MashUp FREE DOWNLOAD

Been so busy with coding and writing tripe about Bush Co. forgot to put this up after the One year anniversary of my pull out of the HuffiingtonPost Media contest

Inspired by reading Makes RSS feeds and the rants of Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing ,I am making available to anyone under CC License the original Flash files.

All Voices and all castmembers are included.

My notes on making this file
Multimedia blogging Stor-e-tella links

Download Zip Files
File link for Flash 4 or 5 users

File link for FlashMX or CS users

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Standard Bush White House Response NUM37689

Though i am the AG and signed off on the attorney fires, my head was up Bushes ass at the time and my assistant is to blame for not pulling it out fast enough.

Gonzo could not recall anything during the appearances before congress BUT he now very specifically recalls THIS

And so at the end of the day, my understanding was that Mr. Sampson's recommendations reflected a consensus view of the senior leadership of the department -- in particular the deputy attorney general-

IE MY understanding was since Rove and the White House are now the LEADERSHIP OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT we need to Blame a deputy.

The Bush White House are the only ones left who could have made up the list.

What is up with your scapegoats RePubs..?

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Reducing the suffering - By covering your eyes

30 Troops died last week
3 Troops kidnapped

Notice that the NEWS is 3 missing in IRAQ. The amount of time spent on coverage of this story on local/national/cable News shows was about 100 to 1 compared to the time spent on REPORTING troop death.

Why and what is the difference in the 2 stories?

The difference is this, if the White House can skew or attach blame of a war attack on AL KAADA the news organizations/MSM are required by Bushie to report it , BUT IF the violence is Civil War or sectarian related MSM must NOT REPORT IT or the White House will remove all access to any more war reporting.

Froomkin via Washington Post - relatively little violence from Iraq -- particularly sectarian killings or attacks on U.S. troops -- appears on American television screens -

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True minority

Well BushCo is parsing again. This time claiming hiring of minorities.

Well i would like to see the number of Black women hired by DOJ/and other departments as a subset of there other minority hires and compared to the the number of other women hires ?

Bet anything that the number of black women decreased across the board and new hires are more then 10 to 1 white to black.

Or how many blacks graduated with a law degree from Pat Roberson U...the Official University of Bush and United States Attorneys.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Republican Debates

Republicans say not a president but a King!!

Shorter Republican candidates
- Hey we want to be kings too!

Small Federal Government ,low federal taxes , more states rights , self reliance and self policing

These are what I believed to be Republican/Conservative values.
Not a boy king president or massive federal deficits for a needless war/occupation.

Setting aside what will be called - Rovegate - there still is not a single GOP candidate on the horizon that has spoken or shown these values.

The presidents first thought should always be the people not himself or his party.

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War Plans Goals and Objectives

I am no war monger , am anti-violence in all cases, but i have hobbies and One is simulations. over the years i have run many sims of civil war battles.

These sims were run using paper maps with little pieces for the troops,pre PC days, using dice and war statistics.

To go to war you need A SOLID plan of attack, with a set of reachable goals that define specific objectives.

Currently active duty in U.S. military, and would like to express that I’m tired of hearing how America wants us home. I’m on schedule to return to Iraq in a few months and 201. I would rather get the job done right now and not return a few years or a decade from now. Majority of the military just want America’s support and needed funds to continue with our mission. And about the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on May 1 2003, at that time we did accomplish our mission and another mission was issued afterwards. For those that don’t know how military orders work should assist and join our volunteer armed forces. I appreciate those Americans that just say “Thank You for Your Service”, and move on. That’s all we ask for.
Thank You,

But one has to ask what was the specific objective the Mission Accomplished ?
-THIS should be a known-known as Rummy would say and also after 4 years not a military secret.

What is this other current mission given after words ?
Was there a PLAN other then _When the Iraqis stand down? (this is a meme/double talk not a plan )

What is the job these recruits think they are getting done?
There job - if they forgot - is to protect the United States- not be a Police force for other countries.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fast Veto - Bush Lies

When are the generals right and - THE PEOPLE- wrong?
- When you fire or demote all those that disagree with you.

When is a war over.
- When the king says its over.

When is a benchmark OK.
- When it extends the troops time in Iraq past the presedential elections.

When is it fine to dance.
- when you as a christian can find an acceptable amount of violence.

BONUS - Crack Head statement

Shorter Malkin
- If we ignore the fact that the Republican rubber stamp congress took 200 days to get a supplemental to bush last year with no down time of US troops, the 85 days the democrats took is a long and treasonous delay.

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