Friday, July 27, 2007


  • Bush used TSP as the generic name for a NSA program.
  • FBI states TSP was NSA program in contention in the - Get the sick guy in the hospital to sign it -
  • MEANS Comey and Ashcroft (Not just DOJ but the head and acting head of DOJ )did NOT agree to part of the program.
  • Gonzalas Lied - Period

Funny how some government policy is good for Bush but some not so much.
Bush put Cheney in charge during his ass scoping just like Comey was in charge when Ashcroft was in hospital.

Based on Bushes own use of the statute - how could there be any need for Gonzo to take the form with him to the hospital ( It should have been brought to Comeys office ) and even if Gonzo had a reason to go there - How was a political operative of Bush allowed to go too.

Al Qaeda = You
In the warped mind of the current administration, selling a tshirt or button that says -Impeach Bush or Bring the Troops Home makes you a terrorist sympathizer and would allow them to "check" your calls or email for terror communications.

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