Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Barbara Bushs extended family

OMG Its Bill Kristol-Bush

In Bush and the surges defense it was all Please believe.

Who did Kristol-Bush want us to believe.

George Bush
Bill kristol-Bush
bi-partisan Petreas-Bush
War critic Pollock-Bush

Cspan gives us Vandihay-Bush and Mercurio-Bush

i will believe when i hear from verified sources OTHER then Barbara Bushs son and his boy friends.

More - OHanlon-Bush

Some Non-Bush versions of the Iraq War

A CNN reporter on the scene 24--7
What the U.S. troops are doing is giving a set of numbers, a series of data, a number of lowered attack figures that may give the military the political cover it needs in Washington. But at the end of the day, by cutting these deals the seeds are being sown for a much broader, more entrenched civil war that America will leave behind.

Professor US Air FORCE Air War college

I see no exit. We have been down that road before. It is called Vietnamisation. The idea that we are going to have an Iraqi force trained to defeat an enemy we cannot defeat stretches the imagination. They will be tainted by their very associations with the foreign occupier. In fact, we had more time and money in state building in Vietnam than in Iraq.

Internetjoe - Squidoo Iraq War Death Lens
Even 1 death a day is not OK
Create reminder of deaths due to an unnecessary war
The deaths of someones child - Information about the death and casualty counts of the Iraq war. -

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