Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Roves GOP Defenders

Bushs Brain

Via Froomkin

"Rove's defenders argue that Republicans' current troubles -- sagging presidential approval ratings, loss of the House and Senate, a clamorous fight over who the party will nominate to run for president in 2008 -- all stem from a single cause: the deeply unpopular war in Iraq; not from Rove or his methods."

Is that the Iraq war started with lies and leaks by Cheney-Powell-Rice-Bush and Rove?

The war that allowed privatization of the military had nothing to do with roves hiring of career government fund distributors?

A war on terror that Gonzales-Bush would not need Rove to help pick loyal Bushies to run.

Gee, looks like Rove had his hands in the war pretty deep.

More Rove from around the web
"'I think a number of Democrats never accepted (Bush) as legitimate and instead adopted a strategy of blind obstructionism,' he answered.

"Moreover, some Democrats 'hated' Bush, and they were joined by a group of Democrats who 'for tactical reasons, said that we can never give (Bush) a political victory, and anything that passes any part of his agenda is a political victory for him and we can't tolerate that.' . . .

"Did the Bush administration try hard enough to reach across the aisle?

"'You know, you'd be shocked and surprised to learn how much the president reached out to Democrats,' Rove said.
-Many times Bush reached out to Democrats on Issues that he would later ignore with a signing statement.

Many people inside and outside the White House feared Rove, a number of them truly admired him (professionally and personally), but of very few can it be said that they ever trusted him.
-No one but the Boy King Bush trusted Rove.

"'We live in a poisonous atmosphere in which Democrats . . . are engaged in a wave of investigations and requests for documents that ill-serve the country and serve as an excuse for them to investigate rather than legislate,' Rove said."
-A quest fror documents Rove himself destroyed - Opps

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