Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MSM Where are you

Who got a favor to ignore the news in june of a senators guilty plee?

Matt Lauer - talking to -experts- Fleisher and Carvel about the latest republican found guilty of gay solicitation.
looks like we got a problem, we should try to find a way to fix it?
Yes and the problem is We - As in the news media - have forgotten how to explain/report the problem ourselves.

The Next Hurrah: The Political Rehabilitation of Ari Fleischer
But Ari is also, all of a sudden, a seemingly acceptable source of the party line for the beltway media. He's on Fox News accusing Congress of politicizing DOJ. And he's dealing that line to the NYT, too.

Talking Points Memo | Seems Like Old Times

Back in 1982, then-Rep. Craig (R-ID) came forward early in the congressional page sex scandal to deny any role in the scandal.
Oh and local Papers and TV news forgot about that.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Late Late Nite FDL: Pansies, Perverts, and Pedophiles
Can we please as a culture agree stop pretending that Republicans aren’t a bunch of effete pussies? Bill Frist? Hello? He makes Ru Paul look like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Late Nite FDL: Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Get the F*&k Out, Already
So much going on today, it’s really hard to pick something to write about. We’ve got another Republican legislator busted trying to solicit sex from strange men in a public bathroom. Tsk. Tsk.

Balloon Juice
Why is everyone soliciting sex in bathrooms, for chrissakes? Is there some underground bathroom/gay sex culture out there?

Crooks and Liars » Fleischer blames Dems for Gonzales’ mistakes
I’d almost forgotten how breathtakingly dishonest former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer can be. Yesterday, on Fox News, he blamed congressional Dems for “politicizing the Justice Department, unfairly so and dangerously so.”

Republican Senator Larry Craig In Bathroom Arrest [Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid]

The question is was Craig scared into gay sex by looming black men like the Republican down in Florida.

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