Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part3

My first OOP – Object Oriented Programming – experience was with XENIX Basic. From that time on I have preferred OOP to Sequential programming techniques.

With macromedia director and later flash it became a neat thing to create a movie or interactive piece that had only one frame.

Object Classes
These are the basic call tags for a specific function or operation type

A Class can consist of Constants and Actions/Functions

In the case of the river web site the idea was to run all functions just above the point of crash.

If 25 buttons will work fine for the interface function then it would be easy to create a matrix algorithm based on a 5 x 5 grid. But what is the maximum number of buttons the system can generate before a crash or system lock up. Based on previous experience with flash I picked 400 buttons as a good standard for a screen input area with a 20 by 20 diamond pattern grid.

river nav version 2 The BASE

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Web sites with flash

In the days of director we had a movie stub file. a blank director movie to call other movies into.

With flash I use the same idea Setting the screen size and sometimes background color with a blank movie.

Most of my web sites use the structure below

Index.swf – stub movie file Calls intro file
Intro.swf – this is often the preloader
Header.swf – this contains the header graphic and sometimes nav buttons
Menu.swf – this is used if a site has a side menu
Content.swf – this is where the content goes if there is a lot of content I name the content what it is balloonchicken.swf

All text that is dynamic or more then one line is stored in .txt files or if using 7or8 XML documents.



dauz drums


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Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part2

Blogging Multimedia projects

My first MM Blog was in a real time writing the blog as the project happened.

This second MM blog project will be more introspective writing about a long time project and its issues.

Damn how does someone think of or makeup something this complicated. Thought you just click on something and stuff happens. OH YA I wrote all this code.

Why does it still take so many lines of code to draw a line?

We are based on conditioning as is our knowledge base, What most IN THE WORLD today take for granted is the metaphor system used to describe the non concrete world of computer interaction.

Find a concrete example of choice for instance and simulate a analogous version of it. in the first cases, a item menu metaphor was used.
Also good and no good were simulated as Y and N.

Now a computer menu or OK button and how to press it with a mouse have only been around for 40 years not forever. Its Functionality does not happen naturally or magically, instead its built-written piece by piece at the hands of a human.

Photoshop works so well because a good part of the development team were also graphic artists. That and the fact that we have had centuries to define visual metaphors for art made a pretty usable program.

World Mover
The idea is to allow drag and drop functionality in a 2d world builder that even a novice can use.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part1

So Far

Using a mouse or joystick button vs. mousing

Flash 4.0

Interactive data input methods

Object field generation

Alpha Builds
In my first experiment I needed to find the max number of recursive objects flash could handle before an overflow.
Objectives are to use actionscrpit to generate a button based screen sensor area for navigation
Make a icon seem to move based on curser position -ie. Realy move the background against the icon -

Web site of spoonriver anthology
Navigation detection via mousedown/ on press
Self testing proximity objects

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Im a bit wired

So Uncle Sam and the FBI do not really care about these stolen credit card spams. As on many occasions even going to the FBI site and Ebay site to make a complaint does nothhing.

What is one to do???

I play the game .. so even though I know its not - this latest one was from a bogus Amazon.com email- Official AMAZON EMAIL I go to the site anyways

Now , though they seem to check stuff they really are just logging everything you type

I go to

And sign in as follows

Amazon User Name


AND GUESS WHAT I am signed into what looks like amazon.com
They ask to varify credit card Info

Credit card number:
Type of credit card:
Expiration date (mm/yy):
CVV2 (Credit Card Verification Number):
Cardholder's name as it appears on the credit card:
PIN (4 digits number used on ATM's):
Social Security Number:

I then put in all fake info and hit the submit button over and over again until im bored.

This messes with the file they are using to steal the card data and makes it harder for them to pull real information from it

Weird HUH

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Viral Media 2

For media to be called viral it by its nature would increase in expediential proportions.
10 one day, 100 the next, then 1000.. creating a momentum of it own.

It is not viral if it gets 50000 hits one day and 500 hits the next, this indicates BAD MEDIA not Viral Media


Update Feb 15 2006
Damn how unprofessional of them.
O ya real Nice Movie
The blogs that have mentioined this are all related to HuffingtonPost (including Huffpo themselves) and there for the SPONSERS of Huffingtonpost have the most to gain. This piece of junk flash movie -- Ya realy funny to have media that works only once.

for shame

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Is a project always OPEN SOURCE .....

...if the base code is open source?

This idea that a corporate project could be open source is foolish and to blame the programmers for a bad project, open source or not , is just plain passing the buck.

Sure you can have a corporate application that uses open source but unless you have hired the Actual Whole Team that develops and maintains ALL THE CODE – you are not going too get anything close to the application you want. That’s the project managers fault and the GUI designers fault NOT THE BASE CODERS fault.

How many Open Source Projects have a GUI expert – is the end user even thought of a little, what they need or there access and abilities?

At least my Viral Media Project works for all users on all flash platforms.

Can you say front to back design. I think you can.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Iconafication 1

Ya its an interesting idea to make Iraq the Musical , but there was a aura or mystique about the hooded figure used in the street sign campaign that now seems trivial after seeing the movie. So ya he got exposure and even used his blog to increase traffic to his piece in the long run will it be worth it?
Now that a serious image is looked at jokingly will more or less artists use it on their street signs.
We shall see

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy Day

Have updated most of the Multimedia project Entries as finaly had time to clear off the flatbed at home.

Still gotta work out the kinks but its mostly finished.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just a Cartoon Just a Movie

No its not fair to criticize each one as they all took a good deal of effort on the part of the participants. Also a few are quite good

What I can go on about is being PC. It is simply amazing that Fluffy , happy commercial images are so much a part of the every day American life that True Satire and Parody is almost lost.

When the president is telling us how everything is fine and great , as thousands of our troops die and more of Katrina’s victims become homeless – Reality is the Parody.

Satire cuts through a curtain , usually one of ignorance, and we need a real big knife to get though this.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flash 1

Flash as front end development platform
--Application screen size, button and menu location

Flash as middleware platform
--Variables transferred via internal Objects, external movie clip, frame script, PHP, text file

Flash as content development platform
--Tweening, MotionGuides, Import methods, Export Media types.

Quicktime TaintedMedia File
Flash Shockwave format

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Update Feb 09 2006
Changed the quicktime link to point to the internet archive not dauz.com

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feb 2006 Eye Image 1

Nuff said

Update 02072005

Guess not

This idea of the pen mightier then the sword is proving true.

Global image representation has a whole new meaning in an electronic age. Local stereotypes and customs are now given a world stage. This can be and is ugly as culture clash is compounded by centuries of selfish isolationism.

It’s a cartoon – it is not Mohammad or Islam – just some lines on a screen or page.

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Stor-E-tella: COn-Tay-ges Fest Design Blog

Blogging a Multimedia Project

Where is this thing?????
Quicktime Version at Internet Archive

LINKS and Resources for Animation Projects

Animation Work Network –Great internet Animation Resource

Boomarang -Cartoon network – old cartoon section

Free Story Board Templates -

Flashkit -Flash movie samples of all kinds

Josh Davis - Mr. Flash

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is Viral Media


so do they count the impressions of each new page view to the same subject?

Not that there is anything wrong with multi html page sites in such a contest, its just they do not match what i think of for this type of media, a single page or file thats freely passed around the internet. It needs to be short and simple to understand.

is anyone else out there getting sick of JibJab doing the same long boring song parody over and over again. The one someone just showed me took 8 people to make. What they never heard of a castmember library????

I worked a full time IT job and took 2 days off to play grandpa - yet i still completed the movie in 12 days all by my lonesome ( yes all the voices too ) - Not that I would not want to have 10 people working for me, its just you would think with that much brain power they would have somthing new to say instead of beating the same old horse to death.

Dont come back to me about JibJab having lots of different stuff on their site. Cause i never hear about those movies on the news - If i were not a media producer , i would think singing bush is all they do.

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Blogging a Multimedia Project Post Mortem

If it does not crash there aol flash ads you can see it here

Tainted Media

It is very close to the statement I wanted to make, it has a story in 4 parts and 2 fake news stories.

Though the file went way over 300k I kept it all as one. Just did not have time to break it up and debug.

Writing and recording the scripts was different as I never did that with out writer or voice director.

More to follow

Update -1
Cool, my boss says --- where did you find those voices ...hehehehe

Update -2
Whats Missing

Nothing is missing this project started as an empty photoshop document. And ended as a portable flash art piece.BUT

I would have liked to

  • Add drop shadows
  • Had bush on strings
  • Add an Original music loop
  • Change the color of cloths on America
  • Animate prez arm and clouds
Update Feb 08 2006
Recording Dialog with voice notes
More Versions of dialog

UPDATE Feb 14 2006
After pulling out of the contest - i have changed the link from huffingtonpost to one of its new locations.

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