Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogging a Multimedia Project 6

May just have enough time to finish. the current opening page is not very different from the original photoshop image.

test animation

Hope my head does not explode before its done

Update -Feb 2 2006
The above test animation link is NOW a URL to my websites local version of the Shockwave file thats up on the contest -Sans AOL Ads. its called index.swf. feel free to download, rename it and pass it around - Or wait until the contest is over and there will be a version available also without the huffington post lettering.

Update Feb 08 2006
How many frames is that???

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogging a multimeda project 5

Os 9 on my macintosh does not allow me to post at all. I saw that I can email a post but that was an option in a form I could not use.

A few things

Note books
One can not even start to do a project like this from multiple locations with out some kind of notes Visual and or written.

Most of the time i can remember 3 or 4 levels up or down but if a series has more the 4 variable subnames then i needto write them down somewhere.

Many times the info is written on the sketch pad on the side or the margin of a drawing or story board cell.

computer Tool
Windows any one of 4
3 have windows 2000
use for word documents and browser testing
1 has xp home
use for filezilla, crimson editor and browser tests

1 Duel g4 Macintosh
use for word, google searches and email – OS X10.3

1 Powerbook g3
use for photoshop, flash, SoundEffects Editor,Poser and bbedit - OS 9.2.2

Update Feb 08 2006
Added Sound editor and Poser to the software list on the powerbook

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging a multimedia project 4


It does not build itself. Many steps need to be taken to make an interactive applet work across platforms and browsers. And with luck you can test at every step to get the highest rate of compatibility.

The iteration that will be used here to put up versions of the movie is .00.swf

So the first time I tested something it was named
in my working folder

in the live test directory.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bloggging a multimedia project 3


The main voice over and sound effects will be via me and public domain sounds, maybe actual audio clips as well if time permits.

Cut outs

When I use a digitized photograph as part of an animated figure it has to be cut out. I can use the magic wand, the lasso tool or paint out what I do not want with the background color.

This one seems to be eraser on the graphics tablet. Just follow through with what ever your choice for a consistent look.

will try to begin to update posts with samples after Feb 1st

Update Feb 08 2006
Scene One Information
Here i decide the actors and what they might say
Above is the drawing of the scene with some animation notes

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogging a multimedia project

Part 2


At first I was leaning towards my usual index then intro/pre loader then menu loading format for my shockwave movies but that was just to complicated for the short time I have to create the whole thing.

So I think we will go with one swf file if we can keep the whole index.swf file Under 300 k. If I climb over that I will split out the scenes into separate shockwave files.

Now can get a lock on the animation style I will use.

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Games Begin

After 2 weeks blogger beats the confined space of blogster for RSS/XML and cant spend more then 2 days trying to get techorati to see my blogster site.


I'll think about moving the posts in the future.

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A few days of thinking and a layout emerged I am fond of.
A jpg of the first scene is below.

Still not sure if I will script, or storyboard. maybe just go seat of the pants. Happy I got such a easy to remember name space

Update:Jan 28 2006
Am writing dialog now - have screen shot sketches - notes on object names

Update:Feb 08 2006
What came before the photoshop image,

Above are the Notes About the movie ( The height changed because so i could fit it all on my powerbook screen)
Notice the banner is on the bottom - As the idea grew to parody JibJab i looked for a old circus poster and based the photoshop doc on that poster.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006


When somethings on my mind
I put it up on a page
What everyone one is doing
Its all the rage

Gonna try to use it
To make things lighter
So my night or my day
Can be a little bit brighter

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What you talkin bout Willis

On a misty day in January, a cool breeze blew through my hair.

It reminded me of that day in New York City when I believe I saw a tumble weed on 5th Avenue.

Shame there was no one in the city that day to see it.

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