Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bushs lying mouth pieces Again

Oh you beautiful surge
You great big beautiful surge

The Good Neoconman From FDL
The fact that the national press corps is now referring to the “yes people” — who sit at the President’s feet and vociferously debate and disagree in private (HA!) only to parrot talking points in public – as “the war cabinet” makes me nauseous. They are laughing at the entire nation, and daring someone to call them on it.

Video: President Bush’s Surprise Photo Op In Iraq
Boyce is on the money, calling this what it was — a staged photo op. Watkins tries to spin this as a positive move by the president, and that he wants to get in touch with the troops to find out what’s going on on the ground, but Boyce fires back, reminding him that if Bush really wanted to get things done in Iraq he’d stay for more than six hours, he’d visit more than three times in four years and he wouldn’t have ignored the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations.

TheDaily Muck - Bushs Only the ones i like benchmarks

So how does the administration get past the two reports and seed the bed for Petraeus and Crocker's testimony? Introduce the concept of "mini-benchmarks" -- statistics that support the administration.

TPM - The Full Bamboozle
Are military deaths up or down? Are Iraqi civilian deaths up or down?

'Success' and 'failure' are quite subjective and they may be judged on various criteria. But these numbers, even if they don't tell the whole story, are concrete and readily ascertainable -- at least in the case of military deaths.

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