Thursday, September 06, 2007

IPhone Price what if

LOL, The idea to give the Iphone its own category was all Apple and Jobs doing and has nothing to do with the backward way ATT and the other carriers look at phones.

Maybe even Jobs could not convince them that Ipod AV was the missing piece in the mobile market. The carriers wanted there own - product - and to get on that part of the spectrum Jobs gave it to them.

Lets go this route - the price point of an iphone was less then the high end fashion phones and mini pcs

If the product line is being expanded each product in the line equates to a base and a price point, The current apple home page shows what the ipod media player family looks like.

Why didnt apple wait until September and release the Iphone with the rest of the line at its current price?
ATT and the other carriers that must have snubbed apple before Cinguilar are all about controlling the airwaves, they want ownership of wireless spectrum so they can charge you to use it. To get a phone carrier deal Apple needed to give a carrier THE CARRIERS idea of what a smart phone was, which is not what apples idea of a mobile media device is.

ATT - Cell Phone communications are the future of the universe
Apple - Wireless is Wireless

Seems the exact oppisite of each other so, The Iphone and to some extent the non-abilities of the Ipod Touch are a compromise between what Apple wanted and what A phone carrier wanted.

The Original price was what apple thought the market would hold for a world wide premiere of a great technology - and if sales went well increased long term profits. The introduction Big dollar price of the Iphone and its new price have NOTHING to do with poor expected sales or bad judgment on Apples part, Its just the cost of a IPOD TOUCH with a phone added.

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