Friday, February 20, 2009

Good By....... The End

the blog experiment is over a few months later then expected i have given up trying to move this blogger formated site to the new home.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its Art because -I- say it is

Follow my pictures -follow my words - follow my actions - follow my thoughts

-side note-
Tools,How sad that the main point of open standards talk is that we should all use them. Open does not mean mandatory.

The ART of Joe Dauz ..... Jan2006 to Dec2009

Crazy wing-nuts and a hard ass
How could I know that the blog service i became part of was run by and full of close-minded Conservatives.

Learning to crawl on the web
Can i write a opinion piece a week.

Where can i put up my art beside my old gallery

Blogger does not do video or flash at this time

Dont be an angry do nothing - put up or shut up.
Due to the din of crap MSM was spewing about our war with Iraq - decided to create a link list of Real News not Bushified News.

Malkin Makes Good Headline Fodder
Decided to try to write cool headlines , this is where i did it

Its all about the writers story

On the 19th-20th I took it on myself to read each participants blog post, link the post and pull the direct quote that best describes the writers point of view.and make a dedicated linklist page for event.
Blogswarm against the iraq war.

J. Dauz

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