Tuesday, August 14, 2007


TSP is a Bush sponsored Program - It was not there before 9-11

Congress was wrong to allow Bush to gut FISA.

FISA should have been enough for Bush,they had 3 days after a tap is performed to decide if it was related to terror and get some post warrant form to a judge. In a world of microsecond management and near instant data transmission, 3 days is a very long time.

For Rove to get away with destroying OUR emails -
My Dime , My History, The US Governments Documents - we have to believe he understood a little about that RNC Blackberry he abused.

The I don't recall -Bush family... they can use email to send a message in an instant to cover their asses for hatch act violations but cant figure out if someone is a terrorist in 72 hours.

There is no US government agency defined meaning for terrorist. SO this war on terror is a hollow thing.

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