Monday, October 22, 2007

Yellow Journal-What? -Katie Couric or Matlin McCarthy

Ventriloquist dummy Couric-Bush Spouts GOP crap and questions Plame not the government or its motives.

Crooks And Liars

But the second segment is where Couric goes off the rails and shows her flair for White House talking points. It’s almost as if she implies that Plame Wilson should have expected the White House to out her because the work she did touched on the question that sent her husband, Amb. Joseph Wilson, to Niger.

COURIC: You never for a moment thought this could potentially jeopardize my career?


FDLs Christy
Of course, for the crazed wingnuts among us, the CIA’s totting up of her NOC credentials won’t mean a thing. For the 80 percent of the country that isn’t loony, it is yet more proof that the Bush Administration has a host of problems, one of which is a treasonous act against our national security. You choose.

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