Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I DO NOT RECALL - Yet Bush Gives them a raise

CLIENT: Hey did you finish that spread sheet i asked you to do.
JOE: I dont recall a spread sheet, No thats not the spread sheet i ment.

CLIENT: Is the new interface to the email system finished yet
JOE: I dont recall a email system or mentioning a specific interface

CLIENT:When will the logo be finished
JOE:I dont recall any Logo

In most any country in the world, if these are my answers to people I represent they fire or sue me.

But if you are a Loyal Bushie - you are rewarded with
Brownie - Gold Star Badge
Rove - Raise
Libby - Freedom to Lie
Cheney - More secrets, less rules

Rumsfeld needs to say it too - here is part of his written statement to congress today

"I do not recall when I first learned about the possibility that Cpl. Tillman's death might have resulted from fratricide," he said.

We need to ask presidential nominated hacks and electoral candidates to take standard memory tests , then base our belief of their RECALL on that persons latest memory score. Memory scores lower then a baseline mean the person is replaced.

Brains and how you use them should be more important then how much money you have.

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