Wednesday, August 08, 2007

FISA - why its sad and the rug of light III

More foolishness
Why change FISA

Why were the they so worried about the technology changes. Because they have not noticed the changes , maybe rove was to busy with his RNC email scam for the last 8 years but 1998 was the last time anyone called a simple submit form Interactive on the web

Via Cr0oks and Liars
It’s called, ‘circular accountability’
So lucky us even getting the decision 4th hand.
God/Cheney/Rove to rug
rug to bush
bush to - Gonzales or McConnell
Gonzales and McConnell to Public

Original Post - Stor-E-Tella: FISA - why its sad and the rug of light

The Rug Of Good and Evil
When i wan
to decide
Its in teh oval office
i do hide
and look for answers
to our plight
by consulting
the national rug of light

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