Tuesday, August 07, 2007

FISA - why its sad and the rug of light II

Headline is funny in a sad and tragic kind of way
Oliver Willis - There Is No "Please Allow George Bush To Spy On Me" Constituency In The U.S. ElectorateLink

Boston Globe New law expands power to wiretap - Diminishes oversight of NSA spy program

Balkinization - Why do they fear Bush

The passage of the new FISA bill by the Senate and now the House demonstrates that the Democrats stand neither for defending civil liberties nor for checking executive power.

They stand for nothing at all.

Conversely, the new bill shows that the Republican Party can get the Democrats to surrender almost any civil liberty-- indeed, to give the President just as much unchecked power as he might obtain under a Republican controlled Congress-- simply by playing the fear card repeatedly and without shame

Greenwald via Salon.com - Attention Democrats: GOP fear-mongering does not work

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