Monday, August 06, 2007

FISA - why its sad and the rug of light

Who has the freedom to do Anything anymore except George Bush and his buddies. From a Constitution written to preserve our HUMAN RIGHTS too a piece of paper the president used too wipe his ass.

With no chance for a new AG, the congress gave a guy that cant recall details of a critical mission he was sent on or who exactly sent him. This is the lawyer that will review my case before i even know the GOV has made me a case.

Why would anyone believe he or Bush/Cheney would NOT intrude on the innocent.

How does giving the President and the AG more power make me safer from terror?
One is a legal expert that cant remember yesterday let alone the law, the other is a rich - selfish spoiled play baby and mommas boy.
Thank you for trusting my freedoms to a liar and a guy that listens to rugs and voices in his head.

Firedoglake - A Nation Represented By Sheep
From the page: "Oh, and as a result of the 6th Circuit Court overturning a District Courts ruling that the original TSP was unconstitutional, you dont have standing to challenge this wholesale eviseration of the 4th Amendment. No court review; just Alberto and Rove. "

Balkinization - Helpful FISA Posts
From the page:I'll try to keep a rough list here of links to posts and comments that provide helpful clarification or analysis of the new bill and its ramifications, or that really move the ball forward.

Crooks and Liars - House Passes Bush’s FISA Law - American Civil Liberties Destroyed
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) says it all. It’s official, George Bush and Alberto Gonzales now have the legal authority to spy on you and I without a warrant at any time.

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