Friday, August 03, 2007

First God - now its The National Rug of Light

They are not delusional at all -
Via Froomkin cause i cant stand to read these sick folks

He spoke very eloquently about Good vs. Evil and even brought the story back to the rug, which was designed with only this Presidential input -- to let it reflect light so as to influence his decision making. Light as in good vs. darkness as in evil.

Hennen continues: "If every American could have the opportunity I did today -- to sit with the President of the United States and hear him firsthand describe his resolve to win in Iraq and around the world, we would have a very different situation with public opinion.

Well then why were only Republican Wingnuts invited, why not reporters that represent every Americans point of view. _ OH look the president is adding a session who will he ask-

And Hennen notes: "We learned that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would follow us in a separate meeting with the President. They have earned that privilege with their incredible support for our military efforts in the global war on terror."

Oh Never mind.

The President was passionate about our military successes -- he walked us through example after example of real stats and facts that are benchmarks. Many of us asked why he does not share those with the public. He explained the military's reluctance to be seen as taking out the enemy for the benefit of a statistic used to explain our success.
Congress benchmarks bad - Bushs Benchmarks good

The Rug Of Good and Evil
When i wan
to decide
Its in teh oval office
i do hide
and look for answers
to our plight
by consulting
the national rug of light

Stupid Medved Statement - Journamilism at its best
As it happens, I'm proud -- not embarrassed in any way -- to try (in any small way) to help our embattled chief executive in this essential endeavor, which will help to determine the sort of security and prosperity that we pass on to our children.

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