Friday, August 03, 2007

GOP 2008 slogan We Dont lie we just DONT RECALL

The party of forgetfulness.

So anyone within six degrees of separation from the president can claim executive privilege.

This according to White House Council Bugs Bunny - I mean Fred Fielding- .

If Karls assistant had a chat with me in a cab on the way to the air port about how secure the cash slide is in the cab... i can claim executive privilege.

What is the point of asking or believing anything a republican says.
I dont recall should be the GOPs 2008 campaign slogan -

We republicans promise to NOT remember any of our promises not recall any of the jobs we might have performed.

Emails - The Lost Files

White House Email System is funded by congress - congress should have the right to review all white house emails.DOD and NSA should have in place a special secure channel - just for the purpose of super secret inter department data transfers.

The use of a OUTSIDE email system in itself a violation of the hatch act, added to the fact the .com servers were behind the congressional firewall- ie congress - paid for and unknowingly maintained them with OUR TAX DOLLARS should also be a Hatch violation

Now i think that what Karl Did in Deleting his emails was worse then breaking Hatch- he broke the presidential records act. He deleted public records - whether it was emails about firing USA's , emails about voter oppression or just emails about his lunch - he had no right under the act to lose or worse what he did DELETE ON PURPOSE those emails.

Based on FOA any information sent outside secure channels should be available to not just a congressional committee but anyone.

  • What does who the winner of a senate race is have to do with national security or a presidents choice of council?
  • What does voting rights and caging have to do with the war on terror and national security.

The concept of some conversations being secret from even congress for a time to allow a president free and full council is not the issue.
Breaking laws and removing citizen rights. Thats the Issue.

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