Thursday, August 02, 2007

1 Death a day is never OK 5 - History Its a bitch

Getting us into this conflict IS bushs fault. He can not fix it or finish his stratergy before he leaves office. There is a reason they call it Lame duck.

History will show a President who went on a wild goose chase for WMDs as a pretext to an un wanted war.
A war that has destabilized Philistine
Created a civil war in Iraq
allowed the true perpetrators of 9-11 to go free
And Killed thousands of our Children

I would think that with the Assertive use of Executive Privilege by this White House Not much more then the Above great moments and the reading of My pet Goat will be in the Bushie Juniors Library

Morning News show report
Nicole Richie got 3 to 5 minutes and im just looking for 60 to 90 seconds on the war, Anyone ???

Thanks to Bushs intimidation and a lazy under a deadline news media - we dont spend enough time on the actual war so how can we find out the true cost?

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