Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sorry But its one in the same TSP

I care that Gonzo lied BUT i care more that taking my son to WoodStock 2 or reading a Greenpeace web page may now put me on a possible terrorist list.
If you are to fight any war your opponent must be chosen , then he must be found.

OUR Choice of enemy -is terror

When you choose a feeling of fear to fight against how do you find it -
The current administration finds the fear by changing and morphing the fearist or terrorist to meet their daily needs.

Just one goal of Bushs NSA
-Without a doubt, we live in a net-centric world. New information technologies arrive at lightning speed, allowing us to share information across town, across the country, or around the world faster than ever before. NSA's Information Assurance Directorate is dedicated to providing information assurance solutions that will keep our information systems safe from harm. Our national security depends on it.


Since its inception, the Agency has taken responsibility for securing the nation’s communications while exploiting foreign signals intelligence.

The NSA is the main I got a secret to keep division of our government and covers ALL forms of external communications in the united states, that includes any conversation , personal,verbal or electronic . They watch and or recommend who should watch the communication stream for the last 50 years

Ok where were we, Oh ya FINDING TERRROR

SO we Look for terror - Bush looks under his desk - Here ..WMD..Here Terror - Cumon Na

Well maybe, but the official way is to define what or who to look for.

A Plan or Program with the word Surveillance that is Above the CIA and the FBI - (CIA-FBI need to co-ordinate and with Bushs little government policy that means a 3rd agency - NSA)

A plan to watch the fearists would be called what -
LOP - looking for Osama plan
No thats to Clintonian
AMIP - AlQeada Message Intercet Program
No its to wimpy for Rove and naming boy

TSP - Terrorist Surveillance Program
Well that covers a Plan/program to watch ANYONE ANYWHERE , that Bush defines as a terrorist.

all parties including justice do not deny a single program or they would would bring up the other related programs the president signed.

So the point is
If TSP is, or is not the real secret name of the program - there still was only one NSA program.
Though the president may have been taking about a different part of a terror program that does not change the fact that AG Gonzolas obstructed Justice when he and Card went over Comeys head to Ashcrofts hospital bed AND that the AG again either obstructed or lied by saying he does not recall who sent him.


KING: In that regard, The New York Times — which, as you said, is not your favorite — reports it was you who dispatched Gonzales and Andy Card to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft’s hospital in 2004 to push Ashcroft to certify the President’s intelligence-gathering program. Was it you?

CHENEY: I don’t recall — first of all, I haven’t seen the story. And I don’t recall that I gave instructions to that effect.

KING: That would be something you would recall.

CHENEY: I would think so

If Cheney said to Card - Arr Take the thing and get it signed arrrrr
then what King asked was not what Cheney Instructed. He would remember that.

He like the rest of Bush and Company can very specifically forget to remember even the most important information.
Maybe its a super power or something the DOD cooked up.
Cause for me Sending some guys to the hospital to sign papers is something i would remember if i did it or not. Should i not expect as much from my President and his Administration.

No I expect Better!!!

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