Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sure Mr. Speaker

We thought it was resolved

Mr Denny - how stupid. You did no added investagation when a known pedophile ( Republican Pages were warned of Foleys advances as early as 1995 ) is exchanging -questionable- emails with a former page? Just took his word for it and excepted his 100,000 dollars hush fund. Now you are caught and wont resign.

And Preznit Bush is 100 Behind you cause Bush is never wrong.

Now lets see if the FBI has the balls to confiscate the perverts PC and let them all hang.


The ignorance of the - digital fingerprint - and how it works may be the down fall.
Damn the TUBES

UPDATE 09-05
Had a lot of Foley stuff online yesterday and a link led me to the CREW web site , Which points out that the FBI and the Leaders of the House had this information and access to it for a while. Its an email where a congressman requests a picture of a -expage- .

This should have been enough proof to start an investigation. The seemingly known fact that Foley was into little boys and the page seemed to be a boy should have been another flag.

These were both ignored by the Rethug Congress and the FBI allowing 2 months for the destruction of evidence and 2 more months that other children could be harassed Foley.

That is not acceptable

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