Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blogging a Multimedia Project Post Mortem

If it does not crash there aol flash ads you can see it here

Tainted Media

It is very close to the statement I wanted to make, it has a story in 4 parts and 2 fake news stories.

Though the file went way over 300k I kept it all as one. Just did not have time to break it up and debug.

Writing and recording the scripts was different as I never did that with out writer or voice director.

More to follow

Update -1
Cool, my boss says --- where did you find those voices ...hehehehe

Update -2
Whats Missing

Nothing is missing this project started as an empty photoshop document. And ended as a portable flash art piece.BUT

I would have liked to

  • Add drop shadows
  • Had bush on strings
  • Add an Original music loop
  • Change the color of cloths on America
  • Animate prez arm and clouds
Update Feb 08 2006
Recording Dialog with voice notes
More Versions of dialog

UPDATE Feb 14 2006
After pulling out of the contest - i have changed the link from huffingtonpost to one of its new locations.

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