Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love MTV

or VIACOM KNOWS why a product is a product

I understand that the US using torture in the open is news, but when MTV Think News puts up a piece about republicans compromising with republicans about what are basically there own talking points, with no background information about torture and no expert or opposing view points, I wonder how this NEWS gets up somewhere.

Truth is its all about noise, LOUD noise and if you are not into louder or noisier your ship out of luck getting your little voice out in the public eye.

MTV is a way for VIACOM to enhance there stock holders portfolio not help our youth communicate and it never was about the youth as anything but a target market.. It was always bottom-line money for the wealthy.

What is sad is the people I thought had my back in representation have no backbone and a squeaky little voice, and that just dont cut it in the MTV generation.

Extree Extree weed al about id-
Republicans agree with republicans

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