Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogging A Multimedia Project II Part2

Blogging Multimedia projects

My first MM Blog was in a real time writing the blog as the project happened.

This second MM blog project will be more introspective writing about a long time project and its issues.

Damn how does someone think of or makeup something this complicated. Thought you just click on something and stuff happens. OH YA I wrote all this code.

Why does it still take so many lines of code to draw a line?

We are based on conditioning as is our knowledge base, What most IN THE WORLD today take for granted is the metaphor system used to describe the non concrete world of computer interaction.

Find a concrete example of choice for instance and simulate a analogous version of it. in the first cases, a item menu metaphor was used.
Also good and no good were simulated as Y and N.

Now a computer menu or OK button and how to press it with a mouse have only been around for 40 years not forever. Its Functionality does not happen naturally or magically, instead its built-written piece by piece at the hands of a human.

Photoshop works so well because a good part of the development team were also graphic artists. That and the fact that we have had centuries to define visual metaphors for art made a pretty usable program.

World Mover
The idea is to allow drag and drop functionality in a 2d world builder that even a novice can use.

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