Thursday, August 24, 2006

Only a matter of time

I will not have long to wait to be called up for service to my country at the youthful age of 46, Bushes who cares about a few lives here and there attitude has greatly depleted the man power needed to fight any real war. Sending exhausted and green troops out to battle has always been a sure way to win military conflicts. NOT!!!!

Damn those Iraqis for not rolling over with joy at the taking of Baghdad or the capture of Sadam. How can a Bush Army remove the real threats ( Syria and Iran ) when there is so little Bush Army Left to fight.

Based on the Republicans running things... the snotty Keyboard commandos are busy typing and blogging away for our freedom so its so necessary to have some guy in midlife crisis as a soldior rather then themselves or god forbid.... stop the stupid fake war.

They now admit Sadam never had WMDs, so it was never about terror it was all about the Iraqi oil fields under our control and away from Irans. Money in the pocket of the oil companies and out of the hands of the land owners. We did it to the American Indians and the Eskimos for the sake of National trust and expansion so why not the Arabs too.

So draft or not Ill go to battle as soon as I see Istapudhead, Pam Assless, Malkin the merciless and the rest of the PJ brigade sign up for duty. Quick get me a pen.

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